what to give a man for 60 years By the age of 60, men have already reachedall that they have sought all their lives: a career has developed, children have grown, many have grandchildren by this time. Naturally, the age imposes its own impressions: one does not want to fuss and gossip until the morning, the soul requires rest and relaxation from the constant race for making money, warmth and comfort are now in the first place. Some retire, and some continue to work. On such a remarkable date, a man approaches an accomplished one, with a baggage of knowledge and experience behind his shoulders. Therefore, as a confirmation of his achievements and importance for others, it is so important for him to feel the care and love of his relatives. And if your dad, friend, husband or co-worker has such an anniversary, then the natural question arises: what to give a man for 60 years?

Gift gift discord: what is not worth giving a jubilee

On the 60th anniversary it is necessary to give useful,status and worthwhile things. Of course, shaving foam and new cologne will always be useful, but it is better to save such gifts for a less significant event. Do not believe if the culprit of triumph will tell you that it will be glad to everything. This is a simple courtesy of a gentleman. Well, what kind of person confesses that the one hundredth figure is in the pantry, and the porcelain vase does not fit into the interior of his house? To prevent such a mistake and not disappoint the birthday boy, remember a few simple rules that should guide you when you go to the store:

  • The 60th anniversary is a significant event,which should not be avoided. Therefore, to give slippers, knitted socks, warm underwear, able to warm even in severe frosts, is strictly forbidden! All the same, the birthday is celebrated, and not seeing off for retirement. Men perceive such items associated with comfort and coziness, as a way to belittle their libido. A spouse might think that you consider him an ancient old man who simply does not live without woolen socks. You probably do not want to make him feel like that, so choose a good gift.
  • Many men on the anniversary are given elitealcoholic beverages. This is considered a good form only if the birthday is your friend, colleague or boss. If he is your spouse, then it is better to abandon this venture. You can make an exception only if the chosen one is an avid collector. Bring a bottle of expensive rare wine, cognac - so you pay tribute to his hobbies and interests.
  • If you decide to buy a birthday girl makeup,it will only be a very expensive toilet brandy water. Otherwise, choose something more useful and necessary. For example, a lover of fishing can give a new spinning gear or a set of gear, a camping tent, a good rubber boat, boots. The connoisseur of cars will certainly be pleased with the GPS-navigator, thanks to which he will never get lost even on the most confusing road. A good gift will also be a small TV or a design stand for a mobile phone.
  • Remember that men are not sentimental,often alien to romance. Therefore, to give to the anniversary caskets, figurines, porcelain vases and other cute little things that please only women's hearts, not worth it. This will be a mistake and will cause the birthday boy only a bewildered smile. Baskets made by own hands, knitted sweaters, hats, scarves and other folk art with their own hand belong to the same category of "forbidden" gifts.
  • A joking certificate of a pensioner with a photographfamous politician, clowns, gypsies and other gay and unusual surprises can be given only if you are 100% sure that the birthday boy will treat them with humor and a smile. Not all people are able to understand and accept such antics, so be extremely careful. Some friends consider it their duty to invite a stripper to the birthday of their friend, but this is a rather dubious undertaking, which neither the person responsible for the celebration nor his guests will surely understand. Moreover, the 60th anniversary is a serious date, suggesting an appropriate gift.

Preparing for the birthday and thinking over the purchase,make an emphasis on the status and position of the birthday person. For example, if the culprit of the celebration is a business man and continues to work, perhaps as a chief or middle manager, you can present him with an expensive painting, a pen-pen of a well-known brand, a designer stand for office supplies, stylishly inlaid or made of rare rock - in general, what is useful to him in the workplace. In order not to blush and not to experience discomfort from the realization of a perfect mistake, when choosing a gift, do not forget about the rules that were mentioned just above. By giving preference to this or that thing, always be guided by hobbies and hobbies of the hero of the day. what to give for 60 years to a man

Gift as a sign of respect and attention

We talked about the most common mistakeswhen choosing a gift and how to avoid them. Now let's talk in more detail, what can you give a loved one for a jubilee. Everyone needs support, care and understanding, especially at the age of 60. Why not make a photocollage of the whole family, that is, a kind of family tree? You can put images in a special album and arrange it in an original way, and if you master the video presentation, it will be even better. Let the creative gift include pictures of the birthday person at different stages of life, as well as his spouse, children, friends and grandchildren. Supplement the gift with symbolic music, warm words and wishes. If you want to present something more tangible, going shopping, look at the decorative products for the interior: original writing tables, small chairs, paintings, unusual lamps and the like. Such things will become an excellent sign of attention, they will help decorate the house or apartment of the birthday person, they will bring a piece of your warmth and love to the interior. To emphasize the masculinity of the originator of the celebration, you can buy for him a panel with models of guns or pistols, a decorative dagger, an original sword - all this will look great in the office or in the living room of the new owner. If desired, such items can be decorated with engraving. A man who appreciates expensive things and loves good wine will probably be delighted with a bottle of a collectible drink or branded cognac. Cuban cigars in a special chest will also pleasantly please the birthday man, if, of course, he smokes. You can purchase suitable accessories, for example, a sommelier set or a cigarette knife. Every beer lover will be delighted with his own mini-brewery. If you are a close relative, friend or colleague, then your gift should first of all pay homage. Think, maybe, birthday boy recently shared with you his dreams, spoke about the desire to buy this or that thing. If you know about his hobbies and hobbies, donate anything from this industry. For example, each hunter needs appropriate camouflage, a fisherman always needs quality fishing rods. If your friend likes to travel, why not give him a tent, a compass or a map of the world? Many men in 60 years prefer to lead a measured, quiet life within the family. This person will need a barbecue grill, a picnic set, which includes all the essentials: glasses, forks and spoons, cups, and plates. For gardeners, you can choose tools for gardening, a table with chairs, for which the entire family will fit. An excellent gift will be a gazebo-tent or, for example, a wicker rocking chair in which the birthday man will make plans for the future, reflect on the past and enjoy the present. If the jubilee is a calm person, judicious and preferring small companies of like-minded people, buy him a set of games; it can be chess, backgammon or checkers. However, the product must be expensive and made of quality material. A fan of billiards can pick up a good cue, with which he will not lose a single game. If you are invited to an anniversary for an unfamiliar person, of which you have no idea about the passions and hobbies, then it will be difficult to choose a gift, of course. But do not despair, because modern stores are full of all sorts of goods for every taste and purse. You can always buy a thing, the use of which is found in every house. For example, choose a beautiful set of glasses, an original statuette, an ashtray, an unusual photo frame. The picture will also be a great gift. If you want to surprise the birthday boy, order his portrait from a local artist, put the picture in a beautiful frame and proudly hand over the culprit to the celebration. Always topical is a gift such as perfume. But in this case, you should choose very carefully, because each person has his own taste - someone likes sweet smells, others are delighted with wood. Therefore, before you dwell on this or that toilet water, think of yourself as a jubilee: his way of life, character and behavior. So, most serious business men like hard and classic smells. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, caring for their appearance and preferring stylish things, often enjoy the promoted brands and novelties that everyone has heard. A gift can be any: expensive and not very, symbolic or serious. If you want to arrange a birthday for a surprise, pay for it flying in a balloon, present the certificate to a master class where he learns modeling, ironmaking or other folk art. A sports person can be given the appropriate equipment: a bicycle, skis, a helmet, a football, a set of tennis rackets. In this case, everything depends on the enthusiasm of the birthday boy. If your friend is a fan, he will come to the real delight of a shirt with the autograph of your favorite football player or basketball player, tickets for the match of the team, the fan of which he is. Do not forget that in 60 years a person wants only one thing - to enjoy life, to rest more and do what he wants. If you are allowed finances, give your husband an anniversary trip to a sanatorium or a foreign resort. You can go on a trip together and enjoy the views of an unfamiliar country, taste exotic cuisine, finally get enough sleep, improve your health and be alone with each other. As you can see, it is not so difficult to buy a gift. The main thing is to determine the amount that you are willing to spend and follow the knowledge about the hero of the day: his character, preferences, status and position. A person is always pleased with the attention and care of others, so give them in the proper amount. We advise you to read: