family holidays Each person has his own idea thatis a holiday. For someone it is an opportunity to have fun, for someone - to stay in the company of friends, and there are people for whom a holiday is a state of mind. But one thing is certain: they are too few in the calendar, even though there are the largest number of holidays in Russia in the year. Why do holidays, in addition to the most obvious? In the past, holidays, and especially family holidays, carried a deeper meaning: to show each member of the family that he is not alone, that he is part of something big and reliable.

Open the calendar

Modern way of life, when everyone is busy with their ownbusiness, strong family ties have become rare. But the need for each other from this did not become less. And we still need our loved ones, if not more. So why not try to cross out the grayness of everyday work and not arrange a holiday? Do you think there is no reason? Well, open the calendar. Almost every day is marked by some kind of event. Fisherman's Day, Builder's Day, Chemist's Day, Day of the First Phone Call. You can enumerate for a long time. Days in the year 365, and holidays can be more. Each of the days can be made a family holiday. Among your relatives and friends there will surely be those who like to go fishing. And, most likely, avid fishermen will be typed on the cheerful company. You can take a fishing rod, a basket with supplies and the whole family - adults and children - go on a picnic near the nearest pond. And the main treat is to make a proprietary ear from what we managed to catch. In the process, you can learn a lot about each other, starting from the front-line feats of your beloved grandfather and ending with the son's story of saving the cat, which he brought just today in his bosom from school. Such a family holiday strengthens friendship within the family and promotes better mutual understanding. On the day of the builder, you can call all your relatives in advance and arrange to go all together to the dacha to your beloved uncle, who with his own hands builds a cottage. You ask, where is the holiday, if you have to work? Do you remember Matrokin's statement that joint work unites? And it will be a holiday that you are all engaged in one thing, and the opportunity to relax under the roof of a house erected by yourself is also a good bonus. Immediately you can fry a shish kebab and relax together.

Mom is the main word

You have long talked to your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law abouthow are they dear to you? How do you sometimes need their advice, how to warm bound scarves and hats, how pleasant it is to wake up at the bell given by the mother-in-law of the alarm clock. Do you think there is only one mother's day for this? And here not. It turns out that Mother's Day around the world is celebrated at different times. Of course, you can not wait for another 25 November. Choose: May 6 - Mother's Day in Lithuania, August 15 - in Costa Rica, December 8 - in Panama. It is possible in any of these days to collect the whole family at a table and say once again how dear your mothers are to you. Perhaps the tradition of celebrating mother's day is not one, but five times a year, will become a family one. After all, the date is just an occasion to thank, embrace and share your tenderness with those closest to you. But there are no father's days among official holidays in our country. As well as the holiday of grandparents. For them, and at all came up with a certain Day of the elderly; from only the name of the holiday smells of mothballs. But if you look through the calendar more closely, you can choose the day when your family will celebrate Father's Day. For example, let it be June 17, as in Japan. And the Day of Grandma and Grandpa - September 9, as in Canada. family celebration

Get off the bust, make yourself a holiday

There are days when there is some kind ofpremonition of a miracle. And you come to work on time, and the authorities take all your ideas to cheer. This mood should be shared. Perhaps your loved one is exactly the opposite, and the child is something upset and gloomy. In your power to change everything. Just share your good mood and arrange a holiday at home. Only yours, which is not and never will be in any of the calendars of the world. Day of surprises - than not a family holiday? Organizing such a holiday is not at all difficult. By itself, it will be the first surprise, a beautifully laid table - the second. And small, but very necessary gifts will be able to cheer up the son and the beloved. Choosing gifts should not be abstract, but appropriate to the tastes and preferences of those to whom you give them. Such small gifts can be several, they can be hidden in different places: under towels in the bathroom, on the computer's system unit, under the pillow. The places can be the most unexpected, the main thing is to pack surprises beautifully, so that it was immediately clear that there is something interesting inside. You can pack such a surprise gift into several layers of paper, making it an additional anticipation. And if you ask me to guess what's in the gift, then such a package can be misleading with a mismatch of form and content, which will add intrigue and fun. Winter is a wonderful time of the year. Although it seems that the winter holidays are more than enough, one more, believe me, will not be superfluous. But it can be another reason to spend time with your loved ones and relax in the fresh air. Just arrange a Snowman's Holiday. Collect skis, sleds, warmer clothes, do not forget carrots and a small bucket (the main elements of a snowman!), Stock up on sandwiches and a thermos with hot tea. If you plan to build a small fire, then grab the dry logs, call your relatives - and forward, into the bosom of nature, where the frost burns your cheeks, the snow crunches cheerfully under your feet, and the steep slopes make you move down. But the main thing is to make a snowman! Arrange a contest, whose snowman is better (higher, larger, nicer). Or not even one snowman, but a whole family of snowmen. Nevertheless, we are talking about a family holiday, and competitions can be arranged either within the family or between families. During such improvised competitions adults compete and compete sometimes more gambling children.

How to make a holiday interesting for everyone?

If you are closer holidays in the open air, withcheerful competitions and contests - perhaps, this holiday will need to be prepared in advance. Come up with contests, make or buy prizes, prepare a treat. You can cooperate with your friends' family, so that it's easier to prepare and not spend all your fuse and strength on this process. If you plan to collect several married couples - even better! With children or without - it does not matter at all, adults love holidays as much as children. You can share responsibilities. And the costs, which is also important. So that no one is bored, include in your improvised script special sports games for family holidays held in the fresh air. They will depend on the time of the year. In winter it can be fun starts: a real ski relay race, in which the whole family can participate, or a sledge race. Sled dogs are a rarity in our latitudes, so the popes will be able to replace them. You can arrange snow battles and turn a normal game into snowballs into a battle for height or a snow fortress. Bright scarves, tied to ski poles, may well become banners. Just see that the fight was on an equal footing. The number of players must be the same. And from those who remained out of work, you can collect a separate team. If you do not have someone else to do, make him the judge. The summer occasion for a family holiday can be the picking of berries. Tedious, at first glance, the occupation can be turned into a real bright event. The main thing is to find the right interpretation, which will help not only to collect berries, but also have fun. Games can be not only sporty, but also intellectual. Arrange a quiz of flowers, medicinal plants, insects, birds. Such a holiday does not necessarily end when you return home. It can be continued: having weighed the berries, determine the winner and weld it to the name jam jar. If you connect a fantasy and a little change the recipe for a sweet treat, adding cinnamon or vanilla to it, you can name a new variety of jam by the winner's name. It is possible that you will like the recipe so much that your personal jam will become the main winter delicacy! games for family holidays

Holiday of a united family

The reason for this family holiday may bethat you just want to collect all your loved ones at the same table. To see your favorite aunt with whom you communicate only by phone, because she lives on the other side of the city, talk to her brother, who is so busy with his business, that you begin to forget what he looks like, and so on. But in order to organize such a family holiday, you will have to work hard. To begin with, if you want the holiday to become a tradition of your family, study its history. Ask your grandmother, for example, who your name came from. Grandmothers remember a lot. And take for the date of the holiday the date of the wedding of your great-great-grandparents. This will be the starting point. Next, find the old photos, scan them and make a family tree, including all members of a large family. You can make a wall newspaper with interesting stories, pictures and even old things. Remembering the grandmother's "chests", you will find there a lot of interesting things, ranging from the cameo of a princess-aristocrat and ending with your mother's veil. Or maybe your own. With such work you can not cope alone, so you need to connect the whole family. If the stories that you heard, you liked - write them down and give them to those whose ancestors are talking about in this story. Next you need to make a list of guests and make invitations for them in the spirit of the holiday. Let it be retro-cards, you can trust them to draw to children. They will be happy to participate. And it is not unreasonable for them to know the history of the family. The next thing to take care of is a treat. Let it also be unusual. A real salad "Olivier", the recipe of which was found in an old cookbook, or something that has always been considered a purely family dish. Here you will also need help, both physical and material. Do you remember that we spoke at the very beginning about joint work? The scenario of the holiday itself will include not only the history of your family with the demonstration of family relics, but also listening to old records on the grandfather's gramophone. And a white waltz, learned under the strict guidance of great-grandmother. Deciding on such a grandiose venture is difficult, but what you get in return, outweigh any efforts. A holiday in retro style will be the best gift to all members of your family, both the smallest and the oldest. Organize a family holiday - not difficult. You just need to remember how much you love all the members of your family, include fantasy, pick up the most important words and come up with an opportunity to convey your love to them, feeling their support and a silent promise to always be around.