rice diet 5 volumes Useful properties of rice are known for a long time. It's not for nothing that the people for whom this food is basic - for example, the Chinese or the Japanese - suffer from joint, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and obesity diseases much less often. Of course, all these amazing properties of rice could not remain without the attention of modern nutritionists. Diets based on this product are a great variety. Today we will talk about one of them. Rice diet 5 volumes - this is perhaps one of the most simple, effective and popular methods of losing weight. Adhering to this diet, you can not only get rid of excess weight, but also cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, toxins, cholesterol and fats. And this does not require any special efforts, procedures or special preparations. Just follow the established diet for 14 days. During this time you can tidy up the intestines, get rid of edema and, as a result, from extra pounds. What is especially important is that you do not have to starve or experience any discomfort. Moreover, you will be relieved of the tedious and tedious calculation of kilocalories. Also, there will be no need for cooking on some "tricky" and complex recipes. Simplicity, ease and efficiency - what else is necessary for happiness? Let's start?

We choose rice

Before you start a rice diet, you need tochoose the right product. On this very much depends - not all types of rice will bring the desired effect and benefit. What kind of rice should I buy? Unfortunately, the most common type of rice - white ground - absolutely unsuitable for diets. The fact is that during the grinding removes the bulk of useful nutrients. So this option will have to be abandoned. Another popular type of rice is steamed. It can be easily recognized by a characteristic amber shade. It fits much more. In the process of special processing, such rice only improves its characteristics, while retaining almost all vitamins and minerals. And, of course, the most useful of all kinds of rice is brown. By the way, in eastern countries it is used to prepare food for children and the elderly. And this is quite understandable. After all, the greatest amount of valuable substances is contained in the shell of grain. And in brown rice, it is completely preserved. It is because of this that he has such a color. Doctors, nutritionists strongly recommend using brown rice for healthy diet, as well as for various diets. useful rice diet 5 volumes

Diet 5 volumes

Before you go on this diet will have towork hard - prepare rice in a special way. However, it will not require much effort. Virtually all who first hear about this method of losing weight, there is the same question - what is behind the words "5 volumes"? The answer is very simple. Five volumes are five identical items of dishes, in which you will prepare rice. It can be almost anything - glasses, jars, cups, bowls. It all depends on what you are comfortable using. So, pick up the suitable dishes. Let's say you chose jars. In each jar, put two large spoons of rice and rinse it thoroughly, and then pour it with clean drinking water. Water should completely cover the grain. Leave the rice soaked for 24 hours. The next day, repeat the whole procedure - first rinse the rice, and then refill with water. These manipulations should be carried out within four days. During these days, water will remove all the starch from rice and it will change its structure - it will become porous, like a sponge. And just like it, it will begin to absorb all the salts, slags and harmful substances that have accumulated in your body. That's all. Rhys is ready. You can start the diet itself. The first thing you should do the next day right after you wake up is to eat all the rice from the first jar. It seems unnecessary to say that it should not be salted or add any spices, right? Moreover, it can not even be washed down with water. However, this is quite understandable. After all, the whole idea is that rice absorbs all the substances from your body, and not from the water. After this "breakfast", the next meal can be allowed no earlier than 2 hours later. And, of course, if you want to get a visible result, then "lean" on fatty and sweet is not worth it. In addition, it is desirable to minimize the use of salt. Because it is because of its excess, our body accumulates excess moisture and there are swelling. Of course, rice will help to cope with this problem, but there is no point in trying to remove salt from the body if you immediately fill this loss by salting your food. It is logical, right? Well, and in the empty dishes put a new portion of washed rice. With the remaining jars act as always - change the water. This scheme should be observed exactly two weeks. Even if you are already fully accustomed to such a breakfast, are satisfied with the results and are ready to continue the course - you should not do this. rice diet 5 volumes for weight loss

A spoon of tar

Despite the benefits of rice,diet is not worth it. The problem is that along with the slag, harmful substances and excess salt, rice grains absorb almost all the vitamins and minerals your body needs - for example, potassium, which is indispensable for the good work of the heart. So long-term compliance with this diet can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Even during a two-week course, doctors recommend additionally taking a vitamin-mineral complex and potassium preparations. You should also include nuts, dried apricots, bananas and sunflower seeds in your diet. And, of course, before you go on a diet you should always consult a doctor. Any diet - and rice is no exception! - there are contraindications. Well, if the doctor allowed it, you can start the experiment safely. After all, a rice diet of 5 volumes is an opportunity not to starve and not very much changing the habitual way of life and diet to lose 5-6 kilograms in two weeks. Agree, it sounds tempting. Worth a try! We advise you to read: