A purse, a purse, what is a purse? At the present time, more and more frequentcases of theft. Thieves can lie in wait for us everywhere. Remember, pickpockets - experts in their business - stealthily steal a purse or mobile phone from the ignorant passerby for them is no problem. Any places of a large congestion of people are an ideal environment for representatives of this profession. You may not even notice how a foreign hand climbed into your pocket or bag and took out all valuables and money from there. In order not to become a victim of scammers, we suggest that you use several tips to protect your money and things intact.

  • Tip # 1

Remember that, quite simple prey for pickpockets are large without a lock or simple plastic bags,to clean the contents of such a load for them will be very easy. In public transport, hold the bag on your shoulder, pressing it with your hand to the body in front. Valuable things, for example, a cell phone and money, put as deeply as possible into the bag. It is better not to carry a purse or expensive items in a bag, let alone put it on the floor.

  • Tip # 2

Do not store the purse in the back pocket of your trousers. To store the wallet, the front pocket of the trousers is best suited, preferably to be able to close it with a zipper.

  • Tip # 3

Do not wear a mobile phone around your neck. It is imperceptible to not take such easy prey to sin for a thief. So try not to wear mobile phones on strings and similar devices.

  • Tip # 4

If you leave valuables in the car, thenmake sure that they are not visible from the outside. Scammers will never miss their chance to profit from your things - they can distract you and steal money and valuables unnoticed. Always lock the doors in the car, do not leave it open.

  • Tip # 5

Remember in the queues, especially when calculating forcashier, near to an ATM you can be waited by "pinchers" try not to show contents of the purse, differently it at once will draw their attention, and to miss such extraction as your packed monthly salary received half an hour back they will not miss. Thieves will notice where you put it, and will try to follow you, looking for a convenient moment to profit your full money purse.

  • Tip # 6

Having received a large sum on your hands trysort your money in your pockets, and not carry everything in one place. Leave only a small amount of money in your wallet, and put the other in a more secluded place, for example, in the inner pocket of your jacket. In conclusion, I would like to note, be vigilant. Remember that in your pickpockets there can be anyone - from harmless grannies of pensioners, up to pregnant women and small children. Be careful and try to stay away from suspicious strangers. Do not forget that the most favorite places for thieves are transport, shops, markets and other places of mass gathering of people. Try to understand that pickpockets use very sophisticated ways to steal your money, often try to distract an inattentive victim. This can be a variety of tricks - they can pretend that they have mistaken and taken you for their friend, starting to slap you on the shoulder friendly, thereby distracting your attention or asking to help gather scattered things, etc. Stop standing constantly to feel the secret pocket of clothing or bags. This is too noticeable, especially for those who like this movement grasps on the fly. Do not draw attention to yourself with such gestures. Be careful! Remember, warned - it means armed. We hope our recommendations, in the future, will help you to protect yourself from such personalities. All the best!