useful protein-vitamin diet The most correct thing for maintaining a figure inideal state to choose from a healthy balanced diet. However, not everyone succeeds for a long time to adhere to the adopted decision, to refuse from canned food, half-finished products, roasted. Then the only way out is a short-term torture with a diet. As you know, there are no ideal diets. Even the protein-vitamin diet, recognized as a sparing option, does not meet all the requirements of a full-fledged healthy diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it longer than 10 days, or even better - a week. meat with a protein diet

Basic principles

The very name of the diet speaks for itself: the menu includes only protein and vitamin ingredients. And they need to be consumed separately: one meal consists only of protein products, and the other of fruits. It can not be said that the protein-vitamin diet has gained popularity among those who lose weight, as one of the most effective ways to reduce weight. There are many other diets that are not inferior to this in terms of duration and speed of dropping extra pounds. Most likely, attracts the fact that the number of meals is not limited to three traditional, and stretches to 6 (every 2.5 hours), and the use of raw vegetables and fruits does not require cooking. In a word, such a diet is quite suitable for everyone who does not like to cook or is busy at work for a long time. After breakfast at home with a low-fat curd or a pair of eggs, you can take with you as a second breakfast an orange or an apple. And it is better both that, in fact to have a bite during work time it is necessary repeatedly, observing due intervals between meals. Nutritionists do not set a specific time for nutrition, so time can be shifted to any side at the will of the slimming one. The main thing is that between meals, the time does not exceed 2.5 hours and that the number of receptions is not less than 5 times a day. 6 times - ideally. As protein food, not only eggs and cottage cheese act, but also lean meat or fish, ham, boiled sausage, low-fat hard cheeses. Fats and carbohydrates for the period of diet are excluded, and salt is limited to a minimum. Although experts say that even in lean boiled meat, a minimum of fat is still present, and the most low-fat fruits are not devoid of carbohydrates. Just this fact makes the diet sparing. Sausage also causes a twofold relationship, since it is extremely difficult to find a quality sausage product that does not contain fats, preservatives and colorants. The sample menu will look like this:

  • Breakfast: 200 gr. fat-free cottage cheese without sugar or 2 eggs;
  • Second breakfast: 1 fruit or vegetable;
  • Lunch: 200 gr. beef or chicken breast;
  • Afternoon snack: a salad of grated carrots with an apple, dressed with olive oil;
  • Dinner: 200 gr. fish for a couple;
  • Before going to bed: a glass of yogurt or ryazhenka.

Drinking regime is abundant, 2 or more liters per day: herbal or green tea, mineral or plain water (preferably hot), fruit freshly squeezed juices. However, you need to drink without drinking liquids, and for 20-30 minutes before meals or half an hour after. Coffee, milk, strong alcoholic beverages and beer are strictly forbidden. It is necessary to exclude flour, sweet, cereals, pasta, potatoes. the right choice of foods with a protein-vitamin diet

Varieties of protein-vitamin diet

Before venturing into voluntary deprivationfor the sake of beauty, you need to carefully study the protein-vitamin menu of the separately offered diets, because the opinions of different nutritionists differ. In some cases, products such as cheeses, fruits, potatoes, carrots, beets, liver and even whole sour milk are categorically prohibited. And in other recommendations of cheese, 1% and 2.5% kefir and others listed above, in small doses is allowed. Involuntarily begs questions, why not carrots and how you can exclude fruits from the vitamin diet. In fact, it is necessary to distinguish the types of protein diets. After all, the same protein-vitamin can mean a protein-vegetable menu, or it may be protein-fruit. There is also a protein-vegetable diet, which is akin to a vitamin diet, only protein and vegetable food alternates not by hours but by days. The protein diet of Robert Atkins is also characterized by the consumption of low-fat meat, eggs and fish with a small amount of vegetables and fruits. A famous TV presenter Elena Malysheva offers her protein diet, which includes all types of products of the classic protein-vitamin diet, but allows in the morning a portion of oatmeal. Therefore, you can choose an acceptable protein-vitamin complex for yourself only after having studied all the proposed protein variants, and also after consulting with a doctor. dish with diet

What are vitamins?

In the classic protein-vitamin diet are allowedall vegetables, except potatoes, and from fruits should be excluded only high-calorie, such as bananas, persimmons, grapes. It is better to prefer green apples, pineapples and citrus varieties. Of the latter, grapefruit is recognized as the most dietary, because due to the naringin substance, which is present in the interlobular film, the metabolism that promotes fat burning is accelerated. The fruit contains almost the entire complex of vitamins and minerals, so necessary for each person. Grapefruit tones, improves mood, removes harmful cholesterol and slag, improves the heart and liver. Given that some copies of this fruit can reach half a kilogram, then as a snack enough to eat ½ grapefruit. It contains 35-39 kcal of strength depending on the variety: yellow fruits are less sweet and high in calories, and red pulp indicates a sweeter variety. If you squeeze juice out of it, you need not to have it and the pulp, which is exactly the naringin. With caution to the consumption of grapefruit should be approached people suffering from chronic diseases of the stomach and liver. Good for snack apples and pears. They are low-calorie, and there are a lot of pectins in them. Pear is a very heavy product for the digestive system, so it is very right to eat it not earlier than 2-3 hours after the main meal. As for the varieties of apples, it is necessary to choose the green ones. As a positive signal of a traffic light, this indicates that fruits of this color can be safely sent to the stomach - they are dietary. Super-fruit for the protein-vitamin diet is considered to be pineapple, because it easily copes with heavy protein food. This is due to a substance such as bromelain, which is contained in large quantities in the heart of the fetus. The same enzyme that breaks down heavy proteins and fats has kiwi and papaya, although the second fruit is especially exotic for Russia. Between protein meals except fruit is supposed to eat fresh vegetables. They can be eaten as a salad, or just whole. Preferring a salad of vegetables, you need to consider that sauces and seasonings are excluded in the diet. The only plus that you can salt a little, and the vegetables that have given juice with it, will be easier to absorb. If it's really hard to eat vegetables without refueling, you can add a little olive oil or, even better, just sprinkle the salad with lemon juice. Of the spicy seasonings allowed a little red pepper. the results of the protein-vitamin diet are visible in a month

Positive aspects of the diet

A diet containing, as a rule, 2 parts of proteinfood and 1 part of vitamin, fruit and vegetable, is aimed at ensuring that the body, armed with new forces, let them to destroy fats. One of the positive aspects is the ability to not suffer from hunger when you often get food. Dull these sensations and high-protein foods. Unlike many diets, where after 18 hours is not recommended to eat, in this diet can arrange a meal even at 20.00. It is gratifying that a lot of raw products are present in the protein-vitamin diet, which contributes to the activation of the gastrointestinal tract. After all, with thermal processing, even the most minimal, practically nothing useful is left in products. It is also reasonable that the diet is based on the principles of separate nutrition. Protein products are better processed in the acidic environment of the gastrointestinal tract, and vegetables and fruits - in alkaline. The schedule of food intake can be shifted depending on the mode of the day. The main thing is that the last meal should be at a time when it will be followed by a couple more hours of wakefulness. The number of calories consumed per day should not be made below 1200. Within such limits, the menu can be organized quite diverse. Nutritionists recommend during the diet to use additionally vitamin-mineral complexes, since prohibited foods still deprive the body of many missing components. For 10 days of the protein-vitamin diet, usually losing weight drops 8-10 kg. It is important that there is a loss of fat tissue, and not a muscle. If there were violations of diet, then you get half as much. If necessary, the diet can be repeated 2 times a year.

Negative sides

Avoid protein-vitamin diet should bepeople who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. With caution, you need to approach all, prone to allergies to eggs, certain types of fruit. The drawbacks are that you can not start this diet in winter, when fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive and do not contain as many vitamins as in the summer. People who are prone to constipation may experience stool problems due to a high intake of protein foods. In this case, you need to eat protein foods at the same time with lettuce leaves or pick up another variant of the protein diet, in which a few carbohydrates are allowed. The protein leads to an increase in blood coagulability, which is dangerous for the formation of blood clots. This caution is especially important for obese people with large excess weight. Chronic pancreatitis, colitis and dysbacteriosis are those diseases in which a protein diet is unambiguously contraindicated. Women may notice a lack of carbohydrates in the hair loss, frequent mood changes, increased irritability. Pregnant and lactating women also need to wait not only with such a diet, but with any other. Naturally, any restriction in nutrition results in negative consequences. The started hormonal imbalance, indicating the onset of menopause, can only worsen during the protein diet. Therefore, consultation with a doctor is mandatory to choose the best option for a protein diet. However, it may not be so fast to melt weight, but this will not entail serious health problems. Since for 10 days the body has become accustomed to other foods, it is impossible to actively lean on carbohydrates immediately the day after the end of the diet. A gradual exit from the existing diet is required. It is better to enter into the menu other products gradually at least for a week.