the first monthly Probably, any woman remembers such a delicatemoment as your first menstruation. However, there is a huge difference between adult women and current teenage girls. Earlier conversations with their children on intimate topics were not particularly popular. Yes, and in a girls' company such questions were shy. As a result, a huge number of girls, faced with the first in their lives, were very much frightened: panic, despair, fear that she was seriously ill and could bleed. And not every girl decided to tell my mother, so the first months turned into a serious test for a still fragile psyche. In our time, fortunately, by the time of puberty, almost every girl, with very few exceptions, knows what menstruation is. And so the first months are not such a deep shock for them. However, nevertheless, the mother should not ignore the need for a conversation with the girl about puberty and the onset of menstruation. It will be much better if your daughter finds out about all the subtleties of the work of the female body from her mother, that is, from you, than from girlfriends. Very often in a teenage environment there are such "truths" that in adult people hair stands on end. It is very important to make sure that your daughter receives reliable information and is literate in such intimate matters. And, moreover, the mother of a teenage girl should take care of the girl to know how to use personal hygiene products. This will be discussed a little later. The first menstruation in medicine is called "menarche". And it is these months that require the most careful attention to the girl from the adults and, of course, from the mother. In fact to mum, as a rule, the girl can entrust intimal problems. Yes, and the mother herself can give the girl good advice, because what is menstruation, she knows firsthand.

Time of onset of first monthly

As a rule, the first menstruation occursgirls aged approximately 12 to 14 years. Doctors - gynecologists even have such a thing as "gynecological age". The beginning of the gynecological age is just the first menstruation .. And this age is calculated by the number of years that passed after the start of the first menstrual cycle. In addition, it is the appearance of the first menstrual period that indicates the development of the menstrual cycle and, accordingly, puberty. As a rule, the first menstruation, as already mentioned above, occurs in the interval from 12 to 14 years. However, there are exceptions to this rule - monthly can begin either before the age of twelve, or later. And in that, and in another case, parents should seek help from a pediatric gynecologist. In some cases, this deviation from the average static rate may simply be a physiological feature of the girl. So, for example, if a girl from birth was ahead of her children in physical development, there is a very high probability that the first menstruation can come much earlier than her peers. And if in the physical development the girl, on the contrary, lagged behind her peers, then the monthly ones may come much later. Also do not forget that a significant role in the timing of the onset of the first menstrual period is played by a genetic predisposition. In the event that the grandmother and mother of the girls have a monthly period early, the same can be done with the girl. The same is true for the late onset of menstruation. But, nevertheless, in case of significant deviations (more than two years) at the beginning of the first months in this or that direction, a visit to a gynecologist is simply necessary. After all, often such violations can be caused by serious enough diseases, for example, a violation of the normal functioning of the endocrine system and, as a consequence, a violation of the hormonal background of the child's body. Therefore, treatment should begin as soon as possible. And the sooner it is launched, the more effective the result will be. In addition, the onset of the first menstrual period is influenced by a factor, such as the nutrition of a teenage girl. Of course, in our time the problem of poor nutrition is irrelevant, the modern person does not feel the benefit of food shortage. However, however, parents should monitor what and how their growing daughter is eating. The diet should be full and varied. Also, many scientists tend to think that the age at which the first time comes monthly, has a direct impact - this is the amount of light and the time of year. And although the validity of this statement is only checked by researchers and physicians - gynecologists, the fact remains - in those countries where the use of a large amount of artificial light is widespread, the menstrual cycle in adolescent girls comes an order of magnitude earlier than in other countries. Well, the fact that in our country most often the first time a month comes in the coldest time of the year - January and February, is incontrovertible. At that time in the summer months the number of offensive first months is minimal. Scientists put forward the following version: the fact that a girl's nutrition directly affects the onset of menstruation is scientifically proven. And, accordingly, precisely because in the hot months of appetite does not happen much, the onset of menstruation is postponed to a later time. In addition, for the period of onset of the first menstrual period, the emotional background of a teenage girl is very much affected. Emotional stress can largely postpone the onset of menstruation, or else bring down the already established cycle. In no case should not neglect this factor, since the consequences can be quite serious. However, we can not fail to mention one interesting fact: many psychologists believe that it is strong stress that can provoke the onset of the first menstruation. According to statistics, the first menstruation falls on the coldest months of the year, such as January, and vice versa, the least amount comes in the hottest months of the summer. This interesting phenomenon is most likely related to the diet of food. Here we can say that it has long been proven that a bad diet strongly affects puberty, respectively, leading to a delay in the onset of the first menstruation. However, it should not be forgotten that the first menstruation only indicates that puberty is proceeding normally. But not about the fact that this sexual maturation has already been completed. Despite the fact that with the advent of the menstrual cycle the girl acquires the ability to conceive and bear a child, her body is not yet ready for the birth of children. This is because the teen girl's body is not yet fully formed, continues to grow intensively. And so the birth of a child will be a serious test for him and a strong enough load. Such a load can have a very negative impact on the health of the girl herself and her future child. the first months of a teenage girl

Conversation with a teenage girl

By the way, one can not help but mention thatthe mother of the girl must necessarily hold a conversation with the girl on such a delicate topic as the prevention of the onset of an unwanted pregnancy. Of course, this may not be easy, but it is still necessary. Many mothers mistakenly believe that their girl is still very small. Do not forget that, unfortunately, whether we want adults or not, but modern adolescents begin to have sex very, very early. And if the mother does not want to face the news that very soon she will become a grandmother, or her daughter is sick with a certain sexually transmitted disease, a lecture on the need for proper protection is inevitable. However, such a conversation can be an excellent occasion to tell your daughter what is so dangerous early sexual intercourse. And after that, you can smoothly move to the issues of protection from unwanted pregnancy. However, pay attention to a very important point - your conversation should be friendly, but should not at all resemble morality. In such a case, your teenage daughter may decide that you are accusing her of something, and will simply close in on herself. And your information will not reach its goal. But in the event that your daughter will see that you are communicating with her on an equal footing, she will take your information properly and. perhaps you will decide to ask those questions that disturb her. Perhaps, this case is one in which the mother should not be a mother, but a girlfriend. And on a general relationship with the daughter, this kind of communication will affect the most favorable way - because the girl will trust you. And accordingly, if she has any questions or problems, she will appeal first of all to you, not to her friends, who because of her age are unlikely to be able to advise anything clever.

Symptoms of approaching the first menstruation

As a rule, for several months tothe way a girl starts the first menstruation, she can mark the appearance of some signs in her, which indicate that the girl is about to become a girl. Such signs include:

  • Painful sensations. On certain days, a girl may experience pain in the lower abdomen. The intensity of pain can be the most varied - from weak, barely noticeable, to strongly pronounced.
  • Change in the character of whiter. Beli at the girl appear about two years before the first menstruation starts. And approximately two to three months before its onset, the character of the leucorrhoea changes significantly - they become more abundant. They can also change their consistency - from liquid to viscous. The main difference between the physiological changes in leucorrhoea from the pathological, which is accompanied by any inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, is the smell and color. In the first case, both the smell and the color of the leucorrhoea remain unchanged.
  • Symptoms of PMS. However strange it may seem, the appearance of premenstrual syndrome in a teenage girl is noted about a few months before the appearance of the first menstrual period. A girl can complain about the causeless appearance of headaches, sharp fluctuations in the emotional background - then a rise in mood, then its decline, tearfulness. In short, a girl can experience the same symptoms of PMS as an adult woman.
  • Features of the menstrual cycle in adolescents

    As a rule, in the first year after the startmenstruation in most teenage girls the duration of the menstrual cycle is approximately 28 to 30 days. Months last on average from three to five days (in some, quite rare cases, up to 7 days). However, one should not expect that the menstrual cycle of a teenage girl will immediately become regular - this phenomenon is observed only in about twenty percent of girls. And only twenty percent of the menstrual cycle becomes immediately regular. In all the other girls during the first year, the intervals between menstruation can be large and varied in duration - from one and a half to three months. If the break between menstruation lasts more than three months, then the girl should as soon as possible seek help from a doctor - gynecologist, since such a pause may indicate a serious enough failure in the work of the girl's body. The intensity of bleeding during the first menstruation, as well as the amount of blood lost, can vary considerably. And in the first place this factor depends on the individual characteristics of the female body, as well as on the hereditary factor. If you yourself suffer from profuse and painful menstruation, most likely your daughter will face the same manifestations.

    Means of intimate hygiene

    Of course, advertising pads and tampons in ourtime to surprise someone is already impossible. And by the time the teenage girl starts her period, she'll probably know what gaskets are needed for. However, she will still need help, at least in the first month. Firstly, not every girl will dare to acquire the means of intimate hygiene. After all, no matter how liberated modern teenagers seem, this emancipation is often nothing more than a mask, under which teenagers successfully mask their confusion, fear and embarrassment. Perhaps it will be much more reasonable for the first time to independently purchase sanitary napkins for your daughter. And the choice of gaskets must be approached competently. Of course, to say that the first time to use hygienic tampons is not desirable, it makes no sense - it is clear and without words. However, it is necessary to choose the gaskets that are optimal for your daughter. Do not choose pads that are highly absorbable, if the menstrual discharge is not too abundant, it will confuse the girl, and she can change the pads less often than necessary. As a result, the bacteria will actively multiply, because blood is a wonderful nutrient medium for them. And this is fraught with not only the appearance of a very unpleasant smell, but also the development of inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere of a girl. However, one should not also purchase those gaskets that have less than necessary absorbency. Otherwise, the girl's clothes may have blood stains. In the event that this happens outside the home, the girl will be in a very difficult situation - this can greatly hurt her not yet fully strengthened psyche. In addition, when choosing pads for a teenage girl, you should not save money. It is worth acquiring good gaskets, which will not differ under the clothes of the girl. This can also help to avoid unnecessary embarrassment for the girl. Yes, and the feelings of physical discomfort correctly, this form of pads also helps to avoid. Of course, the first menstruation - this is a very important stage in the life of any girl. And the main task of the mother in this period is to provide the daughter with the maximum psychological support. After all, it is so necessary for every child, even for an adult! We advise you to read: