what to give for 50 years, a man The fiftieth anniversary is a round date, whichit is simply impossible to ignore. At this age, the man already has almost everything he has sought all his life: family, children, established career, car, house. But there are plenty of forces to conquer new peaks, so do not consider Birthday as the final stage of maturity. On the contrary, 50 years is a kind of milestone, after which an incredible number of pleasant events and accomplishments are yet to be achieved. No wonder they say that at every age there are advantages. If the future jubilee is your husband or father, arrange a surprise for him: order a restaurant, invite guests and mark the holiday in a big way. Of course, it's impossible to get by simply holding a celebration - naturally, you will have to present another gift. It can be an expensive phone, a portrait, a picture - in general, everything you have money and fantasies for. In order not to suffer a fiasco and pleasantly surprise the birthday boy, we suggest to think about what to give to a man for 50 years.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a gift?

Men in the majority are adult children,so they all wait for the presents with trembling. Do not believe, if your elect or friend answers: "I do not care what you give me. I will be glad to everything. " It's not true - just a true gentleman will never show his disappointment and pretend that he is sincerely grateful to you. But you really want to make a pleasant and memorable surprise? Then let's consider the most common mistakes in choosing gifts:

  • The fiftieth anniversary is a significant date,which should not be presented either with slippers, sweaters, or underwear. Leave them for other less solemn events. In the eyes of men, objects, one way or another related to comfort, peace and comfort, are associated with the depreciation of their libido. Your chosen one may think that you perceive him as an aging helpless weakling who, without warm socks and comfortable slippers, will simply not live. You do not want to make him feel like that, do you?
  • You can give alcoholic drinks for an anniversary to yourboss, friend or colleague, but not to a husband or a loved one. The only exception is when your chosen one is a true connoisseur and collector. In this case, the gift will testify to your acceptance of his hobby and interest in his hobbies.
  • Presented for the anniversary of men's cosmetics -a huge mistake, because such a date deserves a more status gift. It does not have to be too expensive, the main thing is useful, practical and necessary, and for this it is very necessary to understand the enthusiasm and preferences of the birthday person.
  • Creative and decorative gifts for the anniversary formen do not fit. They are not as sensitive as girls, so all sorts of beautiful figurines, exquisite caskets, vases and other cute little things will make women's hearts tremble only, while representatives of the strong half of humanity will be at a loss. To this category are gifts such as homemade baskets, knitted sweaters and other "folk" creativity.
  • Fish, a parrot, a dog, a cat, in general,pets are not a suitable gift for the anniversary. They can be presented to a girl or woman who is sure to be delighted and will happily take care of her new friend. However, the man, at least, will be simply puzzled.
  • Today it became very fashionable to order a birthday personfor a birthday, some entertainment. Some prefer strippers, others - clowns, gypsies and singers. But this is a very dubious pleasure, because all people are different, and when one person cheers such a gift, the other, on the contrary, will be in shock. In addition, the fiftieth anniversary is a serious date, requiring an appropriate gift. Therefore, from the idea of ​​a crazy trick to surprise the culprit of the celebration is better to refuse.

As a rule, for 50 years it is customary to give valuable andexpensive things, thereby accentuating attention to the status and position of the jubilee. Choose a gift follows, based on how well you are familiar with the birthday, focusing on his hobbies and, of course, given the amount you are willing to spend. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above, so that after not blushing and not reproaching yourself for an allowed oversight. what to give to a man for 50 years

Choose a gift

A man by the age of fifty usually already reachesa certain position in society, achieves much and still has a reserve of strength and energy. Therefore, the gift should say that before the birthday person in the future, new horizons open, that ahead of him there is still a lot of good, many goals and peaks that he can conquer. In some historical sources, the half-century anniversary is compared with gold, so the actual gift will be the original ring or chain of precious metal. However, if the birthday boy is your colleague or friend, you can save a little by presenting, for example, an unusual picture, a notebook, elite alcohol. The gift should be chosen based on what you have to celebrate. Naturally, more expensive and personal items are presented to a loved one. Let's consider the possible options for gifts for the fiftieth anniversary:

  • If you do not have any idea abouttastes and preferences of the birthday man, but you want to honor him with your attention, give office supplies. It can be original pens for pens or phones, photobox or elegant frame for photos, business card and the like. If the jubilee is your boss, you can form a whole team and buy him, for example, a good leather armchair, a picture made of Swarovski crystals, a wall clock, a set of elite alcoholic beverages. In general, the gift should correspond to the status of the birthday man.
  • If you want to do with a modest subject forfriend or colleague to just pay attention to it and please, present a beautiful ashtray (of course, if it smokes). For a business person, you can pick up a non-standard paperweight, a diary or pen.
  • Knowing about the preferences and hobbies of the jubilee and being withhim in close friendly relations, you can present a more personal gift. For the travel lover, an expensive leather suitcase is suitable, for a photographer interested in photography is a camera. Every fisherman will be pleased with the newfangled spinning, boots-bogs or, for example, a tent. A hunter can buy camouflage or a gun, a family man who adores spending time outdoors with his children and his wife, for sure it will come in handy set for a picnic, camping equipment, brazier.
  • Choosing a gift, the most important thing is to take into accounttastes of the birthday man and his predilection. So, the wine collector will be delighted with wine accessories, a mini-bar, or a few bottles of an elite rare beverage. A cigar lover can be presented with a humidor or, for example, accessories for smoking. Business office of a businessman will be decorated with an original retro lamp.
  • If the anniversary of your husband or father, then pick upa gift is much easier. After all, who, if not you know what he needs and what will be happy. Perhaps your man has long dreamed of a new business phone or e-book. A car enthusiast should buy an accessory for the car, for example: a GPS-navigator, a mini-TV, a radio tape recorder or a vacuum cleaner. As a gift to the collector, you can present a set of coins or made of leather with a stamping clicheer. Do not forget also that the symbol of the anniversary is gold, so a perfect chain, a tie clip, cufflinks or a ring made of precious metal is ideal.

As you can see, gifts can be completely different. So, going to the store, first, decide on the amount you are willing to spend, secondly, remember the passions, needs and requests of the birthday boy and buy a gift based on them. what to give to a man for 50 years

Several original "gift" ideas

From a super-fashion PDA, phone, beautiful pictureor gold accessories, of course, no man will refuse. But if you want to make an original and memorable gift, turn on the imagination. Today, the sites on the Moon or Mars are very popular, which are presented as gifts to loved ones and friends. Why do not you? To do this, contact a company specializing in the sale of space objects, after the transaction is completed, you will be issued with the relevant documents confirming that the owner of the land, for example, on Mars was the future anniversary. If the birthday boy is a beer lover, give him a mini brewery - surely he will come to real delight. For a natural thrill-seeker, a parachute jump, a trip on ATVs, extreme driving lessons paid by you, flying on a hang glider will be the best gift. Do not forget that men in their souls remain children all their lives, therefore they sincerely rejoice in everything original and unusual. Why do not you give your lover the opportunity to swim with dolphins or go down on a mountain river by kayaks? In general, be guided by the hobbies of your man and take into account his hobbies. Another unforgettable gift can be a voucher for a ski resort, a sanatorium or in warm countries. Of course, such a gift will cost a lot, but if you have such an opportunity, why not use it. The main thing is to know in advance about the plans of the birthday man and ask if he can take a few days off. It is very important for a man to feel his own importance and recognition: by the time he is fifty, he certainly has something to be proud of. Therefore, let your gift tell him about your respect, love and respect. Buy high-quality and useful things, focus on the taste and hobbies of the birthday boy, and then you can surely surprise him pleasantly. We advise you to read: