gift for a wedding girlfriend Your best friend is getting married and, of course,invited you to her wedding? This is a very joyful, pleasant, fun and at the same time quite a responsible event. And when almost everything is ready for the upcoming celebration, the pre-wedding efforts are left behind, the guests are invited, the outfits are thought out and bought, there is only one most important question: what can you give to your best friend on this important day for her? After all, you have been together for so long, trusted each other with all your secrets, so you certainly want the gift to be unforgettable and enjoyable for the bride. In this case, you do not have the right to get off with a standard tea service, an iron, a vase or a coffee grinder.

Choose the best gift

Wedding is a very important and important day inlife of each person, this holiday differs from all others by its tenderness, solemnity, romanticism. Usually, something practical is chosen as a gift for a wedding: vacuum cleaners, microwaves, kettles, bed linen sets, irons or envelopes with money. But such things give practically all invited guests, and there are even such embarrassing situations when the same gift is presented by different people, so it's better to come up with something more original. If your friend during the period of pre-wedding shopping or evening gatherings herself did not hint at what she would like to get from you, you will have to work hard to organize a pleasant and worthy surprise. a gift to a friend for a wedding

Arrange a hen party

This event should be organized only inIf the bride herself did not take care of this. Then the merry girl can be a wonderful gift for the wedding, but only all preparations will have to take (naturally, not without the active help of other girlfriends). By the way, in the olden days it was customary to shed tears and be sad, because the girl was forever saying goodbye to her freedom. But times are changing, and today this is one of the best reasons to have a good time. You can arrange a get-together in a cafe, in nature or in a country house, just do not forget until the last day to keep it a secret from your best friend. This evening should in no case become boring, if your imagination and financial possibilities allow, then you can arrange a real show, come up with fun contests and entertainments. The main rule of this holiday - it is not allowed to invite men (except for strippers). Let it be only the closest friends of the future bride who sincerely rejoice at the upcoming wedding and wish her only good and happiness.

Practical gift

If suddenly your girlfriend is practical andrestrained in the emotions of a girl, we will not rule out such a gift, especially since we are not talking about the same services and teapots. A memorable, useful and practical gift for a wedding can be a gold watch, an original decoration, a certificate in a jewelry or any other store. By the way, the last gift is in great demand and popularity among modern youth: you pay a certain amount that you can afford, and give the choice of goods or services to your girlfriend. Knowing the special preferences of the future bride, you can purchase a certificate in a store of cosmetics, underwear, clothes, perfumes, jewelry, furniture and so on. And if financial opportunities allow, give both newlyweds a certificate for SPA procedures or massage. By the way, you can also offer your girlfriend a joint shopping with fitting and pay for the most sexy and beautiful underwear set for the first wedding night, which will necessarily impress and please her fiancé.

Memorable gift with your own hands

If you have any hand-crafted talent,then, perhaps, you will be able to come up with an original and memorable gift for a wedding made by yourself, in which you can put a piece of your soul and the warmth of your heart. The only nuance: you have to be sure that your friend will appreciate it (if in doubt, do not take any risks). So, for example, you can build an ornamental floral tree, perform an embroidered panel with portraits of the bride and groom, or draw them on canvas and place in a beautiful gilded frame. Everything will depend on your skills, abilities and imagination, but do not forget to please your girlfriend, this gift should be done neatly, carefully, beautifully, and not in a hurry and carelessly. gift for the wedding of the best friend

A pleasant surprise for two

If you are going to please the weddingonly his close friend, and both newlyweds, then there may be several other options for gifts. As mentioned above, it can be a certificate for two in a spa salon or in a store, but that's not all. Everyone knows that modern wedding is a costly celebration, but at the same time young people want to afford as much as possible this day. Help your friends save a little and realize a dream: for this you can offer to pay some part of the celebration, to which the bride and groom have decided not to spend money, for example, a luxurious limousine, a walking carriage, a live band or a bright festive salute. And if your financial resources allow you to choose a more expensive gift, please the wedding couple with a wedding trip (you can cooperate with other friends).

Original gifts

Not wanting to give to the wedding banal and practicalthings, do not be afraid to improvise. Order a huge bouquet of seventy-seven white roses and pay for delivery at a certain time directly to the table. Believe me, this will look very impressive, especially if you talk to the toastmaster in advance and ask him to wonderfully beat your surprise. No less original gift will be booked in the nearest hotel wedding apartments for two with candles, balloons, champagne, rose petals and other romantic attributes. It will be good if you order them breakfast in the room with a card and sincere wishes to live together happily ever after. It will be nice to look as a gift and a large family photo album made in the style of an old book, with thick pages, golden parchment paper, memorable inscriptions, where young people can store the history of their family in their pictures. You will be able to insert the first photos on which the girlfriend and her future husband were still in the status of a girl and a boyfriend.

And maybe, after all, money?

Often the most anticipated gift for a weddingthere is an envelope with money, because the collected amount of newlyweds can always buy exactly what they need. But the drawback of this presentation is that it almost always looks the same (except for the amount of enclosed notes). If you are determined to give your friend money, try to avoid banality. You can do this in several ways: to stun all guests and the newlyweds with a number of zeros (effective only for well-off persons) or to connect fantasy. The second option is more acceptable and will allow an original, unusual and fun presentation of not even an impressive amount. To do this, you can tie each banknote with a bright ribbon and add inscriptions: "For dinner at a restaurant", "Wife for a fur coat", "A husband for a beer", "Just in case" and the like. And if after the wedding, the young plan to move to a new apartment or house, you can give them to the wedding of a cute fluffy kitten and carefully attach an envelope with money to the wedding (provided that the newlyweds love animals). Usually good girlfriends know almost everything about each other, and you like no one else should be aware of the addictions, wishes and dreams of the future bride, so it will be much easier to please with a present for the wedding than to those guests who have much less information. Whatever you present to your friend on this important day for her, be sure to enclose the warmth of your soul and good attitude to her, and then the bride will surely appreciate all your efforts, love and care! By the way, do not forget to buy a luxurious bouquet of her favorite flowers and prepare a beautiful and sincere congratulatory speech (or a toast) for the newlyweds in prose or verse.