Spices and odors that promote weight loss You do not like your figure, and you have already tried all the means for weight loss, starting from diets and finishing fitness? Do not despair! I am sure that in every house there are useful, natural and inexpensive delicious products that can help in the fight against excess weight.

  • Vanilla

Vanilla helps to cope with the dependence onchocolate. Once you decide to eat a lump of chocolate, brew your own vanilla tea or just light an aroma-candle with the smell of vanilla. Also this pleasant aroma gives a good mood. If you decide to use vanilla in the pods as a taste enhancer for dishes, be careful and do not overdo with the dosage!

  • Cinnamon

Many people associate cinnamon with New Year's Eveholidays, but it "works" all year round. Cinnamon helps to cope with the craving for sweets, accelerates metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar, because of the jumps of which we experience a wild appetite. Add cinnamon to yogurt or cottage cheese, to tea, sprinkle it with baked apples. The main thing to use cinnamon in sticks. And not ground cinnamon, which can be mixed with sugar powder or sugar.

  • Mint

Whatever break and calmly survive a fit of hunger, you need to brush your teeth with a mint paste. Be careful with tea with mint, as the infusion of mint teases appetite, and the smell of peppermint on the contrary - soothes.

  • Green apples

The aroma of green apples helps to cope witha bout of hunger, and also discourages the desire to eat anything harmful and high-calorie, such as pizza. We remind you that sour apples help to stir up appetite, so you need to smell fresh green apples, and eat them better in baked form.

  • Chilli

Ground chili, added to the dishes, does not foment appetite, but on the contrary, promotes rapid saturation. Also, capsaicin, contained in chili, accelerates the metabolism. We advise you to read: