Life in the twenty-first century is sometimes similar tohorse racing: a circle, one more, a win, a loss ... In this turmoil, we very often forget about the most important thing in life - about love. It disappears if you do not arrange surprises and do not bring in the relationship of warmth, care and romance. Now the park with passionate kisses, you prefer going to the mall, sexy games on the bed - sleeping on the same bed. It's time to change the current state of affairs! We offer to your attention four ways how to arrange a romantic evening for a loved one and return the passion to your relationship.

Classic date

A time-tested classic versiona romantic date - this is what the doctor prescribed! Especially it is suitable for married couples for a long time. In your power to make this appointment unusual and memorable due to some strokes. Firstly, this is a message about a date: call your husband or send a beautifully designed invitation. Let hot blood run through his veins! Now a little bit about where the romantic date should be. Of course, it should include dinner in a beautiful and exquisite place. You should be able to wear something unusual and elegant, something that you will feel like a queen. After dinner, you will most likely be interested to go out and have fun, that's just where? The choice depends on your tastes: it can be a theater for more relaxed people and a nightclub for party people. The main thing is that the place (or event) should be interesting and unusual for you and for your husband. Romantic evening should end with sex - it's an axiom. However, sex at home is a routine that you can destroy by taking down a hotel room with silk sheets, strawberries with cream and champagne. Your husband will love it! You can give your date a sense of novelty and first meetings, and it's worth a lot. By the way, there is one more "highlight" that will add spice to your relationship: if there is such an opportunity, take this evening for a limousine rental with a driver and take a ride in the evening city. how to arrange a romantic evening

pajama party

The idea to spend an evening in bed is to likeyou and your boyfriend. We suggest that you make a variety in this event by arranging a pajamas party at home. Place on the floor a thick plaid or a large mattress - they will be your romantic center. On top put a few pillows, a warm blanket or a thin cotton blanket - depending on the season. Buy some smart and bright underwear set that will cause a storm of new visual and tactile sensations. Electric lighting at home this evening should be minimal - better buy more candles. Use quality and thick candles, preferably on metal or glass resistant stands. You can put them in places like tables, shelves, window sills, etc., but not the floor, otherwise there will be a possibility of an awkward overturning of the candle and, as a consequence, a fire. And your attention should be fully devoted to the partner, not accuracy in the movements. You can arrange a romantic surprise for your boyfriend by writing love letters on the ceiling with the help of glowing stars and figures - these are sold in office supplies and in decorative departments. Well, a few words about the prelude to the "main dish" of the evening - sex. Its excellent option is to watch films of the appropriate subjects: "horror movies", if you want to stir up the blood, romantic comedies to create an atmosphere of tenderness and positive or eroticism - if you want to go directly you know what's what. You can also read books to each other (an unusual idea, do not you?) Or even just fool around and leave the pillows. Do not forget to prepare some snack: better let it be sandwiches of canape, sushi or pizza - something that only hands need to eat, not plates with appliances.

Romantic tourism

Do you know your native city well? No, of course, it is very romantic to "wave" on the weekend in Paris, but not always there is such an opportunity. You do not necessarily refuse to share your impressions and emotions with a close person - you can discover something new and unexplored near your immediate residence. The easiest way to feel like a tourist in your hometown is to buy a guide: from it you will learn about those sights that you probably never heard of. Or maybe there is a big festival planned in your city or in its environs? This is an excellent option for a romantic date: walk, hand in hand, feed each other with something delicious, participate in fun rides and competitions - in general, rejoice and enjoy each other's company! You can also prepare for this "journey" in advance by making a list of the romantic places in your city. Beautiful houses, an old bridge, abandoned roofs, observation platforms and coffee shops, located in unusual places - all this and much more is worthy of your visit. Do not forget to kiss a lot, and also to be photographed - it is to this place such places. During the day, indulge yourself and your husband or loved one with some food that your city is famous for. If this is not, then just go to any themed restaurants, which have never been: Oriental, Italian, Russian and other cuisine will bring a pleasant variety to your walk. how to arrange a romantic evening for a guy

Love in nature

It does not matter where you live - in every cityfor sure there will be a romantic natural landscape, and even more than one. Remember youth - you could kiss your boyfriend for hours in such a beautiful place. So what stops you now? Most likely, a banal laziness. We will not indulge her! Beautiful places in the fresh air have long been considered among lovers couples a favorite place for spending time there - it's your turn. All that you need to implement this plan, how to arrange a romantic evening, is a car. He needs to prepare a little beforehand: wash the car outside and clean it from the inside. In it you will spend a lot of time (as in American youth films), so finding there should be nice to you. If you want something unusual, then try to rent a sports cabriolet for this evening: there is nothing more romantic than riding it on beautiful places! For the date itself, choose some nice warm or slightly cool evening - it is important that the weather does not spoil everything to you. Agree, glued to the seat sweaty backs or knocks from the cold knees - not the best entourage for romance. An interesting idea for a hot evening can be bathing naked in some clean pond. Only you need to take care of the location in advance - if you are not exhibitionists, there is no need for someone to contemplate your naked bodies. For the evening, a film in an open-air cinema will be a good idea, if you have one in the city, of course. In such a romantic evening it is important not to forget about comfort and pleasure. Throw a few blankets and pillows in the trunk - in case you want to lie on the grass. You can also decorate this evening as a picnic in nature - then you will need sandwiches and other snacks, cakes, vegetables, fruits, as well as a cold bag with soft drinks. Do not forget about the corresponding musical accompaniment: prepare discs with "your" or simply romantic songs that will provide an atmosphere of tenderness and intimacy. Many people say: "I would have done much more romantic things if I had had a lot of time." Do not wait for the onset of some magical moment - it can last indefinitely. Right now, before you four ideas on how to arrange a romantic evening - make this surprise today, and your favorite will be in the seventh heaven of happiness. We advise you to read: