broke up with a guy "I broke up with the guy and do not know what to medo "- these are the words most often spoken by a girl who has lost her love. In their souls, anguish and loneliness reign, they can not reconcile themselves with the fact that a loved one, a native person, renounced the relationship. Such a loss makes you experience incomparable pain, which is very difficult to drown out. And let everyone say that time heals that months and years will pass, and everything will be forgotten, like a terrible dream. But you need to live here and now, and it is in these difficult days that you need to find the strength to overcome the internal crisis. What if I broke up with someone I loved? First of all, we note that you need to act if you have met the object of your love for a while. And if all that you had was one night of love, after which he disappeared in an unknown direction, then any attempts to return him and make him fall in love are meaningless. And if your relationship was serious enough, but you had to part for some reason, then you need to act. You are well aware of your situation and you must understand that there are two possible options: the first is to try to return it, the second is to force yourself to forget about it and continue to live on. What exactly to do in this situation, you decide, but we will consider both of these options. what if I broke up with a guy

How to return the guy after parting

Before taking any action onreturn the guy, seriously think: is it worth it to you? Do you really love him so much that you are ready to fight for your relationship? Sometimes it happens that a girl after a break with a man does not suffer at all from the fact that he left, but from the fact that she was abandoned. The wounded pride does not give her rest, and tears are shed not from anguish, but from resentment and despair. If this is the case, then it is not worth fighting for the love of a departed man. It was just not your prince on a white horse, and very soon you'll meet another, happier love. But if the heart hurts the pain of loss and you have no idea how to live without this person, then it's worth trying to return your beloved guy. Very often, enamored girls who want to return a young person make the same mistakes. They want to prove their love by all means and explain to the young man how much he has lost. And this is where the nightmare begins: the girls pour bitter tears in front of the guy, beg to return, swear in eternal love. Even if your feelings are such, then you should not do this - why be humiliated before a man? Believe me, guys like girls with self-esteem, and do not need to grovel before them. If he feels sorry for you, are they ready to accept this feeling instead of love? And what can we say about promises to commit suicide? From such women, men flee without looking back. Who needs a mentally unbalanced person who blackmailing the guy with terrible promises and deeds? And it will not add to you the honor of such behavior. If you decide to humiliate or blackmail, someday you will be very ashamed of your rash acts: and the guys did not return, and they lost themselves. The first thing you need to do after parting with a guy is to have a good cry, but so that a loved one does not see these tears. Give yourself a break, you need time to "lick your wounds." You can go on a visit to another city - the longer the distance, the easier it is to survive the shock of parting. As soon as you recover a little, seriously think about this: why did the young man leave you? People do not break up just like that, there must be a good reason for breaking off relations. If you are indignant and say, they say, I'm generally an angel and absolutely nothing is to blame, then, probably, slaver. Relationships are built by two people, and mistakes are usually made, too, by two people. Someone more, some less, but consider yourself completely innocent of the breakdown of relations is hardly possible. Making mistakes is quite natural, you just need to figure out what exactly you did wrong. Perhaps, you allowed yourself to flirt with other guys, or contemptuous of his hobbies and hobbies. It is likely that you did not attach much importance to your actions, but for your boyfriend they could have a fateful meaning. Think also about what did not suit you in relation to you young man. Write on the sheet of paper all the pros and cons of a loved one - this will help to more clearly understand the picture of your relationship. It is possible that you are completely disappointed in your guy and decide that the game is not worth the candle. But if once again make sure that your guy is almost ideal, then do not give up. If you really want the guy to come back, then try to get rid of the basic claims. A few days or weeks after the separation, men tend to forget grievances and realize that they lost more with separation than they did. But what then prevents them from returning? And this is the fear of hearing claims, because he is sure that you take him back exclusively after a thousand apologies and demands of vows that he will radically change. And this their male pride can not afford. Here, two unhappy, loving each other are harassed, and they can not unite for absurd reasons. No one says that all his bad deeds and bad character traits need to close his eyes. Change it, perhaps, it will not work, but slightly adjust the behavior after you are together - easily. Just everything has its time, and thinking about how to get the guy back, do not make a list of requirements in advance, which scares him to death. So far we have a completely different goal. Try to be the girl that your boyfriend once fell in love with. What attracted him to you the most? Cheerfulness, sense of humor, the ability to communicate? Drop your melancholy and start communicating with your friends, be merry and joyful. Perhaps your boyfriend does not wait to see the seal of anguish and despair on your face - so try to surprise him! Let him think about why it was after the parting you suddenly bloomed, like a May rose. Seeing that other people are drawn to you and that you are in the center of attention of his friends, he willy-nilly will want to come back to you again. Pay special attention to your appearance, impress your beloved with your appearance in the heart! You can try to cause in him a feeling of jealousy, but you can not always do this. If your guy does not think to pay attention to you, then the presence of an opponent may not affect him at all. On the contrary, after thinking that your heart is occupied by someone else, he may give up trying to regain your location. And if you also broke up due to the fact that you flirted with other guys, then you should not experiment with jealousy. But if you feel that there are crumbs of love in the heart of a young man, you can take a chance and provoke a sense of rivalry in him. If in the depths of your soul your young man is still not indifferent to you, then you have every chance to get him back and resume the relationship. Try not to step on the same rake again, because to keep love is much easier than to return it. But if the attempts are not successful and you understand that he no longer loves you, then you need to find the strength to survive this loss. broke up with the guy

How to survive the parting with your beloved boyfriend

So, your parting with your beloved guy -final and irrevocable. You could understand this right after he left, or after several vain attempts to revive the relationship. It's not easy to go through parting with the person you love. With one thought that you do not need to wait for his calls any more, that he will not come to you in the evening and will not invite you to a date, your heart is squeezed with unbearable pain, and you just do not know how to live on. Now it's hard to believe, but after a while you will feel relieved, and thoughts of a departed love will not torment you. But in order to live up to this blessed time, you need to work hard on yourself. Having burst into tears and having spoken out to the closest people, try to calm down and take life in your own hands. Remembering the happy moments that you spent together, think about this: do you like it in these memories, or is it the usual longing for the feeling of happiness? In fact then to you it was good, and now - it is bad. But does this mean that your boyfriend is the only man in the world who can give you joy? Perhaps, you are suffering not because of him, but because the time of romance, tenderness and happiness is over? We all want to fly on the wings of love and feel the excitement of meeting with a beloved man, but not always we are able to soberly assess the dignity of our partner: is this the prince on a white horse, which we all our life dreamed of? In any case, you need to do everything to stop the heart from feeling sad and lonely. Get rid of things that remind you of your favorite boyfriend. At first glance, the idea that you need to throw away all of his gifts will seem blasphemous. But this is necessary in order that his invisible image no longer pursued you everywhere. Get rid of the sweetheart of things that he gave you, return his forgotten things, stop listening to the music that he loved. At the moment, everything that is connected with it, gives you a sense of his presence, as if there was no parting. But the longer you cherish your pain, the worse it will be to return to reality - where it is no longer with you. Do not spend time alone, now you need to communicate with people and new impressions as air. Go for walks, go to the movies, meet friends. Set goals that you need to achieve in the near future: read a new book, learn to knit, start learning a foreign language. Everything new and interesting that comes to your life will not only help you to forget, but will also raise your personal self-esteem, because you will finally do what has been postponed for so long. Much will contribute to increasing self-esteem and an updated appearance: down with a tear-stained eye and a gray complexion! Now you have full time for yourself, devote yourselves to taking care of yourself. Make a new hairstyle, master a couple of makeup techniques, buy something fashionable and sexy out of clothes. And when you happen to meet with your ex, then before him appears not tearful, heartbroken girl, but a blossoming beauty, who in her life is all right. And one more little advice: do not start up new love adventures, until the pain of parting with your boy will not abate. You can not adequately respond to the new courtship and feelings of a young man, because in the depths of your soul you will think about your former. Do not make mistakes, hurting an innocent guy, and you yourself will not be delighted with your own feelings. A new love is fine, but only when old feelings run out and let your heart fall in love again. A girl who has found the strength to forget her love is worthy of respect. After all, now her heart is free and ready to meet with new love. Perhaps, the fact that your young man has left you is a blessing, not a sorrow. After all, by this he opened the way to real happiness for you - a man who will love you with all his heart, as you deserve.