navel piercing Pierce the navel to insert the earring -the matter is not complicated. Problems appear later - after two or three days, and can last forever. What kind of trouble can expect waitresses? In some cases, wounds start to fester, scars remain, blood is contaminated. And whether such beauty is worth such sacrifices, it is difficult to say. But before going to the salon you should think about the possible consequences.

Who should make a puncture in the navel

Do you doubt whether you need to insert an earring? Think, what for it to you? Perhaps it's a momentary rush. Then it's worth to wait a while, because you are not yet ready to take such a serious step. In the same case, if you have long wanted to pierce the navel and have had time to study almost all the information about this procedure, then you are welcome to the salon.

  • The Pros of Piercing

First, it's fashionable. Elegant ringlet or a beautiful earring in the form of a pendant in the belly looks stylish, interesting and sexy. But only when the girl has a press or at least does not hang a belly button. Otherwise, the earring draws attention to the fatty deposits, which must be hidden, and not put on public display. Secondly, piercing is one of the most interesting ways of self-expression. It is very difficult to stand out among equally fashionable, beautiful and stylish girlfriends. Repainted in a blonde or make a bright makeup can all the girls, but to pierce the tummy - this will not solve every beauty.

  • The minuses of piercing

You will have to give up many pleasures,until the wound is prolonged. But this is not the biggest problem you can face. A huge and fatty minus, which crosses out all the advantages - a high risk to pick up some disease or infection. Minimal - the wound will fester, the maximum is infection, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases transmitted through the blood. People who have health problems are not allowed to do such manipulations with the body, but nowadays not everyone is aware that they are unwell. Piercing is not allowed to do to people under the age of eighteen. An exception is the written permission of one of the parents, while one of the adults (a close relative) is obliged to be present during the procedure. Otherwise, the institution can later be sued. beautiful navel navel piercing

What you should know before going to the salon

It is necessary to understand that navel piercing is notthe usual cosmetic procedure that can be done in the first institution that has come to be, but a complex and very dangerous surgical intervention that requires professional knowledge and skills. You can not trust your health to people without education and not having a license to provide such services. In the salon where the piercing is done, it must be sterile clean. No dust, dirt should not be at all. The master is obliged to do all the procedures in disposable gloves, which are put on hands with you. Tools used for surface work (machine handles, clamps, etc.) should be disinfected, but needles - new ones. Do not try to save on your health, because the extra four hundred rubles for the infection will not exactly save. Before deciding on a puncture, be sure to consult your doctor, hand over all tests for the presence of viruses and hidden diseases. Who knows how your body will behave in this case. To rule out the occurrence of an allergic reaction, try to walk with metal earrings in your ears. If you become irritated, the skin starts to itch, and the hole will be covered with a thin yellowish crust, do not pierce the navel. At the time of the procedure will have to give up, if you have recently had it, you have a fever, a chill, or you feel mildly ill at the moment. If a girl goes on a month, she is in a position or still breastfeeds, the master can refuse to make a puncture. It is best to decide on such procedures this during the holidays. The first week after such an operation is completely counter-indicative of any physical activity, the rest of six months you will have to limit yourself in sports. About the sauna, swimming pool, sauna, visits to the gym, hanging out in solariums and trips to the sea will have to be forgotten before operations. Go to the salon is in autumn, winter or early spring, when the stomach is completely hidden. Otherwise, if the wound gets dust or sweat, it will start to fester or will not heal for a long time. But here there are nuances - clothes can hook or even pull the earring. An important role played by fabric - synthetics and barbed material in any case causes irritation. At least five or six times a day you will have to treat the earring and wound with an antiseptic (chlorhexidine) and healing ointment. There should be no alcohol in these products. It can cause oxidation of the metal, burn and inflammation of the wound. If on the first day after a puncture your fever rises, go to the doctor, since such symptoms indicate an inflammation of the navel! If you delay, the consequences can be serious - up to repeated surgical intervention. The piercing started to fester, but from the hole a dark liquid flows constantly or is it covered with a yellow crust? Urgently remove the earring and disinfect the wound. Decoration is best not to insert back. Wait two to three days, and if the injured area does not heal, and the redness and pain intensifies, go straight to the doctor.

Problems with decoration

Despite the fact that many masters recommendUse jewelry made of special surgical steel, do not buy bars, pendants and rings from this material. Otherwise, the wound will be prolonged and unpleasant consequences will occur, up to suppuration, rejection, pigmentation. Optimal option - titanium products, which in most cases do not cause complications. Take everything you need to do navel piercing, it's better in the same institution where you're going to make a puncture. If you do not have enough finance for a quality and expensive decoration, wait with the procedure. It is better to pick up a little, than then to spend money for treatment. Decoration, as if it did not stop you, you should not take out about three months, otherwise the skin can be injured. An exception is the occurrence of inflammation, itching, bleeding, the appearance of pus. Before water procedures should close the stomach, so that the wound does not hit the water. You can buy the usual food film, which the housewives use to package and store products. If you decide to remodel the piercing, you need to wait until the pierced area of ​​the navel is fully healed. The consequences of re-injuring the skin can be unpredictable. If the wound is slightly overgrown and you can not pass the earring, do not try to make a hole on your own. It is unacceptable to use a special pistol, which some masters use for piercing on any part of the body. In fact, it can only be used to puncture the earlobe. If you are assured that there is no difference, refuse from the services of this specialist. piercing navel puncture skin effects

How is this procedure performed in the salon?

  • Preparatory stage

First the master must wash his hands, process thema special solution, then put on them gloves. In a place where navel piercing will be done, the dots are drawn with a marker, then the abdomen is wiped with an antiseptic to prevent infection. A sterile needle (obtained from a whole and hermetic package for you) is smeared with petroleum jelly.

  • Puncture

The area where the hole will be made is clampedforceps. It takes about a minute for the blood to retreat a little. You can feel a slight numbness and burning sensation. This is done in order to facilitate the process of entering the needle and reduce the risk of bleeding. After the puncture, the ornaments (rod, earring, ring) are inserted into the navel, and the damaged area is re-treated with an antiseptic and applied to the wound with a healing ointment.

  • Successful completion of the operation

Finally, you did the piercing in a good salon andin a great mood went home. Of course, the master explained to you that in the first five to seven days your tummy does not change at all, and a week later a thin crust forms in the navel area. From time to time a transparent and pale white liquid will be released from the hole in a small amount. In this there is nothing terrible and dangerous. But if its color changes, then it's time to see a doctor. After a month and a half, the crust will fall off, under it will be healthy skin. The puncture site will cease to hurt, no more fluid will be released from it. The maximum that can cause discomfort is a slight redness. The fact that the wound has healed, you can learn by yourself. Carefully examine the navel area, and if there is not even a pinkish spot, your anguish is over. But, despite such joyful news, nevertheless it is worth to be careful. Seryozhka and puncture site must be constantly cleaned from dirt, dust, grease, so as not to infect the infection. If you prefer to wear massive ornaments, it is better to shoot them before going to the beach or going to work. Having caught on the product, you can severely damage your stomach. In addition, the effects after exposure to the sun on the metal can be sad. However, not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. If you do not try to save on the services of a specialist and will do everything exactly according to the order of the master, a positive result will not keep you waiting. In half a year you can flaunt with a beautiful tummy decorated with an earring. We advise you to read: