1 What should be the consistency of yourAction: Take care of your physical condition. Chronic stress causes the strongest destabilization of the whole organism, which leads to a serious deterioration of the immune, neuroendocrine, and other body systems. Chronic and psychosomatic diseases worsen. In turn, this further aggravates our mental state further. And so on a circle. It is very important to break this circle. What should be done for this?

  • Sleep properly.
  • To eat well. Sufficient protein, (meat) and carbohydrates (can accumulate) - sugar, starch, Calories - oil. Optimal - caviar. Vitamins.
  • Good rest.
  • To abstain from bad habits (alcohol, smoking, change of sexual partners).
    • Understand that everything is in your hands

    The most important thing to understand when you are in a serious crisis is that only you can get out of it. Nobody will leave it for you. Neither a former loved one, no friends, no psychologist.

    • Understand that the past can not be returned

    Live the present (it belongs to us) and think about the future, and the past, and preferably only the good, leave in memories.

    • Remember that you can always ask for help and receive it

    It can be relatives, friends, experts,colleagues, and even not familiar people. But what is advised is not worth doing immediately. All individually. Think in any case on the advice, do not follow them blindly, reflect on them, but do not push away the hand of real help.

    • Look for your mistakes, not mistakes of a loved one

    Try not to blame the other, but to understand your mistakes. This way is more constructive, because we always suffer from our mistakes, and the only person whom we can change is ourselves.

    • Develop a plan to overcome the crisis

    Assess all the factors that upset you orplease. Think about what resources are available (psychological, physical, intellectual) to overcome the crisis. What are the ways and methods for resolving the crisis (from your side, internal, and from outside, ie other people, circumstances, accidents). Make an approximate plan of action to overcome the crisis. Then, after everything is thought out, start implementing the plan. From now on all your actions should be just rational. Monitor the implementation of the plan. Keep a diary and write down what is happening.

    • Do good deeds

    Find some kind of good deed that you canengage in constantly (giving it at least one day every week - best of all Sunday). It can be help to orphans, sick, elderly or a relative or friend. Best of all, if it is a business that will not be easy for you, but will require the disclosure of your heart, teach you what you did not know before. Try to give these people what you did not know how to give your loved one. It is very important not to wait for gratitude and even to be ready for ingratitude. You do it not to be told to you "thank you", but for yourself. This will help you overcome your weaknesses and fill your life with meaning and warmth.