stretch marks in adolescents Skin stretching is a very, veryunpleasant. Among ordinary people there is an opinion that stretching is the lot of pregnant women. However, this is not so - stretch marks can appear in absolutely any person, even a teenager. Strictly speaking, it is about stretching the adolescents and will be discussed in this article. Stretch marks - a phenomenon unpleasant and distressing even for adults. What can I say about adolescents, for whom the slightest flaw in appearance becomes a real tragedy! However, it is by no means to panic. It is much more reasonable to begin to combat this problem in a timely manner - even at the stage of prevention. But even in the event that you can not avoid the appearance of stretch marks, you can not give up. After all, in most cases, stretch marks can, if not completely eliminate, but so well disguised that they will not be seen at all.

What are extensions and why do they arise?

Such a thing as stretching on the ears of many. Do everyone know what that is? In the event that the human skin is a sharp and strong load, it can damage its internal layers - a kind of microcracks. And the body immediately reacts to these injuries by active production of collagen - a substance necessary for the regeneration of the skin. This most collagen fills the cracks - in their place is formed connective tissue, which in structure and color differs from the rest of the skin. That's it, this phenomenon is called "stretching" or, as they are called medicine, stria. Stretch marks visually look like stripes on the skin. Their color can vary considerably - from bright pink to almost white. The color of stretch marks depends on many factors - including the natural color of the human skin and the limitation period of the appearance of these stretch marks. Fresh stretches always have a reddish shade than those that arose long ago. Over time, stretch marks become paler and paler - almost invisible. However, on the tanned skin they become visible most well. Typically, most stretch marks are localized in the chest, abdomen and thighs. As already mentioned above, most stretch marks appear in future mothers, because their skin because of the growing tummy is subjected to serious stress. In this situation, is it ever more or less understandable. And what is the reason for the appearance of stretch marks in adolescents? After all, their skin should be very elastic. Should be, but, unfortunately, in practice this is not always the case. It is difficult to say unambiguously what exactly becomes the provoking factor that leads to the appearance of stretch marks in adolescents. However, doctors still call for several possible reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition

In the event that the mother of a teenager on the body hasstretch marks, they are likely to occur in a teenager. Therefore, they need to give proper attention to prevention - treatment will be a much more complicated process.

  • Weakened immunity

It would seem that immunity and the appearance of stretch marksare practically not connected with each other. However, this is not so - the work of the immune system depends on the work of absolutely all organs and systems without exception. And with a poor state of the immune system, the elasticity of the skin decreases severalfold.

  • Growth spurt

In some cases, stretch marks may appearbecause of a sharp jump in growth. In addition to growth, the child actively gaining weight. As a result, the skin overstrains, thins. Done, meet - stretch marks! Especially often occurs if the child was especially thin before adolescence - a growth jump, as a rule, can not be avoided. Parents should be especially careful - one should not forget about prevention.

  • Hormonal disorders

In some cases, the development of stretch marks may beprovoked by a violation of the hormonal background in the body of a teenager. So, all diseases, accompanied by hormonal disorders, can provoke the development of stretch marks.

  • Lack of muscle mass

Rarely, but there are stretch marks on the back. In the event that stretch marks appear on the back, with a high degree of probability, the cause of their occurrence is a lack of muscle mass or some diseases. This symptom - striae on the back - is very serious, so you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Otherwise, serious complications are possible. Therefore, in any case, do not ignore the fact of having stretch marks on the back of the child.

  • Fast breast growth

Sometimes a teenage girl has stretch marksnamely on the chest. On the rest of the body they are not at all. This usually happens if the breast begins to grow very quickly. However, do not despair - with proper treatment, such stretch marks disappear almost without a trace. stretch marks on the skin of adolescents

Treatment of stretch marks

Alas, but stretch marks - this is not a cold, get rid ofthem within a week is unlikely to work. The treatment of stretch marks is a laborious process and takes a very long time, so it's worth the patience. And the earlier treatment is started, the more successful it will be, and the less time it will take to get rid of stretch marks on the body.

  • Cosmetic preparations

Modern pharmacology offers greatthe number of the most diverse means that successfully cope with their main task - the elimination of stretch marks. This effect is achieved due to the substances that are part of the creams and gels - collagen, silicone and others. These products nourish the skin, prevent moisture loss, prevent excessive stretching of the skin. A similar agent should be applied to the skin with an even thin layer. On skin integuments a peculiar film is formed, which prevents the skin from losing moisture and stretching excessively. However, the effect will be observed only if the application of creams will be combined with massage and moderate physical exertion. And not the last role is played by the systematic - one-time applications of the necessary effect will not be achieved.

  • Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is by far the mostAn effective method of combating stretch marks. It is absolutely safe, so it can be successfully used to eliminate stretch marks in adolescents. The essence of the method is the following - using a special thin needle under the skin - to a depth of 4 mm. - a medicine is administered which has several properties at once. It stimulates the restoration of injured skin areas, stimulates metabolism. Sessions are held twice a month, and the course of treatment should last at least six months.

  • Laser resurfacing

Laser grinding allows you to get rid of visible stretch marks after the first session. However, this method is very expensive and, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

Folk methods of treatment of stretch marks in adolescents

But do not get upset if you do not have moneyon expensive treatment. Often the recipes of traditional medicine are no less effective than the most modern cosmetic procedures. They are also absolutely safe, so they can be used without fear to eliminate stretch marks in adolescents. However, pay attention - the child should not have any allergic reactions to this or that component of the remedy.

  • Honey Cream

Components such as honey and aloe are usedfor the treatment of a huge number of diseases. Including to eliminate stretch marks. To prepare the product you will need five tablespoons of honey, five tablespoons of aloe vera and 100 grams of pure boiled water. In order to make the gruel, first place the sprigs of aloe in the freezer for 5 days, then pass them through the meat grinder. Mix thoroughly all of the above ingredients, pour into ice molds and place in a freezer. However, that's not all. It is necessary to prepare the cream itself. To do this, mix in a glass container five tablespoons of aloe vera and two tablespoons of honey - in the end you should get a homogeneous mass. After this, mix in equal proportions the resulting mass with the simplest baby cream. Now everything is ready for you - you can start treatment. And the treatment is quite simple. Once a day - preferably before going to bed - you must take a hot shower. Use any body scrub - thoroughly clean the skin in problem areas. After that, apply a thick layer of the cream on the skin, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for at least an hour. After this, rinse with water and apply any moisturizer. In the morning, after waking up, remove the ice cube from the pre-prepared mixture and thoroughly wipe the skin. Do not rush to dress, as you will soak clothes. After about 15 minutes rinse with water and apply moisturizing cream. The duration of the course of treatment is 30 days. After five days, the course of treatment can be repeated. Pay attention - this method is most effective in the event that the stretch marks are localized on the chest.

  • Oat flakes and cucumber

This method of treatment is especially good for treatmentstretch marks on the skin in the very initial stage of their formation. To do this, prepare the following mixture. In a coffee grinder, grind five tablespoons of oatmeal and mix with five tablespoons of sour cream. After taking the shower, the resulting mixture must be applied to the problem areas of the skin and left for half an hour. After that, massage the skin thoroughly for a few minutes and rinse with water, apply a moisturizer to the damaged areas. The duration of the course of treatment is at least one month. stretch marks on the back in adolescents

Prevention of the appearance of stretch marks

As mentioned above, it is very important to givesufficient attention to the prevention of stretch marks on the skin. And it is necessary to start doing this at a fairly early age - 10 to 12 years. There are several general rules, compliance with which will reduce the risk of developing stretch marks to a minimum:

  • Diets and excessive physical exertion

In adolescence, very many children -especially girls - are dissatisfied with the appearance, in particular - weight. And they begin to exhaust themselves with all sorts of diets and physical exercises, trying to get rid of extra pounds, often mythical. Doing this in no case it is impossible, because it is the sharp fluctuations in weight can be the cause of the development of stretch marks.

  • Hormonal background

During puberty, at leastperiodically check the condition of the child's hormonal background. Ask the attending physician to take this matter under control. The analysis itself does not require any effort, and its conduct can help to identify a disease at the very beginning. Once again I would like to recall that the presence of teenage stretch marks should not cause a disorder. With them you can and need to fight - the main thing is to start treatment in a timely and correct manner. Be beautiful and healthy! We advise you to read: