geraniums diet The fight against excess weight is a scourge of modernity. On what only tricks do not go full people to lose weight. They scrupulously count the calories eaten, deny themselves a supper, drink tablets for weight loss, sweat in saunas and torture themselves in gyms. However, none of these ways brings them the long-awaited effect. A few lost kilograms very quickly return to their usual places, and the person again begins to look for ways to get rid of the hated weight. According to a similar scheme, most people lose weight until they get acquainted with the Herculean diet.

Useful properties of oatmeal

The benefits of Herculean porridge written a lotliterature. We know from childhood that the one who eats it regularly, grows strong and healthy, like the mythical hero Hercules. This porridge is a traditional English breakfast. Today, gluten flakes are looked not only as a nutritious and healthy food, but also as a product, thanks to which for a short time you can quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. Herculean diet for weight loss, recommended by a variety of nutritionists, allows you to lose one week to 7 kg of weight. The effectiveness of a diet directly depends on how correctly to follow it. Herculean flakes are made from whole oatmeal. Thanks to a special cooking technology, which is based on cleaning, steaming and flattening of oats, a semi-finished product is produced in the form of oat flakes, from which in a few minutes you can cook a delicious and healthy porridge. Hercules is a rich source of fiber and this makes it an excellent dietary product. Carbohydrates, which are part of oat flakes, have a low glycemic index, which means that they are absorbed slowly by the body and do not increase the level of sugar in the blood. Regular use of Herculean porridge contributes to lowering cholesterol. results of the Hertz diet are seen in a month

Hard version of the Herculean diet

How to lose weight with the help of oatmeal? There are two diet options based on this product. In the first case, the diet involves eating only lean oatmeal throughout the week. Herculean porridge should be prepared according to the following recipe: pour 3 tablespoons of flakes with 250 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. If desired, the porridge can boil a little over low heat. Add salt, sugar, butter and other ingredients to the dish. The energy value of one portion of the resulting dietary dish is only 120 kilocalories. Herculean porridge on the water should be eaten every time when there is a feeling of hunger. In addition to drinking oatmeal throughout the day, it is very important to drink as much liquid as possible. It can be mineral water, unsweetened green tea or infusions of herbs. Juices, compotes, strong coffee during a diet are not recommended. If the diet is properly maintained, weight loss for each day can reach 1 kg. With an effective reduction in weight from the fourth day, you can include in the dietary diet 1-2 green apples. Herculean diet refers to a group of unbalanced mono-diets, it is not capable of providing the human body with all vital substances, and therefore it is impossible to sit on it for longer than one week. porridge with honey

A gentle variant of the diet on the basis of oatmeal porridge

Not every person is able to withstand for a long timefresh oatmeal. If you follow a hard diet option is difficult, you can try to lose weight with a more gentle diet. A facilitated version of the Herculean diet involves adding other foods to the diet. As in the first case, the oats should be prepared without the addition of sugar, salt and fats. However, the porridge can be sweetened with a teaspoon of honey and add a little steamed dried fruit. With this method of cooking, the energy value of the finished dish will increase and will be about 200 kcal. In addition to honey and dried fruits, a slimming person can afford to eat dairy products with a low percentage of fat and unsweetened fruits. A gentle variant of the diet makes it possible to become 4-6 kg lighter in one week. Breakfast of a hercule diet should always be porridge. Instead of dried fruit, you can add half a shabby sour apple or 10 raspberry berries to it. For lunch, you can pamper yourself with oatmeal, flavored with a few spoons of natural yogurt or kefir, and during the evening meal it is permissible to season the porridge with skim milk. If in the intervals between the main food intake the hunger will be tormented, carrots or an apple will help to overcome it. Do not forget about a sufficient drinking regime: water, green tea and rose hips, drunk in large quantities, will perfectly cope with thirst and replenish the body lack of liquid. Compliance with dietary nutrition and achieving a certain effect is only half the battle. It is very important to learn the result of learning how to get out of the diet correctly. In the first days after losing weight, you should avoid eating alcoholic beverages, confectionery, flour and fried foods. The basis of nutrition should be fruits, berries, vegetables, various cereals, sour-milk products, low-fat fish and white meat. Despite the exceptional benefits of oat flakes, the Herculean diet for weight loss can not be abused. Nutritionists are advised to sit on it no more than once every 4 months. But you can always eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast.