The Old New Year is the same New Year, but according toJulian calendar. He is loved and celebrated in Russia on the night of January 13-14 as a sign of the memory of the change in chronology. In Russia both chronologies have been preserved, the Gregorian calendar is a state calendar, and according to the Julian calendar the church dates are celebrated. In Switzerland and in Serbia, the old New Year is also celebrated, but not as active as in the territory of the post-Soviet space. The Julian calendar for church holidays became the main one after the arrival of Soviet power in 1918. Although Christians all over the world since the 18th century celebrate church holidays on the Gregorian calendar - therefore, Catholic Christmas falls on December 25, and our Orthodox is celebrated 13 days later. The New Year is always followed after Christmas, we celebrated earlier, so, in order not to change habits, it was decided to leave the second new year, calling it the Old New Year. Therefore, another New Year's holiday, albeit marked Old, we owe the conservative habits of our Orthodox Church, although over time this holiday has become no less secular than the usual New Year. In Greece, Romania, Montenegro and Serbia, too, there is the Old New Year; It can be noted while in Georgia, some German-speaking countries and the territory of the former Soviet Union. On January 14, it is not only the Old New Year, but also the day of St. Basil, especially revered by the bride-girls, as they were wondering that night they were trying to clarify their future destiny, and especially brave asked to show the future groom. A special touchingness to the Old New Year is attached to the fact that it is the last in a long series of New Year and Christmas holidays, and this is the second opportunity to celebrate the New Year in the way it would have been desirable, if everything went smoothly with the first, the official one. This is an excellent occasion to once again meet with friends and boast who and how spent the Christmas holidays. But sometimes they get tired of the holidays, and therefore the Old New Year does not have the strength or imagination - in this case it is possible to contact the event agency, where they will certainly help you. We advise you to read: