1 Most of us are very interested in our ownfuture and wants at least partly to know what is waiting for him there. The information obtained from the homegrown predictors is very doubtful. So why not go somewhere in another country and not try to look into your future with the help of ancient, time-tested methods? This can be, for example, Japan, where a true prediction can be obtained in the temples. In these temples, after the visitors make the necessary ritual, they receive from the visitors a strip of rice paper with a prediction written on it. In the event that these messages are good, they take the paper with them, if not, they tie it to a tree or to a lattice near the temple, so that the monks pray for the softening of fate. In Egypt, in order to know your future, you need to turn to the famous oracle from the city of Siva. According to legend, it was this oracle who foretold the glorious fate of Alexander the Great. Siwa is far away, on the border with Lebanon, but if you want to go there you can. The city is located in an oasis with warm springs of mineral healing water, plunged into which the travelers go to the temple of Artemis. It is here that the Oracle is located, to which one can ask the question of interest and receive a response from the oracle. In India, the famous point of predictions - the capital of Rajarstan, Jaipur. Local terracotta architecture gives Jaipur some fantastic flair of mystical exotics. On the main street of the city called Bazar and you can find out the fate. Fortune tellers on this street are many, but do not listen to street bothers - they can not tell the true truth. It is better to approach women who are sitting in the shade. It is said that fortune-telling in Jaipur always corresponds to the truth. We advise you to read: