diet menu The Ducane diet is quite common anda popular method of losing weight. The founder of this technique was the famous dietician from France Pierre Ducant. The diet has enjoyed and continues to enjoy and ordinary people, and celebrities, known throughout the world. For example, it was Duncan's diet that helped Prince William's bride - Kate Middleton look at the wedding ceremony just stunning.

Basic principles of diet

Weight loss by the method of a French nutritionistimplies the consumption of predominantly protein foods and minimizing fats and carbohydrates. Observing all the requirements of the Ducane diet, you will lose weight and lose weight, and improve your health and cleanse the body. Adhering to the diet menu you can achieve effective results in a relatively short time, and in the future your weight will always remain stable. The Ducane diet does not have any definite period, the weight reduction becomes noticeable after a week of its application. However, in order to achieve stability, it is necessary to follow the requirements of the method for at least 2-3 months. In the future, you can also continue to eat according to the principles of this technique, because it implies a fairly diverse diet, so your body will get everything you need for stable work.

General requirements for the Ducane method

  • Daily it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid;
  • Every day, eat bran from oats - 2 tablespoons, be sure to wash them with water. This is necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine;
  • Daily walks are required, at least for half an hour;
  • Be sure to use vitamin supplements during the first two stages of the diet.

Duck diet menu

The first stage - ruthlessly attacking excess weight

The duration of the first stage will depend on how many kilograms you are going to lose weight.

  • If up to 10 kilograms - 3 days;
  • If more than 10 kilograms - 5 days;
  • If more than 20 kilograms - the stage can last up to 10 days.

Products for the first phase This stage of the dietDucant means eating only protein products. During the "attack" you will lose from 2 to 6 kilograms of excess weight, and you can eat the following foods in any amount until you feel satiety. The optimal products for the first stage are:

  • Kidneys, liver, tongue - veal or beef;
  • Poultry meat, peeled, low-fat pork and beef - steam or boiled;
  • Fish boiled;
  • Absolutely any seafood;
  • Eggs - raw or boiled;
  • Low-fat dairy products.

You can also include in the diet pickledcucumbers, lemon, various seasonings in moderate amounts. At the first stage of the diet, Dr. Ducan's diet involves a lot of liquid, and it can be not only water, but also natural juices, green tea, herbal tea, coffee and even dietary Coke. Daily fluid intake should be at least 2 liters or more, and more.

The second stage - we learn to alternate products

At this stage, the nutritionist recommends alternatingprotein foods with vegetables. Here the power scheme will also whistle from your excess weight - 1: 1, 2: 2, 3: 3 and so on. The more kilograms you want to lose, the longer should be the protein days and vegetables, respectively. The duration of the "alternation" is not limited, that is, to keep the diet as long as it takes to achieve the desired effect. During the second stage it is allowed to eat: cucumbers, radish, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, beans in pods. And also zucchini, pepper, any cabbage, aubergines, celery. You can vary the menu with carrots and beets, only in a very moderate amount. You can not eat potatoes and legumes. Cooking vegetables should be steamed, or baked. In addition to the above products, you can add to the menu:

  • Cream - no more than 2 tablespoons;
  • Lean cheese -30-40 grams;
  • Dry wine - 50 grams;
  • Ketchup and starch - a tablespoon.

The main thing to remember, these products can not be mixed, that is, in one day you can pour the meat with ketchup, on the second day - drink coffee with cream, on the third day - marinate the meat in wine and so on. good diet menu of dune

Stage three - we fix the achieved results

It's time to tackle the "fixing" of your weight. Depending on how many kilos you lost during the first two stages, the third is calculated - the most important stage of the Ducane diet. For every lost kilogram there are 10 days of "fixing". Features of the phase

  • Do not forget to eat oat bran daily;
  • We choose any day of the week, in which we allow ourselves only protein products;
  • Twice a week, for example, on Tuesday and Saturday, you can treat yourself to any dish, even high-calorie;
  • Now in the daily diet can make and fruits. Forbidden: grapes, bananas, cherries;
  • You can also vary the menu with cheese - no more than 40 grams and a couple of slices of bread;
  • You can afford a little rice, potatoes, pasta, as well as a dish with beans or peas, but no more than 2 times a week.

The fourth stage - we try to stabilize the weight

So we came to the last stage of the methodologyDuchess. At the moment, the result of losing weight should already be what you expected it to be. Now the main task is to stabilize the weight. You are no longer limited in food, but at least once a week try to arrange a protein day, and do not refuse to use bran, they bring the body only benefit.

Menu for a protein day with five meals a day

  • An omelet made from proteins of chicken eggs, milk and greens, a small piece of any boiled fish, any drink;
  • Bran from oats - 2 tablespoons and low-fat yogurt;
  • Portion of boiled veal or baked chicken with lemon and garlic;
  • Boiled shrimps;
  • Fish or meat steak, grilled, low-fat kefir.

Menu for a mixed day with five meals a day

  • Pancakes from courgettes and carrots or omelet with onions and tomatoes, low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Oat bran with yoghurt, one of the allowed fruits;
  • Soup from vegetables (only without potatoes), lean fish for a couple, coffee;
  • Vegetable Salad. You can use any low-fat yogurt allowed for a diet;
  • Grilled beef, cabbage, stewed with tomatoes, dill and cumin.

Observing all the recommendations, you mustfind the ideal figure. Let the path to it be long and sometimes difficult, but, as you know, beauty requires sacrifice. And these victims are nothing compared to the ease that you will feel, having finally got rid of the extra pounds that are so long interfering with your living a full life. We advise you to read: