striped diet You need to quickly lose a few pounds,but time is sorely lacking? An important event will take place in a few days, and the favorite dress still does not converge on the stout figure? Do not rush into the store for new clothes. A striped diet will help you to lose weight. It is designed for 10 days and can save 5-6 extra pounds. And while you are eating three times a day and not feeling hungry. Fantastic? No, absolute reality, the results of which have been repeatedly confirmed.

The essence of the striped diet

The name itself suggests that in this systemnutrition as in real life - the white and black strip replace each other. But if in human destiny such changes allow to evaluate all the good that surrounds us and helps to learn to cherish the gifts of life, then cardinal changes in the menu of the striped diet help to lose the maximum number of kilograms, and, most importantly, to strengthen health. The meaning of this food system lies in the alternation of "protein" and "carbohydrate" days. In addition, you must drink at least two liters of water a day, do not eat after seven in the evening and completely abandon the use of salt, pepper and spices. The rules are simple. The menu also. And the results amaze even those who have been fond of newfangled diets.

Diet diet

"Protein day" After sleeping, you need to drink a glass of warm boiled or filtered water.

  • Breakfast - green salad (or any green vegetables to choose from), boiled egg.
  • For lunch and dinner we cook boiled chicken.

For this, raw meat is filled with water,boiling. After that we boil the chicken for a few minutes, drain the broth, wash the meat and fill it with water again. We cook until ready. Food for "protein day" is ready. In total, you can eat no more than 800 grams of chicken, and you need to divide the meat into several meals. After all, according to dieticians, it is better to eat less, but more often, then the results will not accumulate on the hips in the form of extra pounds. "Carbohydrate Day" It consists of the fact that for the whole day you can eat a kilogram and a half of different vegetables (excluding potatoes). Thus vegetables can be both raw, and boiled. Ideal for a "carbohydrate day" is the salad "Brush":

  • raw beets - 1 pc
  • carrots - 1 pc
  • white cabbage - several leaves
  • apple - 0,25 pcs

All finely chop, mix, filllemon juice. Vitamin salad for "carbohydrate day" is ready. You can eat them both for breakfast and all day long. The main thing is to divide carbohydrate nutrition into the maximum number of receptions and do not forget to drink water more often, then the results will not keep you waiting. striped diet results


Any food system has its contraindications. Striped diet is no exception. Doctors do not recommend it for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for all people who are banned from hunger strikes for health reasons. In addition, do not lose weight on the striped diet for more than ten days.

How without motivation?

Someone can scare a rather unusual approachto losing weight, someone just does not have enough strength to withstand monotonous nutrition. But if you are aimed at positive results, if you are getting acquainted with the new weight loss systems not out of curiosity, but with a firm intention to change something in your destiny, then the striped diet is exactly for you. And may a new, bright band in your life start with a new feeding system! We advise you to read: