Muggie diet Admit it, you also thought that it would be aboutInstant soups? But they did not guess. This diet has nothing to do with this product. It is said that the Maggi diet got its name in honor of the girl who tested it and, losing weight by 20 kilograms, laid out a detailed description of the "process" on the Internet. The girl's name is Maggie, well, or, in the more customary for Russian ear version - Maggi. This diet has many followers and admirers. Why does this method of weight loss seem attractive to them? There are several reasons.

  • Firstly, this diet is easy enough and it does not haveso many contraindications. However, they, nevertheless, are. One of them - allergic reactions to these or other components. For example, the same eggs and citrus fruits, "eat" which will have in large quantities, cause allergies quite often. Another problem is a serious burden on the kidneys. Well, those who have low blood pressure, too, must take this diet with caution. Therefore, before you "sit tight" on it, it is better to consult a doctor. At least for your own peace of mind.
  • Second, there is no need for scrupulouscounting each "swallowed" kilocalorie. Ironically, in this diet, their number does not play any role. It is built on a different principle. The menu is designed in such a way that all the ingredients, entering into chemical reactions with each other, simply cause your body to burn the accumulated fat independently and to remove harmful substances.
  • The third advantage of the Maggi diet is that everythingthe dishes are fairly simple to prepare. Even if you are not a fan of culinary delights and your specialty is cooked pasta, you do not have to hang around in the kitchen for hours and study a cookbook. Everything is prepared in an elementary way. And one more important point - the diet of this diet is well balanced. So, during the whole time your body will receive the necessary substances directly from food. That is, it will not be necessary to take vitamin supplements in addition.
  • Another undeniable advantage - to starve youdo not have to. In this diet there is one little trick. If you do not specify the exact amount of a product - and such meals are not small - this ingredient can be absorbed as much as desired. Results from this will not get worse. By the way, about the results ... It's for this reason that we endure all hardships. So what kind of effect can you expect by going through all the pains?
  • Of course, everything is very individual and no onewill be able to tell you the exact figure. And if you can - do not believe it. After all, the organism is different. Yes, and weight, too. And, in the final analysis, the effectiveness of the diet will depend on the characteristics of the organism. However, some "framework" can still be defined. The ardent supporters of the Maggi diet argue that with strict adherence to all the rules, easily leave 10 to 20 kilograms of "live weight". It's tempting, is not it? Well, now it is necessary to say about some features and complexities of this method. Where without them? The first and perhaps the most important problem is that the Maggi diet is one of the few diets in which you can not step back from the compiled menu literally a single step. As it was said, the effect comes as a result of chemical reactions. And what is needed to ensure that the chemical reaction is correct? Remember the school chemistry course! It is necessary that both the reagents and their weight are strictly defined. So it is here. A little to the side - and about the long-awaited results can be forgotten. Therefore, to replace products, or, for example, eat them in the morning, and not in the evening, is strictly prohibited. And one more unpleasant moment - if you, for whatever reasons, stumbled and violated the diet, then start the "process" from the very beginning. Even if you missed only one meal. Continue from the place where they stopped, it makes no sense - it's better not to waste energy. Of course, such rigor, along with a long duration - and the diet is designed for four weeks! - is unlikely to please those who are forced to go to work every day. But what to do ... As you know, beauty requires sacrifice. If you want, you can find a way out of any situation. In extreme cases, you will take boxes and jars with you. What else is necessary to know? As with any other diet, it is necessary to drink as much water as possible. It is desirable about three liters a day. And tea or black coffee can be consumed at any time - whenever you want. Of course, sugar must be eliminated, but the use of a sweetener is entirely acceptable. Eggs, if not written otherwise, should always be hard boiled. Cooking vegetables you need without oil, fat or meat broth. They just cook in the water. The Maggi diet allows the use of salt, but in moderation. Of course, it would be good to reduce its use and certainly not to re-salve food. Onion, garlic, seasonings - all this is allowed. Well, as always, a small physical load is recommended. However, too zealous - especially at the end of the course - is not worth it. Focus on your health. Here, perhaps, and all the nuances. Now go to the most important - the menu. The course is designed for a full four weeks. Every day - its own, strictly defined, food. diet muggy recipes

    First week

    During these seven days for breakfast you need to eat one or two hard-boiled chicken eggs and half an orange or grapefruit. The rest of the "meals" are different.

    • Monday Choose what you like bestand that more corresponds to the season - watermelon, pear, apricot, melon, apple, orange or kiwi. One of these fruits will make up your dinner. In the evening you can eat any cooked meat, except lamb. Of course, it should be low-fat.
    • Tuesday Afternoon - boiled chicken. Only be sure to remove the skin. Before going to bed - two chicken eggs, one orange or grapefruit, a toast and vegetable salad without refueling. The salad includes Bulgarian pepper, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers.
    • Wednesday afternoon - one toast, tomatoes and low-fat cheese. For dinner - boiled meat.
    • Thursday Lunch is one of the fruits in anyquantity. The set is still the same - apricot, kiwi, melon, orange, apple, watermelon. Dinner - boiled meat and vegetable salad of carrots, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Do not refuel.
    • Friday Afternoon - a surprise! - again two eggs. Only, for a change, cook them soft-boiled. Garnish is cooked vegetables. You can choose what you like best - zucchini and beans, or carrots and green peas. In the evening you can eat one piece of boiled or even fried fish, vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots) and one orange or grapefruit.
    • Saturday In the afternoon fruit. You, in fact, already remember which ones, right? For dinner - boiled meat and vegetable salad. The composition of the salad also remains unchanged.
    • Sunday For dinner, boiled or fried chicken. Of course, without skin. Garnish - tomatoes and boiled vegetables. The choice is also between green peas with carrots or zucchini with beans. For dessert - orange or grapefruit. Before going to bed - boiled vegetables, which remained from dinner.

    Second week

    Get ready, the eggs in the menu will become even greater. Breakfast remains unchanged - half an orange or grapefruit and one or two chicken eggs.

    • Monday In the afternoon you need to eat a salad of fresh vegetables without refueling. The set is known - carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers. To the salad - boiled meat. For dinner - two soft-boiled eggs and the same vegetable salad.
    • Tuesday Lunch - again a salad of the same vegetables and boiled meat. Before going to bed - soft-boiled eggs, two pieces. Seize them you need orange or grapefruit.
    • Wednesday You need to have lunch boiled or fried meat and fresh cucumbers. Dinner - as on the previous day. Soft-boiled eggs and one orange / grapefruit.
    • Thursday afternoon - again soft-boiled eggs. All in the same amount. To them - salted cheese of low-fat varieties and boiled carrots with green peas. For dinner - again eggs, but already hard-boiled.
    • Friday Afternoon - boiled fish. How many you want! In the evening - guessed? - scrambled eggs. Two.
    • Saturday In the afternoon - boiled meat and fresh tomatoes. For dessert - one orange or grapefruit. Dinner - fruit salad. Mix melon, orange, peach, mandarin and apples.
    • Sunday For lunch - fresh tomatoes, boiledzucchini with beans, chicken without skin and - old friends! - Orange / grapefruit. Dinner this time will be exactly the same as lunch. So you can cook with a margin.

    diet muggy

    The third and fourth weeks

    So, you've already reached half the diet of Maggie. However, it is too early to celebrate the victory. The third week is quite difficult. Breakfast, which you, I think, has become accustomed to, is canceled. In general, this week there is no strict division for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These foods should be consumed throughout the day, in any quantities.

    • Monday It's not for nothing that they say it's a "hard day". You can only eat fruit. Any, except grapes, mangoes, bananas, figs and dates will do.
    • Tuesday Vegetable day. You can eat any vegetables except potatoes. Want - raw, want - boiled. To whom that is more like.
    • Wednesday Vegetables-fruit. Align what you ate on Monday with what you ate on Tuesday. Prohibitions are still the same.
    • Thursday Steamed or boiled fish. Fresh cabbage or green salad. Boiled vegetables. Naturally, the potatoes are still not possible.
    • Friday Here you can "make out"! Choose. Want - meat, you want - a chicken. You can cook, you can fry. Garnish is cooked vegetables. Got fed? Good!
    • On Saturday and Sunday - again the fruit menu. All the same you can not have mangoes, bananas, figs, dates and grapes.

    Week Four

    "The last jerk" - you are almost there. The system is the same as last week. A list of "allowed" products is given, and you "stretch" it for a whole day. Monday

    • boiled meat or chicken - about 200 grams;
    • one can of canned tuna. Of course, in its own juice, and not in oil;
    • four medium sized cucumbers;
    • one toast;
    • from two to four tomatoes;
    • one orange or grapefruit.


    • 200 grams of boiled or roasted meat;
    • three tomatoes;
    • four cucumbers;
    • one apple or pear;
    • one orange or grapefruit.


    • one large spoonful of cottage cheese. Of course, not greasy;
    • 200 grams of cheese. Too low-fat;
    • two to three medium-sized cucumbers;
    • one toast;
    • two tomatoes;
    • grapefruit or orange.


    • half boiled chicken without skin;
    • three tomatoes;
    • one small cucumber;
    • one toast;
    • orange / grapefruit.


    • two eggs hard boiled;
    • salad from fresh vegetables without dressing - Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers;
    • grapefruit / orange.


    • boiled chicken breasts. You can eat two;
    • two or three cucumbers;
    • 100 grams of brynza or low-fat cottage cheese;
    • one toast;
    • two tomatoes;
    • 200 milliliters - a glass - curdled milk;
    • orange or grapefruit.


    • two large spoons of cottage cheese;
    • tuna, preserved in its own juice;
    • two tomatoes;
    • two or three cucumbers;
    • boiled vegetables;
    • one toast;
    • grapefruit or orange.

    All. It was done. You can be congratulated - you got to the goal. Here is such here it is - the diet of Maggie. Recipes, as you can see, are quite simple. Yes, and a set of products is quite acceptable - you can buy everything at the nearest store. The effectiveness of such nutrition is quite large - the extra pounds go away, and the results are preserved for a long time. Of course, provided that you do not immediately throw on pasta, cakes and fried potatoes. And, although on the assurance of the French actress, Baroness Nadine de Rothschild: "There are no good diets", this is by no means the worst and "hungry". Why not try? We advise you to read: