the benefit of the rice diet After all, I want to shine, surprise everyone with myattire and flawless forms. But not everyone is able to engage in frenzy in the gym or sit on hard diets. I want the diet to be not only effective, but also included useful products, so as not to harm your body. In this case, rice diet for weight loss will be very effective.

Benefits of rice for the body

Many nutritionists recommend adhering torice diets, they consider them to be the most safe and bring the result. Rice is undoubtedly very useful for use. It contains many useful substances that the human body needs. First of all, rice grains are rich in vitamins of group B: B1, B2, B3 and B6. Vitamin B1, or thiamine, plays an important role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It maintains the stable functioning of the heart muscle, the nervous system. Lack of vitamin B1 leads to terrible consequences, there is a disruption of the nervous system, a disease is formed, which is called beriberi. There is weakness, atrophy of some muscles, paralysis can occur, intellect decreases significantly, the work of the gastrointestinal tract and heart is upset. The next vitamin B is riboflavin, or B2. It is a part of important enzyme systems of the human body, therefore, its deficiency is felt by all organs. It is also stomatitis, thyroid dysfunction, conjunctivitis and various keratitis. Vitamin B3, which is still called nicotinic acid, is equally important in this group. Its effect is especially strong on the skin, hair and nails, it is important to influence it on the oxidative processes in the body. Nicotinic acid lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby protecting the vessels from atherosclerotic lesions. With its lack, there is insomnia, fatigue, irritated condition, migraine, in severe cases, cracks in the skin can appear, especially in the area of ​​feet and hands, burning in the extremities, peeling of the skin. The last vitamin of group B, which is contained in rice, is B6, or pyridoxine. Vitamin is involved in the formation of red blood cells, in protein and fat metabolism, reduces cholesterol. Very important is the common function of all these vitamins: they take part in fat metabolism, that is, help the body to quickly break down the fat components of food to smaller substances. Most of the mass of rice is carbohydrates, which are perfectly absorbed by the body and provide it with the necessary energy for life. A lot of minerals are contained in this small grain: iron, cobalt, magnesium, calcium. Most of all, of course, magnesium and iron, which control many processes in the body, and also form part of most enzymes. rice diet option

Properties of rice culture

One of the unique properties of rice, for whichand appreciate by dietitians, are adsorbing qualities of grain crops. Rhys draws on itself toxins and other unpleasant and harmful substances, helps them to withdraw from the body through the intestines. It acts like a sponge, which is capable of retaining much on its surface. With the help of such a sorbent, unnecessary salts, excess fluid and slags are eliminated from the body. That's why many grain crops are included in many diets. In addition, there is very little calorie in rice, so it's unrealistic to get fat on using it, for example, the Chinese and Japanese, who have always been slim, and whose rice accounts for more than 60%, is an example. Of course, everyone understands that the more thoroughly the rice grain is purified, the fewer useful substances it retains. Hence, rice, which is sold in bags for rapid cooking, is not suitable for dietary nutrition. Big popularity was gained by brown rice, which is actively consumed by adherents of healthy food and wishing to lose weight. Brown rice is almost not processed, so all its shells are preserved. It is in this part of the grain culture that the maximum amount of nutrients is found. The shell is a source of fiber, it is absolutely non-nutritive, while stimulating the work of the intestines, removes toxins, poisonous and harmful substances from the body, maintains normal and stable functioning of the intestinal microflora. Fiber is not split by the body, it is a very rough substance, but it must be eaten. It is recommended to supplement the diet of slimming people and patients with dysbiosis. Brown rice is the ideal supplier of coarse fiber. And, together with the shells, there is also a large concentration of B and magnesium vitamins and other minerals. Brown rice is brewed longer than white, has an unusual nutty taste and does not stick together during cooking. rice diet

Diets based on rice

Rice is included in many of the most populardiets, there are fasting days exclusively based on cereals, and there are just a few rice days in a large diet complex. The simplest rice diet lasts only 3-4 days. In this case, every morning, 2-3 tablespoons of rice should be boiled in water and used on an empty stomach, without oil and salt, washed down with clean water. Until dinner, nothing more can not eat, during this time, rice begins to cleanse the body, adsorb on harmful substances. After lunch, a full meal is followed, during which you can eat anything, except fast foods, chips and other harmful foods. It will be ideal if soup, a second dish with a side dish and a drink are included in the lunch. During the day, you can usually eat, most recently, no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Supplement a rice diet can a glass of yogurt, drunk at night. Such a diet will be effective if there is no goal to lose a large amount of kg, but want to lose weight a little and cleanse the body.

Rice diet for 9 days

For more weight loss the bestlong-term rice diets are considered. An example is the 9-day diet. First of all at this time it is necessary to exclude from the ration flour products, like white bread, rolls. Sweet, spicy foods and mayonnaise are also excluded. Any alcohol, fatty meat, cereals and sugar will not bring good, so they are also absent from the diet. The main emphasis should be placed on a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, from which salads are prepared with olive oil and lemon juice, various vegetable stews. Ideally for this purpose, tomatoes, zucchini, sweet pepper of different colors, cauliflower and broccoli are suitable. Nutrition for the time of such a diet is 4 meals a day. The first 3 days you can eat only boiled rice. The last meal should be no later than 19:00 pm. It is best to soak rice in water from the evening and boil it without salt. The next 3 days will be chicken, for a day you can consume about 1 kg of chicken fillet in a boiled form. The last 3 days are vegetable, vegetables will come in handy, from which a stew or salad is prepared. Their total mass per day should not exceed 0.9 kg per day. This monodiet is quite tough, but effective, after it the weight is lost and keeps at the proper level. During such a diet, you can not limit yourself in the liquid, you can use water, green tea in any quantities. If the feeling of hunger comes, then you can eat a fresh apple. After the end of 9 days, it is best to continue eating at least 4 times a day in small portions, the last meal not later than 19.00. In this case, the lost kilograms are guaranteed not to return back. useful cleansing of the intestines in a rice diet

Approximate weekly menu

The next option for a rice-based diet isweek. It is more diverse and not so strict. On the day of only 3 meals: breakfast, which is obligatory, lunch and not too late dinner. On the first day for breakfast you can eat an apple of medium size, 60 grams of boiled rice, without restrictions, green or herbal teas, of course, without sugar. For lunch, a vegetable soup, fresh vegetable salad with a total mass of 150 g, and boiled rice again are waiting for the slimming one. For a change in taste, rice can add lemon juice, olive oil and fresh herbs. Vegetable broth can be prepared from everything except potatoes. For dinner is a broth of vegetables and rice with the addition of zucchini and carrots. The second day for breakfast is supposed to eat citrus, for example an orange, and also rice with addition of sour cream of low fat content. Lunch is similar to the first day: a broth of vegetables, boiled vegetables and rice. Dinner is the same as dinner. The third day is more diverse. For breakfast, pear and boiled rice. For lunch there is a broth of vegetables, rice boiled and added mushrooms, the total weight of the dish should not exceed 150 g. Fresh cucumber salad will complete the meal. For dinner, a favorite broth and rice with broccoli or cauliflower. The fourth day begins with a breakfast, during which you can use a salad of fresh fruits and rice with milk. The lunch consists of vegetable broth, salad from fresh radish and greens, and also obligatory rice with carrots. For dinner, broth and a handful of sunflower seeds. The fifth day begins with rice, in which raisins and almonds are added. Lunch is already familiar: broth, rice and a salad of fresh vegetables, which are chosen to taste. Dine on this day with broth, rice with steamed spinach or broccoli, with the addition of a small amount of walnuts. The sixth day diversifies the already familiar diet. Breakfast starts with rice, figs in quantity of 2 pieces, 4 walnuts, pears and dates. The dinner consists of a broth on vegetables, rice with steamed vegetables and the addition of fresh herbs. Dinner is not less tasty: broth, rice with low-fat sour cream or cream, 1 large apple. And then comes the last day of the diet - the seventh. The breakfast is really festive: boiled rice with an apple, a pear and natural yoghurt. For lunch, broth, rice with tomato and boiled beans are supposed to be added, all this is supplemented with leaves of green salad. Dinner already traditionally includes vegetable broth, rice with olives and zucchini, which can be boiled or cooked in a double boiler. For such a weekly diet really lose from 7 to 10 kg of weight. If you do not overeat in the future, eat more vegetables, fresh fruits and rice, then the result will be fixed for a long time. During the diet, constipation is possible, which are removed with the use of light laxatives, for example, Dufalac. It is necessary to remember about an abundant amount of drinking, and if you want unbearably sweet, then you can add a spoonful of honey to herbal tea. Rice diet is really effective. It helps to get rid of extra pounds, while the health of the losing weight will not suffer, on the contrary, the body will produce slags and poisons that prevented it from fully functioning.