How to remove fat from the sides and abdomen Fat on the stomach and sides, protruding from under the T-shirtand jeans - a spectacle is not for the faint-hearted. But what to do when the girl "grew up" of all her favorite things, having turned just a couple of months from a slender and figure-like beauty in a pussy? The verdict is unambiguous - to lose weight, lose weight and lose weight again. And this does not mean that the beauty will have to forget about what tasty and healthy food is for a long time. It is enough to choose the right diet and develop a set of exercises that will quickly burn the fat that was set aside for the winter holidays.

We make a diet or eat healthy food

Have you noticed that people who have been sitting for months onexhausting diets, during this time they lose a maximum of five to ten kilograms. At the same time they look as if they are very sick: bruises appear around the eyes, the skin becomes very pale, the cheeks run down. And sometimes people start shaking with hunger, mood worsens, insomnia appears. But the effectiveness of such victims is none, since after two or three weeks the weight returns in double volume. What is the reason? So, first you need to understand that you need to eat right constantly, and not occasionally, when the arrow of the weights shows more than you would like. Once and for all, give up fatty, high-calorie food. If possible, buy a steamer, in which the dishes are prepared without adding oil. And the appearance and taste of the products is much better than after a long frying in fat with concentrates. Eat as much as possible vegetables, fruits, cereals. Prefer salads dressed with olive oil or lemon juice. Pay attention, you should not completely abandon flour. So, for example, in small quantities, use black bread, made from whole grains. But with buns for at least six months have to say goodbye. Sweetheads should replace sweets with natural honey and dried fruits. This is more useful for health, and helps to remove fat on the tummy and sides. Also use as much as possible sour-milk production which will help to deduce from an organism slags and to clean fat on a waist. Using just one glass of ryazhenka or kefir a day before dinner, you are guaranteed to lose weight without resorting to exhausting workouts. From the diet it is necessary to exclude white bread, pasta, legumes, coffee, alcohol, and not just fried and fatty foods. Breakfast must consist of cereal with vegetables, for lunch you should use liquid dishes (soups and borsch), cooked on vegetable or chicken broth. Supper can only be salads and fruits. Before each meal, drink a glass of purified (filtered) water without gas. Such a technique will help you feel satiety faster and prevent overeating. The fact is that the stomach sends a signal to the brain that it is full, only forty minutes after the person has eaten. And during this time, many girls manage to eat double and even triple the norm. How to remove fat from the stomach and sides

Training and Sports: we are doing up to the seventh sweat

Certainly, burn extra pounds with the help ofone can only diet, but as a result of such experiments the body does not acquire the necessary forms. On the contrary, the stomach starts not to stick out, but to hang, the sides also fall off, and there is a possibility of the appearance of stretch marks. And after all, you can remove striae only surgically, which is not solved by many girls. That's why the process of losing weight should be approached very seriously. So, to remove a small tummy, it is enough to rock the ten presses every evening (wrinkles, lateral, lifting of legs, a bicycle, usual with straight legs and hands behind the head). The main thing is to correctly perform the exercises, do several approaches, and not try to do everything in one sitting. Therefore it is recommended to go to the gym at least twice a week, so that the trainer shows the technique and controls you. Sport, useful for the waist

  • Pole-dance

Unfortunately, in Russia they are still confusedPole-dance with striptease, because they believe that girls in the class learn to spin around the pole and beautifully undress. In fact, it is a sport in which elements of aerobics, acrobatics, pilates, yoga, etc. are combined. Initially, there is a warm-up, during which the students pump the press, develop muscles, do stretching, squeeze out. After warming up, the group repeats the old ones and learns new elements (twists, vises, etc.). Thus, a month or two of these exercises will not only allow you to remove the tummy, flanks, but it will also give you the opportunity to bring the figure in order - to deflate muscles, to lose weight. The only drawback is the permanent bruises that will remain after the session.

  • Belly dance

The safest, easy and enjoyable wayslimming is a belly dance (egyptian, arabic, turkish). Rhythmic movements and tension of certain muscles will help burn extra calories (up to 450 per hour), strengthen the waist and remove fat at the waist. It's not for nothing that all oriental dancers are so graceful, beautiful and look young. At the initial stage, in any case, you will have to attend classes, since you will hardly be able to train without the help of an experienced instructor. The course of lessons on CDs can be purchased after two or three years, but it is unlikely that after collective dances you will want to switch to distance learning.

  • Classes in the water

Aqua aerobics is suitable for those who, due to problemswith health contraindicated serious stress. People can be engaged in the pool according to a specially developed program of any age, physique and sex. If you want at the same time and remove the fat, and learn how to swim, choose either a crawl or a butterfly. These two types are equally effective in combating excess kilograms (you can burn up to 600 calories for a lesson), while improvements will be noticeable in the second third month of training. However, this sport has its own nuances. The fact is that frequent visits to the pool and exhausting hours of exercise can lead to an increase in muscle mass, which is a huge disadvantage for fragile women. Therefore, if you do not want to walk with wide shoulders and pumped legs, observe the rate set by your coach.

  • Run

If you want to clean your belly and sides, do ityou can use the morning or evening jogging. By the way, in order to avoid problems with joints and knees, it is recommended to choose special sports shoes and clothes. Not bad, if you get a bike simulator or a treadmill, as doing them is much more useful and safer. Please note that running will not help pump the press, since there is no load on the abdomen and sides in this case. Its benefit is that in twenty to thirty minutes of intense exercise you can get rid of 210 calories. In this case, an important role is played by how you do everything, how often you stop at breaks and the terrain chosen for this (descent, climb, level road).

  • Fitness

Regular fitness classes not only allowRemove the stomach, but also ensure the stability of the results obtained for a long time. Thus, in the future after losing weight you do not have to limit yourself to your favorite food, just two or three times a week to go to workout. Usually there are about ten people in the hall, while a group with the same problems is selected. It is unlikely that a newcomer will be sent to a fitness club for those who attend classes for more than two months. Taking into account the peculiarities of the organism of each particular person, the trainer develops a separate complex of exercises for everyone. Therefore, if you were previously with sports for "You", and in school and college years skipped physical education with a clear conscience, then on the first day you will not be forced to swing the press to the pain in the abdomen.

  • Gym

Do you think that "carrying iron" is not a woman's business? You are mistaken! It is with the help of conventional simulators that you can quickly and easily remove the stomach and pump up the press. By the way, in specialized institutions it is completely safe to deal with. Over the construction of each instrument worked not one specialist, all the equipment was thoroughly tested and verified before entering the hall where people train. remove grease from the stomach and sides

Saunas, steam rooms, saunas or lose weight quickly

This method is only suitable for fullhealthy people who have no heart problems. You can not visit baths and saunas for women during menstruation, nursing mothers and girls in position, and also undergoing chemotherapy and surgery. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, it is advisable to consult your doctor in advance. So, the high temperature in the room leads to increased sweating. The liquid and dirt that has emerged should be removed with the help of special sauna brooms, which gently tap on the body. You can also apply a small amount of natural honey to problem areas, which will speed up the metabolism in the body. By the way, in some institutions you can be offered massage, peeling and similar services. Refuse such a pleasure is not worth it, because it is not only pleasant, but also useful. The main thing is the purity of the institution and the professionalism of the master, who will be engaged in this. However, it is not recommended to visit the steam room often, as the efficiency of this is reduced.

Tell bad habits there!

Insomnia, persistent stress, wronglifestyle - all this leads to obesity. So if you want to remove fat and clean yourself up, take care of yourself. First, set the rule for sleeping at least eight hours a day. Can not quickly fall asleep, in the head a million thoughts and ideas? Take a walk with your young man two hours before bedtime in the fresh air, ten minutes before bed, drink a little warm milk. You will see, you will fall asleep immediately, as soon as the head touches the pillow. By the way, at night it is not recommended to watch horrors, news, thrillers, since stress will negatively affect your condition. In addition, after two hours of nervous tension even the most calm person will be guaranteed nightmares. And since the human body works as a clock, it's not worth wondering where fat from the waist comes from. Second, give up the weekend on the couch. Every Saturday and Sunday, go on a family outing for picnics, hiking, skiing in the winter, and bicycles in the summer. Keep an active lifestyle, because this will help remove the stomach and will not allow fat to be deposited on the waist. fat on the abdomen and sides

Do not rely on the chance, but take care of yourself

Women, whose age has passed long ago ...thirty find justification for their obesity in genetics or even old age, but they never blame themselves and their addictions. Very often from such representatives of the fair sex can be heard that the stars, whose stomachs are flat after the fourth birth, help remove fat plastic surgeons. In fact, sportswomen and girls who pre-pregnancy practiced sports, there are almost never stretch marks. By the way, after a couple of months of intensive training, they manage to quickly bring themselves into an excellent form. With regard to age-related changes, it is also in the psychology of girls. Your colleague looks more elegant, because he does not snack at work fast food, and takes home salads. Therefore, if you do not drag into your favorite skirt, and jeans are fastened with difficulty, do not buy clothes for size larger. It is better to analyze why you have recovered, and to think about how to remove fat at the waist. We advise you to read: