what to give a man for 35 years It can not be said that the choice of a gift always dependsfrom the age of the birthday boy. But very often the situation develops so that the original and truly interesting gift is directly related to certain stages in the life of a man, with his achievements and successes. And this is right, because you need to deliver true joy, bring positive emotions and make a gift the subject of "white" envy for the rest. So, what to give a man for 35 years? By this age, as a rule, many representatives of the strong half of humanity have fully taken place in both professional and family spheres. This may mean that under the guidance of a birthday person many subordinates work successfully or he manages an entire enterprise. Usually at thirty-five the man is already acquiring the status of the father of the family. At this age, life experience comes to the fore in decision-making, and not emotions and feelings. Therefore, when choosing a gift, one must take into account its emotional background. However, difficult situations are quite possible and are not uncommon for a thirty-five-year-old man. Very often at the age of 35 he experiences the notorious mid-life crisis, when there is a certain decline in the intimate sphere, cooling in the family life, creative stagnation in the work. And the main task of native people in this period should be sincere support, understanding of what is happening. Therefore, deciding what to give a man for 35 years, it is worth paying attention to things that can cause admiration, surprise and just a barrage of emotions.

What is better to give to their husbands

If you are a happy wife of thirty-fivebirthday, you have a wide selection of non-trivial gifts that are able not only to please your husband, but also to diversify your family everyday life. Yes, yes, it's about sex now and will be discussed. Believe me, the weekend in the hotel, free from the annoying family routine and child's noise, will be to taste to you and your spouse. And if you also take care of additional pleasant little things in the form of sexy lingerie for yourself, an unusual dinner of products with aphrodisiacs, a sauna and a massage for two, then such a Birthday will be remembered for a long time for the birthday. Thirty-five years is the age when a man is in full bloom. But family life, cares of daily bread, routine in the end can quite compel a representative of the strong half of humanity to somewhat doubt himself. But remember that men in fact at any age remain children, that's just their toys every year are becoming more expensive and more status. It is you, as a wise wife, who will have to remind her husband that in his life there is always a place for fun, joy and new impressions. Simply put, make him remember not such a distant young-and-young youth. And it helps you in this active or extreme holiday. Canoeing rafting on the river, racing on quad bikes, fishing on a picturesque lake or even an opportunity to see the world, taking off in a hot air balloon - all this will help to provide any tour operator of your city. Flight of fantasy in the matter of what to give to a beloved man is unlimited. It can be a test drive on a car chosen by a birthday car, and a subscription to extreme driving courses, and a game session in paintball, and many more, depending on the wishes and interests of your birthday. And what should I do if my youth led the celebration in nightclubs, discos and other noisy parties? In this case, you can risk and let the husband "walk", giving him a "coupon of freedom" and a certain amount of money. Design such a gift in an original way and hand it to a man with a promise never to ask about what happened on the day of his thirty-fifth birthday. In this there is a considerable share of risk, but also originality - more than enough. And most importantly - what a credit of trust! Believe me, men know how to appreciate such gestures. But similar on forces only very self-assured ladies. Of course, a less expensive or financially-priced gift or not risk-related, but chosen with a soul and according to the tastes of the birthday spouse, presented sincerely and with imagination, can become for him a source of joy and superfluous proof of your love. what to give a man for 35 years from his wife

What good wives do not give

And now to the question of what not to give to35 years, especially his beloved men. To unsuccessful gifts can be attributed a subscription to the gym, because it can be regarded as a hint of a bad form with an unpleasant overtones like: "Hey, darling, something you swam fat." All sorts of health products - scales, blood pressure monitors, and the like - also will not bring special joy, but can cause bewilderment and even resentment, since they will serve as a reminder of the passing youth. There is no need to talk about different shaving accessories, creams, gels and toilet water. Of course, these are the necessary things, but they are given for less significant holidays. All sorts of slippers, knitted socks, scarves and other similar things can also be referred to a list of unsuccessful options for gifts. They give rise to the idea of ​​your desire to "domesticate" a man, but he wants something quite different in his thirty-five. In addition, these gifts, you only strike a blow to her husband's libido, and so do not wait for a grateful admiration. Remember and that most men are alien to sentiment. Therefore, boxes, porcelain figurines and their ilk with them immediately sweep aside. Women, maybe, they are pleasant, but the strong sex will obviously come to perplexity.

What to give to a colleague or partner

If you are a close friend of your birthday andyou have a company of the same friends and like-minded people, arrange the originator of the trip out to the countryside with shish kebabs, night fishing and the opportunity to change the urban turmoil to communicate with nature to the accompaniment of the guitar. Student romance, damn it! By the way, a very unusual and memorable gift can be a certificate for owning a piece of land, for example, on Mars or the Moon. In a situation where the birthday is your colleague, the question of what to give a man for 35 years, there are more trivial, but still the right answers. A decent gift in this case can serve as a set of quality clerical or exclusive writing materials, also a colleague is presented with a stylish organizer in a cover made of good leather, a convenient portfolio. If you are connected with a birthday person by strong partnership relations and are at a loss when choosing a gift, a good option may be a picture of a famous or just a good artist. It will be doubly pleasant, if such a gift also successfully fits into the interior of your partner's office or apartment. If funds permit, it is worthwhile to look at the options that can complement the interior, to give it style and personality. A simple, seemingly trivia-type ashtray or phone supports, but made of expensive materials and even with a designer scope, can be quite appropriate. Even a basket for newspapers and magazines or an umbrella stand will be an original gift if they can revitalize the interior of the boy's office. what to give a man for 35 years from a colleague

Do not give in any way

And now I would like to remind you what should not beto give men on the thirty-fifth anniversary, and on any other birthday. Below is a list of the most unsuccessful gifts. Read, and if your option is among them, immediately correct. It is absolutely unacceptable to present to colleagues and partners by the Birthday the following:

  • crystal vases, sets of glasses and the like, as it went and in general - "the last century";
  • ties, shirts and other wardrobe items are too intimate;
  • jewelry, because this can put the birthday boy in an uncomfortable position;
  • alcoholic beverages, except for really expensive and rare;
  • objects, one way or another related to religion;

This list can be continued indefinitely -it is only necessary to remember how much in your own life there were absolutely unnecessary and sometimes just stupid gifts. And remember, money as an answer to the question of what to give a man for 35 years, will be a testament to your lack of ingenuity, imagination and a little desire to surprise. The birthday party will probably consider that in your choice you just went along the path of least resistance and did not want to spend a single personal time on it. He will think that this important event for the birthday person - his thirty-fifth anniversary - does not deserve your attention and participation at all. And as it turns up, it will respond, because in the modern world there is still a place of folk wisdom. Remember that whatever you give to a man on the day of his thirty-fifth birthday, whether it's an expensive and exquisite piece of furniture, ballooning or something else, be sure to accompany your gift with good sincere and sincere words. From this, any, albeit not quite a successful gift, will only win and be remembered exactly. We advise you to read: