baths for the body After an exhausting, hard day, spent inlabor, the primitive woman went to the sea in the hope of catching fish. But she was so exhausted that she lay down right on the beach in some sandy funnel, where she was forgotten by a sound sleep. Waking a few hours later, she was surprised to find that the funnel was filled with warm salt water: her head was lying on top of the dry sand, and her knees were sticking out of the water. It turns out that during the sleep a tide happened, her refuge flooded, and the sun warmed the water. Then there was a low tide, and the water in the funnel was left. The woman was so pleased to rest in this place, that she often began to crouch before the ebb to this funnel, and then asked her primitive man to dig a hole near the cave. This is the myth of how the first baths for the body appeared. In our time, it is simply a sin not to take advantage of the benefits that civilization offers: comfortable baths, whirlpools, a million cosmetic products for softening and healing the skin. To us just like millions of years ago, it is immensely pleasant to descend into a fragrant, relaxing bath after a hard day's work. And all the problems, stresses and troubles remain somewhere out there, beyond our consciousness, when we absorb the beneficial effects of water in every cell of our body.

About the benefits of baths for the body

Most of us are ready to lie in for hoursbath, getting from this great pleasure. Someone listens to light music, someone reads their favorite books, lying in foamy water. However, it should be noted that too long stay in the water can damage those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease or various kinds of infections. This category of women take a bath more than 15-20 minutes a day is not recommended. As a rule, there are three modes of water temperature for the bathroom. Those who prefer an average temperature of 33-37 degrees, are used to complete relaxation and stress removal during bathing. These baths should be taken before bedtime: you will sleep soundly and serenely. Cold baths (up to 20 degrees) are more expedient to take in the mornings, as cool water perfectly tones up and invigorates the body, helping the body to wake up. Hot baths (up to 40 degrees) are usually taken with a cold, if there is no high temperature. But lying in hot water for more than 5 minutes is not recommended to avoid overheating the body. Taking a bath, we do not just cleanse the body of sweat and dirt. Water has amazing properties to tone, invigorate the entire body. In whatever cloudy mood we are, but after taking a bath, each of us feels fresh, comfortable and refreshed, as if a whole load of problems has been thrown off our shoulders. And if you add aromatic oils, sea salt or infusions of herbs to the water, then the healing properties of water will increase many times. Who of us would not fall into the water, strewn with rose petals, or try out Cleopatra's famous milk bath? But if you understand, in this there is nothing impossible, every woman is just obliged from time to time to pamper yourself with such trifles. And so we present to your attention a few of the most interesting, but at the same time simple in the performance of recipes for baths for the body.

    Bath with sea salt

With what is usually associated in humans expression"sea salt"? With the sea, sunny beach, relaxation and pleasure. Taking baths with sea salt, you can feel the rest and relaxation as if you are not in your bathroom, but somewhere far away on the sea coast. In addition to pleasant relaxation, sea salt gives tangible benefits to the whole organism thanks to the content of useful natural micronutrients. Still Hippocrates said: "Such baths help with many diseases, when everything else has already ceased to help." Having taken a bath with sea salt, you will noticeably improve the condition of your skin. It will be smoothed out, it will become more elastic. In addition to the fact that sea salt perfectly cleanses the pores, it largely helps in the fight against the eternal female ailment - cellulite. So, take a bath, the water temperature should resemble the body temperature - about 36-37 degrees. Dip in the water 350 grams of sea salt and enjoy your own sea! Take 10-12 such baths, it is better to do it in a day. However, do not forget that this miracle - a bath with sea salt - has its contraindications. They are not suitable for those who suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular, cancer. Pregnant women, before taking a bath with sea salt, it is worth consulting with a doctor. moisturizing baths for the body

    Milk bath Cleopatra

The glory of the beauty of Cleopatra reached our days. Moreover, her name became the personification of female attractiveness and sexuality. And her famous recipe for a milk bath, which helped the famous queen make the skin ideal, is still used by women all over the world. In order to prepare "Cleopatra's milk bath", it is not necessary to fill the bath to the brim with milk and cream (and it is hardly possible!). It is enough to add a liter of milk to the water, and your skin will receive a lot of useful substances. By the way, many believe that Cleopatra herself added melted honey to such a bath. Well, let's not argue - just dissolve a cup of honey in hot (but not boiling) milk and pour this mixture into the water. So we will greatly enhance the effect on the skin. In addition, the famous queen did not forget to use the body scrub before sinking into the fragrant bath. In order to repeat its recipe, you will need half a glass of very thick cream and sea salt. Just rub the salt in the cream and apply the resulting scrub to the body. As a result, your skin will become smooth and silky.

    Baths from medicinal herbs

Sea salt and milk are not the only onesingredients that can make a bath for the body really useful. Since ancient times, "grandmothers" and sorceresses have offered women herbal infusions, designed to combat some skin problems. Old recipes are also used by modern women, because one of the virtues of such medicinal herbs is their accessibility. Having found out which herbal baths are useful for the skin of the body, you can just go to the nearest pharmacy and buy them. So, the decoction of sage and oak bark narrows the pores, which is ideal for women with oily skin. Field grasses in combination with the field horsetail will help to acquire a tonus of flaccid and fading skin. If you have dry, cracked skin, then you are well suited moisturizing baths for the body. Make a decoction of chamomile flowers and hops and add to the water when bathing - you will get a wonderful moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent. At whatever time a woman lives, whether it be the stone age or the beginning of the third millennium, the passion for baths for the body does not leave us. And it does not really matter what recipe we choose for another bath - at this moment we become closer to nature, and our skin absorbs all the best properties of natural ingredients. After all, a bath for the body is a ritual of beauty that gives us youth and health. We advise you to read: