how to understand that you like a man Life is arranged so that at some pointevery young woman experiences a feeling of love. How much excitement, joy and experience brings this feeling! At times it seems to her that the world is beautiful, that the sun shines for her, and all people wish her happiness. But there are days when a woman begins to understand that not everything is as rosy as she thought; in her heart there is an incomprehensible alarm. And the reason for this is a young man - the subject of her sighs. She thinks that the guy does not pay attention to her at all. The girl begins to assure herself that such a "ugly creature" as she is impossible to love. Hence - tears, sad thoughts and experiences. Despite this, a woman always tries to see a loved one, she wants to look at him at least from afar. But every time she approaches, she takes breath, her legs fail, her speech is lost. At this moment she wants to escape far, far away, hide so that no one can find her. Worse, the girl often starts to avoid the guy. She does not have the strength to look into his eyes, smile and make him pay attention to her, to please him, and even more so does not dare to show the man that he cares for her. Is it possible that these torments torment the woman in vain? Perhaps the young man feels the same feelings toward her as she does toward him? Maybe he just does not know how to tell her about it? How to understand that you like a man, by his voice, look, behavior? how do you know if you like a man

What the gestures are talking about

And this is not so difficult. First, you need to calm down and pull yourself together. Secondly, when meeting him on the street, at school, at the institute or at the disco, you should observe his behavior, for his gestures. A simple truth has long been known: the words of the interlocutor are not always sincere. Playing the role of your well-wisher, in the shower he can have very different feelings for you. Or vice versa: the guy struggles to pretend to be a tough macho, and his fingers nervously tease the scarf and his eyes timidly ask you: "Do you like me?" Therefore, in this situation, it is worth paying attention to the gestures that accompany his words. Understanding their language, it's easy to understand how this person treats you. And how do you know that you like a man, according to his gestures? To do this, watch him when the man is near, watch the movements of his body, hands, expression. In order to correctly determine his attitude towards you, we will tell about some gestures that will contain signs that he likes you:

  • By chance you were not far from each other. The guy begins to automatically adjust his clothes. These gestures will say that he wants to look like an attractive young man in your eyes.
  • If a girl in love and a young man are standingnext, and are talking, she should pay attention to his posture: a man who likes a woman, in most cases unconsciously puts forward one leg, as if pointing to the object of his interest.
  • The guy, being next to the girl he likes, tries to look taller, so his body at this moment is slightly tense and stretched up.
  • When talking with a man, you should pay attention to his face: if the eyebrows are slightly raised, as if expressing surprise, then a woman can be sure: "I like him exactly!"
  • If in your presence the young man twistsring on the finger or, talking to you, the guy is pulling the button on his jacket, which means that he was seized by the excitement with which he is trying to cope. And this can certainly serve as a sign that you, dear girl, cause a storm of emotions in his heart. Most likely, it is you who are the woman of his dreams.
  • You noticed that the guy, without hesitation,looks at you. Do not worry, this is a simple demonstration of the fact that you are interested in it. And to consider you, most likely, he already had time when he first saw.
  • Talking to you, a man rubs his chin or cheek, touches his eyes. In these gestures, you can see signs of manifestation of his excitement and desire to please you.
  • How to understand that you like a man in his position? If the guy is standing with his hands on his belt, then he subconsciously wants to show his physical strength, as well as self-confidence. In other words, he wants to please the companion. And of course, a woman whom he unconsciously tries to impress, he likes.
  • The woman felt that she had attracted attentionthe beloved man. At this moment, looking at his face, you can see that his eyebrow barely noticeably then rises, then falls. The guy does this, without noticing it, for a few seconds. This involuntary movement on his face is a sure sign that you are not indifferent to him!
  • If the woman notices that the guy is looking at her, opening her lips and slightly widening her nostrils, she can be sure: her appearance aroused his admiration.
  • A young man smoothes his hair or, conversely, involuntarily loosens them. This gesture says that he tries to look more attractive to you.
  • Feeling a cool breeze, the guy carefully offers you his jacket or sweater. Know that he considers you his woman, he is ready to protect you and protect you!
  • The subconscious of a man is arranged so that hebe sure to touch your beloved woman. If, during a conversation with you, he accidentally touches your shoulder or takes you by the hand, then he obviously is not indifferent to you; more and do not puzzle how to understand if you like a man.
  • You can rest assured that you are his favorite woman,if you talk with your loved one and during the conversation he begins to unconsciously repeat your gestures. For example: you get a phone from the purse, he immediately mechanically removes his cell phone from his pocket and so on. These gestures are a clear sign that he likes you very much.
  • To finally be sure that youare not indifferent to the guy, you should conduct a small experiment - ask him for a small favor or for help in some easy matter. If a young man takes it with joy, then you should not doubt the sincerity of your lover's feelings! how to understand do you like a man

    And the look can talk

    Language of gestures, facial expressions and movements can tell aboutmany things. But people say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The views are very eloquent. They can replace the whole conversation, because looking straight into the person's eyes, one can understand how he treats you. Eyes can express joy and sadness, love and hate. So what can you understand from the views of a loved one? What can you read in his eyes? The main signal that characterizes the relationship of a guy to a girl is the change in the shape of the pupils: when the young person is excited, his pupils increase significantly and can expand to the upper edge of the shell. And if a girl likes a boy, then when he meets her, his pupils become more and more. If his gaze focuses on the forehead of a girl, then he experiences only business interest. And if he translates his eyes from her eyes to the lips and back, then it means that between them there can only be friendly relations. The long gentle eyes of the young man on the girl or his sidelong glances at her, accompanied by a kind smile, indicate that he shows to her deep interest with sincerity of intentions. Let's say your eyes met accidentally. If a young man detains his gaze, or, conversely, very quickly pulls his eyes, then we can safely say that he feels certain feelings for you. Being in the general company, the guy is constantly looking for you with a look. Or, loudly telling everyone a funny story, he quickly glances at you to find out if you are laughing along with everyone. It all says that he loves you!

    The output is found!

    We talked about how to determine if you likeyou are a man who is not indifferent. A bright feeling of love, which sooner or later is experienced by every woman is wonderful! Therefore, do not be sad and worried because of the unknown. Take advantage of our advice, observe from the side of the behavior of your young man. You will understand how he treats you. And if you see that you like him, your eyes will shine with joy. And this he will notice. Then you will begin a warm relationship, which will unite two loving hearts! We advise you to read: