how to return a guy after parting Not so long ago you were happy with yourbeloved man, spent together days and nights, rejoicing at every moment of intimacy. You have overcome difficulties together, quarreled and reconciled, and were confident that your relationship will never end. But one day your boyfriend announced a break and left your life, leaving only pain and tears in his soul. You can quietly suffer, cursing fate-villain, and blaming life for injustice, and you can think about how to return the guy after parting, to become happy again. If you do not intend to give up and want to regain your love at any price, then you need to act immediately. Give yourself a little time to move away from stress and start implementing a plan for the return of the man you love. In order to cope with this situation, we offer to your attention a small list of errors that should be avoided, and actions that will help you to return everything to their places. If you do not sit idly by and wait for your man to be taken care of by another girl, then you will be able to return his love and heal just as happily as before. how to return a guy after parting for a long time

Attempts to return the guy: basic mistakes

Most girls who try to return theirthe guy after parting, make the same mistakes. In their desire to prove their love and please their beloved, they even more push him away from him and make it clear that they are unworthy of their partner. Sometimes it's very difficult to refrain from having to dial the number of your loved one again just to hear his voice. I want to be with him, look into his eyes and explain that life without him does not make sense. Alas, all these actions only aggravate the situation and make a man think that, having left the girl, he made the right decision. In order not to break wood and not lose the chance to return your beloved, try to avoid the following mistakes: Do not be humiliated. However hard it may be for you after parting, never humiliate yourself and pray your boyfriend about returning. Once and for all remember what phrases you can never say not only to a beloved man, but to all other people:

  • "If you do not return to me, then I will commit suicide";
  • "Come back, I'll forgive everything in the world!";
  • "Do you want me to kneel before you?"

No normal man wants to staynext to a woman who has lost the last crumbs of her own dignity. If you humble yourself and grovel before a guy, then instead of thinking of returning, he may have a strong desire to flee from you to the other end of the world. How can you love a woman who does not respect herself to such an extent that she continues to cringe before the guy even when she is abandoned? Neither blackmail, nor humiliation and obedience will not help you return your beloved man - only pride and dignity will make him respect you. And where respect - there and the opportunity to repeat the attempt to return. Do not let him go to bed Sometimes the girls who decide to return the guy agree to have sex with him after the relationship has broken up. They seek to please their beloved, realizing absolutely all his fantasies - even those that were forbidden during their life together. Unfortunately, in this way it is almost impossible to return a man. He can visit you for the sake of bed pleasures, knowing that you will not refuse him, but he does not talk about love and mutual respect. However rude it may sound, but in such situations, guys just use girls for the sake of normal sexual relaxation. Why tense up and look for a suitable partner for sex, if you always have at your fingertips - obedient and trouble-free? Do not throw it with gifts If you are to blame for the break in the relationship, then your desire to apologize can be fully understood. But if in an effort to atone for your guilt you start throwing flowers and gifts on him, then the attitude towards you will only worsen. Signs of attention in the form of gifts from the girl are good only when she is confident in the love and devotion of her partner. As you know, love can not be bought, all your offerings can be perceived as a simple self-doubt. The guy can decide that you consider yourself not valuable enough for him without all these gifts, that you want to cajole him and bribe. In any case, to give extra measures to a man who wants to leave is not the best way to establish relations. Do not adjust the meetings. Once you start to watch him before leaving work and "accidentally" come across his eyes once every ten days a day, he immediately wants to turn into an invisible and forever lose you out of sight. Obsessive girls who constantly adjust the meetings, have never provoked the desire of men to win their love. The guys themselves are created by nature in such a way that they simply need to achieve, conquer women, overcome all obstacles in their path. And if you make it clear that you are ready to run after him day and night, then nothing but irritation and disrespect for yourself, do not deserve such behavior. Of course, in order to return the guy, you just need to see him occasionally, but you need to do it wisely. Otherwise, he decides that you are not worthy of his attention. Do not attack him with SMS and messages on the social network Even if you lost your head from despair after the guy threw you, do not attack him with confessions of love and requests for a meeting every five minutes. Perhaps, the words of love - this is not what the man expects from you in such a situation. People do not simply part ways, and if he has left, there is a good reason for that. For example, you could alienate him with your obsession, demanding gentle confessions a hundred times a day. Men do not understand our thirst to hear these words constantly, they think that love is not words, but deeds. And, incidentally, in many ways right. And your constant sticky reports of insane love after he put an end to your relationship will be perceived as annoyance and self-abasement. Do not fall into despair It is always difficult to survive the parting with your loved one. It seems that the whole world has collapsed and there is no point in living further. Every day you look at common photos, listen to his favorite music, go to bed together with the toy that he gave you. And every day - tears, hurt, pain. If you are trapped in your own desperation, then you need to get out of it as quickly as possible. Parting is not the end of the world, especially since you can make efforts to return a loved one. The longer your depression lasts, the more pathetic you look in the eyes of your boyfriend. Men appreciate strong and self-sufficient women, your long mourning for the break nothing but pity, will not cause. In order to quickly calm down and recover, stop surrounding yourself with objects reminiscent of your beloved. If you do not throw out, then at least take it out of sight you can. Otherwise, you will suffer and cry every time things remind you of your love. No one prevents you from crying a couple of days, but do it so that the guy does not know what storm is raging in your soul. Otherwise, returning it will be more difficult. how to return a guy after parting properly

How to return a guy: a step-by-step guide

Your boyfriend may have a dozen reasons whyhe does not want to continue the relationship, but if you love him, then you can overcome all the obstacles and return it. If you are sure that your beloved man is the person with whom you want to go through life, and that parting is really a mistake, then immediately take yourself in hand and begin to act. Causes and Effects Surely your boyfriend told you all his complaints before he left. Even if most of them seem unfair to you, then seriously think about the reasons mentioned. Perhaps you are to blame for letting the relationship break? What if you paid little attention to his needs, interests? And maybe you constantly brought him "to the handle" of his groundless jealousy? Throw away the habitual thoughts that you are not guilty of anything and that it was the behavior of the guy who always caused your quarrels. In any conflict, there are always two parties involved, and it is by no means a fact that only one of them is to blame. Realizing what your mistakes were, start working on yourself. If you are really to blame for a man, then it will be superfluous to apologize. If all the fault is the bad side of your character, then try to correct them. Even if you can not return the guy back and you start dating another young person, then similar problems can arise in a new relationship. Therefore, urgently change in yourself what pushes away from you the opposite sex. Take care of yourself Being left alone, you can find time to do your appearance. Make a new hairstyle, master a couple of new makeup techniques, buy some stylish, fashionable things in your wardrobe. Even if you do not want to change radically, you will have to make sure that everyone will notice that you "shine" from within - that will be enough. Let your guy see that you do not die without him, but grow prettier before your very eyes. This will necessarily make him think about such a metamorphosis, and if he does not return, he will be interested in you again - that's for sure. In addition, changes in appearance will help you personally overcome the internal crisis and raise self-esteem. It is much easier to start "military actions" on the return of a loved one, when compliments are poured on you from all sides, and not sympathetic, compassionate glances. Friendship As soon as you recover a little from the gap, try to establish friendly relations with the guy. Do not pretend that you are doing this to get him back, just keep talking. If a man feels that you are trying to press him and manipulate his behavior, he will immediately move away from you even more. Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to be content with the usual friendship with a person whom you still love so much. But the best way to approach him after parting is is easy, companionship. Do not throw pity at him, do not try to evoke sympathy. To the questions about how you live without him, answer: they say, at first it was hard, but now everything is in order and you even see the pluses in your parting. It is not necessary to specify exactly which pluses - it is rather mysterious to smile. This will intrigue him and allow him to take a fresh look at the reason for the breakdown of your relationship. Perhaps he will understand that he himself was not an angel, and will hurry to bring you back? Meeting in a big company It will be great if you can get to a party, a picnic or a walk, where he will be present. It is very important that there is a large company of common acquaintances and your presence does not arouse suspicion. If he decides that you are pursuing him, then he may have ambivalent feelings: on the one hand, he will flatter your desire to return it, on the other - will cause slight irritation. Neither one nor the other does not help you get closer to the goal. Try to look your best, behave easily and at ease. Be that beautiful girl that your man once loved, and let his heart go out. Surely after you broke up, the guy expected negative reactions from you - tears, hysterics, requests to return. But if you did everything right and behaved decently, then you have every chance to return the location of your loved one. Noticing that you are surrounded by attention, and the male one in particular, that you are also interesting, beautiful and sexy, as at the beginning of your relationship, he, of course, will not stand and will want to return you. Your basic rule should be to not act with pressure, flirting with him. Enough light hints and promising smiles. Let him be sure that you did not try to return it back, that he himself decided to resume the relationship. And if he invites you on a date, then try to create a romantic atmosphere that will help both of you to remember the past feelings. Do not remember his past flaws, live only in the present. And having reached the coveted goal, try to avoid the old mistakes that led you to a heavy parting. Returning a guy after parting is difficult, but possible. Try to avoid the main mistakes of girls who repel men. Humiliation, blackmail, obsession and attempts to evoke a feeling of pity - these are the things that will not help you resurrect the relationship. Even if, thanks to such attempts, the guy returns, it is unlikely that you will live happily ever after with him. Self-esteem, will power and a smile on his lips - that's what will help a guy to admit his departure is erroneous and make him come back to you. In general, it is better not to allow a break in principle and work on relationships constantly, day after day. Then you do not have to puzzle over how to get the guy back after parting. Instead, you will rejoice in the fact that you have managed to conserve and preserve your happiness. We advise you to read: