What to give for February 23 The end of winter is not far off, soon spring will come, and withher - and our dearly beloved holiday, March 8. The day when men give gifts and surround us with their care and love. But ... Stop it! In this period of time, when the last month of winter is still festering with its frosts, we are faced with a serious test - a male feast on February 23rd. And on how we can prepare for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, in many ways depends on the response of our men. It is necessary at all costs to prove to his man that he is fervently and sincerely loved. So what should I give to a close, dear person on February 23? Of course, you can not and original - cute sets with shaving foams and shower gels, as usual, flooded the shelves of stores on the eve of the holiday. And, contrary to popular belief, men are not at all against such gifts. Just because they are used to them and do not expect anything new and original from us. Perhaps they are not very happy and do not scream with happiness at the delivery of the gift, but they calmly react to another present and put it on the shelf in the bathroom next to the battery of exactly the same gizmos and tubes that we gave him last year. So maybe it's time to reflect on how to please your beloved man with a really valuable, unusual and pleasant gift? What do they give most often? The conducted surveys state that 43% of women are presented with perfume to representatives of the stronger sex, 23% - clothes and various accessories, and 11% - electronics or household appliances. Before the holiday there is still some time for meditation, but we must hurry to estimate, ask the price and decide what to give to a man on February 23 - such a beloved, loved one. Let your loved ones receive a gift that will make it possible to feel the approach of spring and summer joyful emotions mixed with the rapturous looks of beautiful women, fresh fragrances of the newly awakened nature. After all, if it is good to our relatives, then it will be good for us.

The best gift - made by own hands

All girls firmly believe (and not in vain) thatthe best gifts for February 23 are those that are created by their own hands. And it does not really matter if it's a serving of borsch or a knitted sweater, the main thing is that it's from the heart. And, of course, the uniqueness of such original gifts on February 23 can not be compared with anything, because they always invested a piece of the soul of one who spent so much time and energy on his creation. If you are a needlewoman and you do not "weakly" sew something or tie in for your beloved, then here are some interesting ideas for a note. In the nomination among the surprises from the category "Do it yourself" today wins the idea of ​​creating with your own hands a cute cap-budenovka, designed for going to the sauna or sauna. The second place among the presents, made with his own hands, was a stylish and warm knitted cardigan or waistcoat. Another good option - a scarf for color or, conversely, in contrast to the jacket. Such a nice little thing will perfectly complement your loved one's wardrobe. But what if you have not been friends since childhood with knitting needles, or with a thread and a needle? Do not worry, and you can make something original for your beloved. Suppose that the inability to do handicrafts in your case is perfectly replaced by a masterful possession of a hammer and nails. Strangely enough, but the phenomenon is quite common: in our time, many housewives easily perform male work at home. So, try to make for your pious a small wooden box. Inside, put as many pairs of new socks as you can fit, decorate your present with the inscription "The second sock is always available" or something like that. So you can solve one of the main problems of men - finding a normal pair of sock in the morning. Well, think, how can a man give up such happiness: do not skip the whole morning on the apartment on one leg and not look for "this damn second sock"? Because the box with an annual stock of socks is always at hand. Agree that such a gift is useful, and quite amusing. If you do not want to hear anything about a hammer with nails, and in general nothing heavier than a computer mouse in your hands, then you will easily find application to your gentle hands. We will show you the perfect idea of ​​what to give to your beloved on February 23, without departing from the monitor of your computer. Try to create a video with his photos, funny videos, and put on all this beauty fun music. Add titles that tell you how deeply and reverently you love your beloved. Believe me, this gift will be appreciated by your chosen one, because he will show that you have invested a lot of soul and effort into this work. what to give to a man on February 23

Gifts for February 23 for homebodies

In the section called "Everything for the Home" or"Homemade gifts on February 23", the very first violin can be funny and fun slippers "for your favorite feet" or a cozy, soft and at the same time fashionable and modern terry dressing gown. In such things your man will feel care and warmth, always remember how much you love him. Another stylish gift from this series is a T-shirt or T-shirt with your photo. Such a subtle allusion to the fact that you are always there, you see everything and know everything. Now your chosen one will never forget that you are in his life. Such things are done in photo salons, where, by the way, you can add an inscription with words of love at your discretion. Another wonderful gift for a housemaid is the book of his favorite writer. If you manage to get an author's autograph, then make your loved one and loved one happy for a long, long time. He will enthusiastically examine the inscription and brag about it to his friends. But even without an autograph such a gift is quite good: it's so nice to sit quietly on a winter evening with your favorite book in your hands! If you read him resolutely no time, then you can make him happy with a series of audiobooks of your favorite author. The main thing is to make sure that the text has been read by a professional, otherwise he will not get pleasure from listening.

Gift "For yourself and for him"

What to give a man on February 23, if he -incorrigible romantic? Many guys will be just happy to receive an invitation to a posh dinner in a restaurant. How often they call us in pretty cafes and restaurants just to please their attention! So why not answer them with such courtesy on February 23? Do not forget to book a table in advance and make sure that the restaurant offers exactly the cuisine that your beloved prefers. After dinner, the holiday should not end: at home, in a cozy atmosphere, you can quite please him with a passionate striptease and the execution of all his erotic fantasies. Gift for February 23, your narrowed will remember for a long time! In addition, you can present him a rather piquant and unusual surprise: sexy underwear for men. You can choose something from the usual quality knitwear, and you can fork out and amusing thong from the sex shop. Just give up the idea to give a beautifully packaged lingerie, and then rush to his neck with shouts: "This is all for you, my dear!". In many men, such a "necessary" gift can be regarded as an ordinary disrespect. But not only the erotic is alive man, you can please yourself and your beloved in a completely different way. What to present to her husband on February 23, if in the shower he is a real adventurer? Give him and yourself ... an adventure! If your loved one has long dreamed of a balloon ride or a parachute jump, then on this day you will be able to present him such a gift. Believe me, from such an idea he will come to full delight. If you want, you can join him and experience the thrill of a jump from a height, or you can simply capture his heroic deeds on a video camera. Just do not forget to take into account the health of your faithful: if you have a heart problem, then such a gift may not be the most enjoyable in life for him. There are special animation firms that specialize in organizing various kinds of adventures: you can go together to find the real treasure or become the heroes of some romantic fairy tale. You can offer them your own ideas, or take advantage of any proposed option. Just try to make sure that your adventure does not turn into an ordinary rally - men do not really like it when they are fooled, especially on such a holiday.

A gift for a businessman

Sometimes it is quite difficult to pick a gift fora man who is seriously engaged in business. Just because he "already has everything." What to present to her husband on February 23, if he is able to buy himself anything he wants and surprise him with an unusual present is quite difficult? However, do not worry, sometimes simple ideas turn out to be the most faithful and win-win. The main thing in the gift for such a man is to show that you are a worthy companion of life, which by virtue of emphasizing the status of your chosen one. If your lover is engaged in business, then the gift must surely be prestigious and solid, that is, the same as himself. Businessmen are very often given business cards, cigarette cases, a purse and various branded office supplies. Do not want to give the same as his colleagues? Then give up this idea and present your favorite businessman this day with an expensive shirt. It will not be superfluous, but if you take into account his preferences, which no one knows better about you, then it is better not to find ideas for a gift for a man on February 23. Also, an additional tie, which always remains a stylish and fashionable men's accessory, will never prevent a business man.

A gift to an athlete or traveler

The first prize in this section, entitled "Foractive way of life ", will definitely get sportswear. It can be branded sneakers or a fashionable tracksuit. If your man likes sweating in the gym, then please him with a pair of new snow-white T-shirts - such a gift is invaluable for any macho. An excellent gift will be the renewal of the subscription to the fitness club where your beloved man is engaged. If you can afford such a luxury, then gratitude in the eyes of your chosen one is guaranteed to you! A lover of travel will be happy with a gift in the form of a backpack, also fans of outdoor activities can be given feather mittens or leather shoes. In the arsenal of "free cowboy" will never be redundant fashionable and spectacular leather belt with a beautiful titanium buckle or a stylish cowboy hat. Here everything depends on the preferences of the man and your wild imagination. what to present for February 23, a man

Gift for February 23 young and modern guy

If you are worried about what to givebeloved on February 23, then carefully read further - we'll give you a couple of interesting ideas. A cheerful and active party-goer can be bought as a gift for February 23, some stylish thing that will emphasize his image. Here, the choice depends on factors such as the circle of communication and pastime of a young person. If he closely follows the fashion, then you can please his brand clothes from your favorite designer. He will always wear such a thing with pleasure and remember you whenever he wears it. Modern young people carefully monitor various technical innovations. You can give him a new model phone, e-book or glasses to watch movies in 3d-quality. Just watch what your guy is viewing in the shop windows so attentively or the characteristics of any electronic novelty are constantly being studied. Of course, such gifts are not cheap, but you will know for sure that your gift does not lie on the far shelf of your beloved man, along with various rubbish. In addition, you will emphasize that you are interested in new technologies, which will increase your status in his eyes even more.

Gift for February 23rd friend

Sometimes we think for a long time about what to givefriend on the 23rd of February. I want the gift to be necessary and interesting, and at the same time not too personal. After all, you are not a couple in love, just friends. For such a case, it is best to make a gift, starting from his hobby. And it's not just about passionate collectors, because hobbies are completely different. Someone "turn" on fishing, someone - a furious sports fan, well, someone cares more for their car than all the women of the world. It is important to notice the passion of your friend and draw the appropriate conclusions. Let's say your friend is an avid fisherman. If you do not understand anything in fishing - it does not matter, you can give what is useful for any lover to sit with a fishing rod. For example, a new set of lures or a flashlight for night fishing. For a sports fan, you can get a T-shirt with the name and number of your favorite player, or purchase a season ticket for the matches. The car enthusiast will insanely fold a massage chair on the seat and a pencil against scratches on the car. In a word, there are lots of options. The main thing is to carefully observe your friend and understand what his hobby is.

A present for a real gentleman

The older a man becomes, the strongergravitates to the classics of his style in accessories and clothing. For example, such men in watches especially appreciate a leather strap and a simple dial. Absolutely nothing superfluous, things just have to be of high quality and match the taste and his personal preferences. It is better to buy a watch in a trusted store, otherwise you will run into a fake. And since this year is very fashionable gray color, pay attention to the garments in which it is presented in all its shades and variations. White is also fashionable, and it's never trivial. And even if the white trousers are enough for him only one way, then the delight of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity fascinated by him compensates for all expenses for dry cleaning with interest. Therefore trousers or other things of white color - presents for February 23 are original, as for a real gentleman. what to present for February 23 husband

Packaging and presenting the gift must be beautiful

Packaging a gift is also importantmoment, after all we make original gifts on February, 23rd. You can wrap it "pear" in a transparent wrapping paper, and it is better to pack a present in an unusual paper, using fabric tapes. Usually a gift wrapper for a man does not contain a ruche and a bow, has a clear and neat shape. To hand it it is necessary, certainly, it is beautiful, with warm words, congratulations, a prehistory of a choice. For example, tell your sweetheart about why you love him and value what qualities of his character you are inspired to accomplish feats for the sake of love. Invite your mutual friends and go to the cinema, to the restaurant, and spend most of the evening only to yourself and your beloved. Do everything to ensure that this holiday is remembered for a long time your man a special attitude to him, and not just gifts. Then you can be sure that for the rest of the year he will not tire of wondering and admiring such a wonderful and intelligent woman who always gives him a holiday. Do this holiday more often, and not just once a year! And most importantly - on Fatherland Defender's Day you should look 100% good to impress your loved one. After all, in fact, the most desirable and best gift for every man can be only She - his beloved woman. No leather strap or the latest model of the smartphone will replace your love and warmth. Give yourself, then you definitely will not lose with the choice! We advise you to read: