Ideas for New Year's gifts What do they give for the New Year? Many people give presents to their relatives, loved ones, friends and colleagues for this beloved holiday. And to get something that is worthwhile and useful, many are wondering: what to present for the new year? We gave examples of gifts that are usually given for the New Year, and we hope that this article will help you with the choice!

Corporate New Year's gifts

New Year is a good time to give youremployees for a whole year of good and productive activities. Gifts and holidays make the team more friendly, and sometimes serve as an excellent means of motivation. But every new day brings the holiday closer, which means that it takes less time to choose gifts for employees. Corporate gifts for the new year should emphasize the importance and significance of each employee, partner or client. Sometimes it is difficult to find both a useful, stylish and modern gift, because in case of an error about the taste of the donor, they will longly gossip around the cabinets. The simplest and elegant solution for corporate gifts for the new year is a personal bottle of good wine, and the design label on it can contain the text of congratulations. But the choice of a good design agency is also not an easy task, try to find one so that ugly labels do not spoil the impression of the gift. Wine is presented in a set with two crystal glasses. Packaging for Christmas gifts should also be original, in this case you can order a box that should be trimmed from inside with silk - this will show your attentiveness, creativity, and good taste. Such gifts are prominently distinguished from the others. what do they give for the new year

New Year's gifts for close people

And what to give to friends and friends? A gift to which everyone will be delighted can be a cashmere or silk scarf, even better if it is from a famous fashion house - French Hermes, Italian Salvatore Ferragamo or English Burberry, but if you can not afford expensive purchases, then you can buy any scarf with a typical Burberry cage, not just a brand. If you do not know which color is better, then choose neutral shades that are in harmony with any wardrobe. Americans, for whom the season of buying New Year's gifts - entertainment, and not overwork, prefer to give sweet New Year gifts, fresh electronic gadgets and ready-made gift baskets. Charity is gaining popularity as a gift - when the donor on your behalf makes a contribution to any charitable foundation, while you will know exactly what amount and where it was sent. This trend began after the technogenic and natural disasters began to occur more often. Even in the US, it is fashionable to give organic food. Some statistics about New Year's and Christmas gifts from Americans:

  • Clothing - 3.8%
  • Doll - 3.6%
  • Nintendo Will - 3.4%
  • Cellular phone - 3,2%
  • Toys - 3.2%
  • Nintendo DS - 3%
  • Laptop - 3%
  • Ipod - 2.8%
  • For the house - 2,3%
  • DVD library - 2.2%
  • Video Games - 2.1%
  • Machine - 2%
  • Puppy - 2%
  • Other - 2%
  • Bicycle - 1,9%
  • The digital video camera - 1,9%
  • Money - 1.7%
  • Game 1.6%
  • Love - 1.5%
  • Books - 1.5%
  • Food - 1.4%
  • Footwear - 1.3%
  • Jewelry - 1.3%
  • Psp - 1.3%
  • For adults - 1,2%
  • Cosmetics - 1,1%
  • Guitar - 1%
  • Stuffed animals - 0.9%
  • Xbox 360 - 0.9%
  • what to give for the new year

    What not to give for the New Year

    But there is also a blacklist of New Year'ssouvenirs and gifts. Of course, not every one of us can afford to spend an average of $ 300-600 for the Americans for a gift, but the important thing is not so much the price of the gift, but the good taste when choosing it. Remember, but do not you give annually the same unnecessary trivialities to your close people. A woman is unlikely to be pleased with the New Year's gift in the form of cheap perfume or cheap sets of cosmetics and soap, do not give jewelry, since she very rarely suits at least one female side. Frying pans, cups and other utensils are best avoided, as are blouses bought at sales. Lipstick and pantyhose also got on the black list, as it is very difficult to guess with a shade. Men should not give handkerchiefs, socks and underwear. Ties, which usually do not harmonize with any shirt, too fragrant perfume, flowers and cufflinks, which are only a few, is also not the best choice for a New Year's gift. Presenting a book to children about how to behave properly at a table or on a similar topic, you will spoil them all New Year holidays. Clothes can be given, but only complete with a toy, and not with a souvenir that can not be played. A variety of school supplies, from pencils to notebooks and rulers, is not a gift at all; children are right believing that this you must provide them, regardless of the holiday. For relatives and friends, we choose gifts with special trepidation, so as to anticipate their desires, and not put Santa Claus as a miser. Practically in all countries, the choice of a gift is beginning to be thought from the end of November, traditionally they are long lists, which ones and for whom it is planned to buy and how much to spend on it. From the outside it resembles a ritual that must necessarily be performed; is it because almost everyone has such a preoccupied and serious look? Everywhere the atmosphere of the coming holiday is felt, and therefore these troubles and turmoil give more joy than anxiety. In Russia, so far this pre-New Year frenzy is not observed, but this does not mean that our loved ones will remain without gifts. There are unspoken rules for choosing the gifts for the closest.

    Gifts for relatives and loved ones

    Do not rush to give mom or grandmother dear perfume,exquisite souvenirs and lace, perhaps a person with an average income will be better served by a good plaid or cozy slippers. But if you want to get away from everyday sweaters and mittens, then give old siblings glasses in good and expensive frames, after consulting with their attending physician. Tickets to the theater, especially will please your grandmother and return it in the days of adolescence, if the concert is accompanied by her grandson or son. Expensive candies, elite tea varieties and organic food are also excellent gifts for the older generation. Its only beloved woman is better to give something refined and refined. For example, perfume, just choose them in a good salon, so as not to overpay for a bad smelling counterfeit. Jewelry, exclusive accessories - for a gift that will further emphasize its individuality and uniqueness. Your woman is unlikely to forgive you household appliances received as a gift, no matter how expensive she was. It will be easier for you to guess her desires, if long before the holiday you will begin to listen to her or when you visit the shops try to guess casually, and what gift she would like to receive. A present for a loved one is much easier to choose than it seems - after all, men appreciate not the thing you gave, but your attention. But still you should not become hostages to stereotypes and give them ties and lighters. A sweater, a pair of good gloves, a designer shirt, scarves, some fashionable business accessories - the list of gifts for men is unlimited, you just need to fantasize a little. If you know what he dreamed of as a child, you can not think of a better gift. New Year presents to children who love to give gifts were many, choose small toys, but in large quantities. Beautiful sweets, new things and toys pack separately and do not forget about the bright ribbons. By the way, hiding toys not under the tree, but throughout the apartment, you can turn their search into a small fun adventure. And if the house has pets, then treat them with a new collar or something delicious. We advise you to read: