how to make a guy love you When you meet the man of your dreams, it seems,that life begins to shine with new colors. Not every girl succeeds in meeting the very person with whom you want to spend your whole life, without a trace. And you were lucky, and you pulled out a lucky ticket. Yes, that's bad luck, the subject of your love and does not suspect that he is your second half. Refers to you as a friend and does not notice your loving eyes. What can we do: to suffer from unrequited love or to think about how to make people love you? Is it possible, you ask? Like, the heart can not be ordered, and if the guy does not love you, then nothing can be done about it. If you reason this way, then you can completely lose your happiness. The situation when a guy and a girl fall in love with each other at the same time is a rare thing. Usually, one begins feeling feelings and makes efforts to win the heart of the object of his love. And if you are the first to realize your feelings, then you will have to fight for your happiness, forcing a guy to fall in love with you.

Stage one: rapprochement

There is such an old saying: "If the water does not flow for you, then follow her." It's the same with men. Sometimes you need to take the first step to make him notice you. True, you need to do this very carefully: it is important that your loved one was sure that he himself chose you among all the other girls. And in order that he finally drew attention to you and wanted a more intimate communication, it is necessary to observe several simple rules. Carefully study the list of actions that will help you attract a loved one. Your appearance. Whatever one may say, they meet up to now on clothes. If you have unwashed, greasy hair, pimples all over your face and you are wearing old, ragged jeans, then it will be difficult to impress an young person. Yes, there is difficult, almost impossible! Appearance is the first thing that guys pay attention to. And even if you have a very rich inner world, a broad outlook and an amazing sense of humor, it may not be possible to reach all these details. How can he know you better if he simply does not have the desire to be with you around? A man needs his girlfriend to be attractive - then it will not be a shame to present her to friends, and later - to her parents. So, if you have problems with how you look, immediately take their decision. Masks for hair care, a new haircut, a different hair color - try to create the image that will attract your loved one. Extra pounds can be removed with the help of hikes in the gym, and you can clean the skin both in the beauty salon and at home. Do not forget to learn how to dress beautifully and stylishly. This does not mean that clothes should be very expensive - just pick up things that are ideally suited to your type of figure. As soon as you put yourself in order, your self-esteem will immediately increase, and it will become much easier for you to begin to conquer the heart of your boyfriend. The main thing is that your appearance is absolutely natural. Tons of make-up on your face, even very expensive, will make your image pretentious and fake. If the guy and "roll up" to a vulgarly dressed girl with a battle paint on her face, then only to have a short-lived affair. Even if you manage to attract his attention and win the status of "his girlfriend", do not try to dress too erotic. Despite the love of men for outspoken clothes, they are terribly annoyed when other guys stare at the overly open body of his girlfriend. If you really want to please his sexy clothes, then save it for individual cases, when you are alone with him. How to communicate with him The guys love when someone emphasizes their individual qualities and admires their actions. This does not mean at all that you need to flatter yourself and disregard it with compliments. This behavior will put you in a stupid position. It is necessary to pay subtle and competent attention to all the good things that he does, to praise for every little thing. For men, it is very important to feel the support of a woman in all her endeavors. If through your words he will feel special - the strongest, the cleverest and the kindest - then it will never come to him to look for another girl. Try to share his interests. If your boyfriend has a hobby, then you just have to understand it. No one forces you to study in detail the features of fishing or the principles of playing football. It will be enough to keep up the conversation on the topic of interest, rather than stupidly clapping eyelashes during heated discussions of the subject of his interests. Do not try to always keep up and take his side in any dispute. A girl who has her own opinion causes much more respect. Never discuss with a guy a story about your ex. Otherwise, the guy decides that you are not yet ready to end your previous relationship, or you constantly compare him to a former young man. And men hate when they are compared to someone: they are the only, the best and the most unique. Similarly, do not ask him for details about his past novels. A guy can decide that you are overly curious or jealous. Postpone such conversations for intimate gatherings with girlfriends, there they are - the very place. how to make a guy love you

Phase Two: Retention

So, he finally paid attention to you andinvited to a date. Now you sometimes meet, but still do not feel fervent feelings on his part. What needs to be done to consolidate the achieved result and what kind of mistakes should be feared? Hide your complexes and fears All of us are not perfect, but at times the number of fears and complexes in a girl exceeds all possible norms. She considers herself ugly, fat, stupid. And not only believes, but also tries to inspire this idea to his partner. Even if the guy suits everything in his girlfriend, but she persistently complains about his shortcomings, then he will necessarily change the opinion of her. Like, if you think that you are not good enough for me, then I agree with this. And let the words about these complexes - just a desire to hear from the guy the opposite, get a compliment and be sure of your irresistibility - all the same, do not let yourself down in the eyes of a man. Defeat your fears and turn flaws into virtues. Are you overweight? So, you're an appetizing pyshechka. Rare hair - but obedient and do not stick out, red freckles - kisses of the sun, which make you unique. You can continue for a long time. Until you yourself do not love yourself, it's unlikely that you will make yourself fall in love with someone else. Guys love confident girls who know their own worth. Be sexy. To be sexy - does not mean to quickly drag a guy to his bed. Of course, there are cases when quite happy marriages start with sex on a first date, but this is very rare. Far from the fact that you are so lucky. Being sexual means being desirable and interesting for a partner. Sometimes it is enough to look or gesture so that the guy only looks at you and wants to translate ordinary friendly relations into a completely different channel. Love your body and feel bold, relaxed. It is not necessary to have external data, like Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie, to get a man to want you. Sometimes girls with the most ordinary appearance make men fight for the right to be around. How do they do it? Just besides the natural charisma they love life and are able to show it. Learn to look into the eyes of a man, be mysterious and slightly inaccessible. Then your boyfriend will probably have a desire to unravel all your secrets and take possession not only of the body, but also of the soul. Show your weaknesses Yes, yes, dear strong women, that's it. Men by nature - conquerors, they need to feel the patrons of women, and not the other way around. And if you're a hundred times smarter, stronger and more determined, then the guy will run away from you without looking back. Simply because on your background it will feel defective and restrained. Do not immediately tell him that you are higher than his career ladder, that your income is greater, and things are much more successful. If you have managed to fall in love with a man weaker than yourself, then you do not need to flaunt your advantages. This does not at all mean that you must be weak-spirited and stupid to deserve his approval. A smart woman will never show that she is superior to her man in some way, otherwise she will lose it. Ask him for advice in difficult situations, frighten mice and spiders, look at him with gullible, adoring eyes - all this will allow your boyfriend to feel superman, your protector. And if he is a defender, then you need him, you understand? And would not it be nice to feel like a tender flower, protected by a strong, beautiful man? how to make you fall in love

Stage three: control shot

You already feel that your guy has become attached to youheart, but want to consolidate the result? Then try to resort to the following tricks: Learn everything about his mother As you know, most men are looking for female companions, similar to their mothers. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to collect as much information about his mother. Of course, you should not say to her visit and consider a family album with children's photos of a loved one, when he also does not consider his own for you. Such an act will scare him to death and force him to flee from you to the other end of the world. It's enough to learn more about her character, habits, and hobbies through mutual friends and acquaintances. It is not necessary to try on its image completely - it only hinders you to be natural and real next to your loved one. It will be enough to show the guy that you and his mom have similar moral values, that you are equally good at keeping the house clean and even able to cook his favorite dishes. Realizing that you "somehow remind his mother", the guy will definitely get to know you better and want a more intimate communication. Sudden disappearance At the first stages of communication you need to try to spend as much time as possible with your favorite guy. The more you see and communicate, the more likely that he will get used to you and will not want to let go. The only request is not to confuse the desire to be constantly with him next to the usual importunity, otherwise you will quickly bore the man and he will cease to draw close to you. Once you feel that he is hooked and begins to feel real feelings for you, try to disappear for a short while. Do not come to meetings, referring to urgent business or go on a short vacation. However hard it is for you to decide on such an act - move away from it for a little while, check his feelings. Having grown accustomed to seeing you daily beside, during the separation the young man will understand how much he needs you. Do not abuse this method, but sometimes this is how you can push a man to the right decision. Sudden disappearances of the girl at the right time help the guy to understand that he is in love and does not want to part with his girlfriend for a moment. You can fall in love with yourself, and for this good purpose it's not a sin to use women's tricks. But it's only worth doing if you are 100% sure that this is your man. Yes, and having reached the result, do not stop. Relationships always need to work, giving warmth and affection every day. And then your love story will turn out to be happy, and that's exactly what every girl dreams about. Right? We advise you to read: