Christmas presents Christmas is one of the brightest and mostgood holidays, which people on all continents have celebrated for many hundreds of years. On this day each person wakes up warm feelings and memories, I want to give my love to loved ones and relatives. Invite guests for Christmas is not accepted, although in the modern world, increasingly depart from this tradition. However, from time immemorial it was believed that a holy evening should be spent in the family circle, in spiritual conversations, thanks to the Lord for all that he gave to your home. The very atmosphere of the holiday - calm, quiet and peaceful - is the time when you should think about your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and try to become as good as possible. No holiday can do without gifts, and Christmas is no exception. The process of selecting and preparing the future presentation is a responsible and scrupulous procedure that can drive even the biggest inventor crazy. After all, nobody wants to forget and even more offend, giving an unnecessary thing. In addition, supermarket shelves and small souvenir shops are packed with all sorts of goods: here and Christmas cards, and Christmas decorations, and scarves, gloves, cups with the appropriate event emblems and stickers. Eyes run away from such abundance, and it is natural that it is very difficult to make a choice in favor of this or that product. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake and prepare in advance for the upcoming holidays, let's talk about who and what presents you can choose. Christmas presents with your own hands

Ancient traditions and modernity

Christmas gift - a thing quitespecial. It must necessarily be something blessed - pleasant and without the slightest hint of aggressiveness. It turns out that in olden days children were given postal sets, books, paints and pencils, table games, porcelain dolls. And, of course, sweets - gingerbread and candy. Children themselves, even from the royal family, had no money of their own, so they made their own gifts with their own hands. One of the best Christmas gifts were holiday food baskets, which were usually filled with sweets, fruits and cheese sets. All kinds of figurines depicting angels, cowherd boys and shepherdesses were especially appreciated. A gift was considered successful if it caused a kind smile or even tears of emotion in the person being presented. In rich noble families, relatives presented each other presents early in the morning, after returning from a nightly service. The smallest members of the family received sweets and toys, women and girls for vydnya - fur coats, bright outfits and, of course, jewelry. But the father of the family, the children and the wife made Christmas presents with their own hands. Babies, under the guidance of their mother or home teacher, painted pictures, embroidered, made of wood all kinds of figurines, crooks and the like. After the gift, everyone gathered at a large table, filled with various dishes, and a feast began. The Russian merchant class considered that with what scale the family will hold a holiday, such is the next year for it. Therefore, many guests were invited to the house, up to 40 different dishes were put on the table. Christmas gift for relatives for a long time did not choose. Often given a "Katenka" - hundred-ruble bank note, which depicted the Empress Catherine, and the lower classes (servants) received ten rubles from the owners; more greedy merchants managed with small "victims", giving out one ruble to their employees. As for modern mores, we can safely say that a clear tradition of donating has not yet developed. So, for example, in the West for Christmas as a presentation presented with anything, from souvenirs, sweet candies or scented candles and ending with expensive certificates for a trip to the spa. In post-Soviet countries, children are given toys, coloring, pajamas, and adults, depending on sex and personal preferences, are content with expensive alcoholic drinks, leather purses, ladies - with bags, scarves and so on. christmas presents with own hands

What to give a baby?

A Christmas gift for many is associated withchildhood and with the happiest time. Remember how you, while still a child, were looking forward to this holiday, so that mom and dad will fulfill your most cherished desire. Therefore, choosing a present for your child, for a few minutes go back in time and think, but would you be happy with a pack of notebooks or a new portfolio? After all, some parents, trying to save and combine the gift and the right thing in one purchase, acquire something practical and necessary. However, this is a mistake. Let it be better that your present will not be too expensive, but desirable. Of course, gifts for modern children are somewhat different from the old ones. Here are some tips for choosing Christmas gifts for today's kids. You should not give toys with a negative image like Terminator, Ogre, soldier with a gun. Be careful with the choice of children's "professional kits," where items are collected that indicate belonging to the profession. There is no harm in such toys, as, for example, a hairdresser (combs, hair curlers, mirrors) or a doctor's set (syringes, bandages, pipettes) are collected here. But now the police set carries a certain danger - there handcuffs, knives, pistols, batons. Such toys awaken deeply hidden in every person aggression, when violence seems the shortest way to solve the problem. If you are growing a future sportsman and lover of active games, pick him skates or videos, skis or a new soccer ball. You can buy something less expensive, for example, sports winter gloves, special goggles and the like. Little geniuses, accustomed to a more relaxed pastime, can use desktop and other thinking games: charades, puzzles, puzzles, a set of "The Young Chemist" or "Botanist", lotto and more. Every girl will be delighted with a new doll or soft toy. In addition, a young fashionista can buy a beautiful dress, hairpin or children's cosmetics. In general, choose a gift, focusing on the interests, hobbies, wishes and age of your child. a Christmas gift

Gifts for loved ones

All adults in the shower are the same children, and each of thewe are happy with any manifestation of love, care and warmth, so it is so nice to receive gifts. But you should also answer the same theme-to give a good present. For adults an excellent gift will be a beautiful bag, purse, a beautiful scarf or scarf, a warm sweater. Women will be delighted with a gift certificate in a beauty salon for a pleasant procedure. In order not to be considered banal and not to lose with the Christmas purchase, we will consider more details of the gifts for the New Year's holiday. So, choosing a present for a man, whether beloved, father or co-worker, be guided by such goods:

  • Those who are fond of sports can buy the appropriate equipment, tennis racket, cue, basketball or something else depending on the preferences of the gifted.
  • An irreplaceable attribute of the cold season is a warm scarf or hat, leather gloves, socks, a sweater, an elegant knitted vest and the like.
  • A colleague on work or a boss can be presented with a diary, expensive pen, elite alcoholic beverages.
  • If you want to pamper your lover,how he relaxes recently. Perhaps your man is not indifferent to computer games; then surprise him by buying the latest novelty of developers - a disc or, which, of course, is much more expensive, a prefix. Every guy will be happy with a new phone, expensive electric shaver, speakers or a coveted keypad, the purchase of which he so long put off. If you are not limited in finances, you can present a surprise by planning and paying for a joint vacation abroad.

As for women, the most relevant for them always remain such presents:

  • Jewelry. Each girl is not indifferent to jewelry, so please your beloved by picking up a beautiful necklace or gold chain, elegant earrings or an elegant ring. However, in this case, it is very likely to lose weight with the size of the product, so discuss the purchase with your lady in advance or arrange with the seller in the store, in which case you can change the goods.
  • Unforgettable pleasure - it can be everything,that brings joy to your woman. For example, a wonderful gift will be a subscription to a trip to the spa or a gift certificate for the purchase of cosmetics and the like.
  • A trip to the resort is, as they say, without comment.

No wonder they say that a gift is not the main thing thatspecial attention is paid. Therefore, come to the purchase with imagination and love, focusing on the character and personal preferences of the person you want to congratulate on Christmas. Do not forget about the beautiful gift wrapping. It is more pleasant to receive a present in the original package, even if made by oneself, rather than in a standard bag. We advise you to read: