1 If you do not have horoscopes and astrological advice to youhelp or you do not believe in them, we recommend that you pay attention to the natural strength of the stones. Recently, the methods of "blood correspondence" have become very popular, the main idea of ​​which is that the blood group of a person can be the determining factor in his food, behavioral, love and even energy preferences. The last point, most likely, is decisive in the choice of jewelry. After all, according to the fans of this system, it is in this case that the stone or precious metal not only strengthens your energy, but also becomes your talismans-protectors, which provide you with luck. So, let's see the recommendations for choosing jewelry for people of different blood types.

1 blood group - Hunters

The nature of these people is very active, strong,constantly wanting to seize the lead. In this case, they are characterized by excessive straightforwardness. They are difficult to adapt to changing circumstances. And to help them achieve their goals will be the stones of the warm part of the light spectrum, from yellow-orange to red and purple, which include a noble ruby, as well as semi-precious: pink pearls, tourmaline, coral, pomegranate and rhodonite. Although if a person is characterized by excessive power, quick temper and cruelty, then the ruby ​​is contraindicated. The best decorations for such difficult temperaments will be tranquil tourmaline and pearls, and gold will have to prefer cold silver.

2 blood group - Farmers

Since the "farmers" have enoughsensitive nervous system and inertness peculiar to them only, then to stimulate their life processes and mental activity, they need to acquire stones of green and blue shades, such as emerald, jade, sapphire, snake eye, jasper, turquoise, onyx and topaz. "Agricultural" precious metal is the warm, as the bowels of the earth, gold.

3 blood group - Wanderers

Because they are creative people who are in eternalsearch, and therefore always subject to mood swings, then they are recommended stones of both groups, that is yellow and red colors, like the first group, with a decadent mood, or green and blue colors, like the second group, if they are in excited state. In addition, the "pilgrims" need purple stones. This is especially true of creative people and those who like to indulge in meditation, reflection, analysis. Their stones are aventurine, charoite and amethyst.

4 blood type - "Mixed type"

This is the type that got the lottery to connectin itself all the pros and cons of the previous three groups. Strange as it may seem, the ideologists of this system themselves did not agree on which stones are optimal for the fourth group. Although since this group is developing very actively, but the immunity is weakened, most people advise them to use the stones of the first blood group. Plus decorations with multi-colored stones.