what to give a man for 55 years To present a 55-year-old mana truly memorable gift, you will need a serious concentration of all your abilities: intuition and inner instinct, logical thinking and a subtle understanding of male psychology, as well as imagination and the ability to approach non-standard questions. After all, guess what to give a person who has everything, the task is sometimes difficult. Let us, nevertheless, not admit defeat in advance and try to deal with such a difficult in all respects issue, as a gift to a man in honor of his jubilee at the age of 55. Perhaps this problem worries you right now or will require attention in the long term. In this case, the tips below will help you find the best solution to the problem, what to give with the greatest positive result with the least time spent on your part.

Gifts from relatives

So, first of all, you need to be well-representedimagine how he is a man celebrating his jubilee in this solid and very uneasy age. In the 55 years of the strong sex often conflicting emotions and feelings. On the one hand, it's a beautiful age, when the main life goals have already been achieved, most wishes are realized, and a strong financial position allows us to look confidently into the future. Indeed, by the age of fifty-five, the time of crisis moments in family life remains in the past, the passions are replaced by an understanding of the importance of good "weather in the house." The career is also in a stable state: if this is a business, then it is quite successful, if the state service, then the post is high, and the accumulated connections provide an opportunity to quickly solve a particular issue. On the other hand, a man who has crossed the equator of life is able to notice that physical activity is declining: there is an increasing desire to relax from the bustle, and going to the gym or pool is no longer very enthusiastic. Still about five years ago much was in another way when the man on inertia continued to be carried forward and the fifty celebrated with noisy scope. But now he suddenly stopped with a desire to understand whether he had much, what is the main thing, and what plans are not worth the time and effort. And now, more than ever before, the attitude of the relatives of the hero of the day to his age and the forthcoming round date acquires special significance. After all, how important sometimes a man, who is respected and appreciated at work, is aware of the fact that he is also the "first violin" in the family. Therefore, gifts for the 55th birthday of the spouse and children should symbolize love, respect and gratitude. Try to remember what exactly your native man wanted in the last few years most of all, but to do what was desired prevented life or work. Perhaps, the jubilee for a long time did not rest on a good SPA-resort or forgot how to stand on skis. Probably, even the usual weekend with a family with shish kebabs and good wine has become a rarity for several years because of the employment of himself or someone from his relatives. All this and much more you can quite organize and present as a non-trivial gift for the anniversary of your man. Already purchased ticket to the resort will make the hero of the day adjust the plans at work, and a trip to the dacha really turn into a surprise, collecting all the relatives in advance and arranging the celebration of the anniversary in a warm family circle. If a man and at 55 years old remains a big fan of noisy festivities, then you can give an evening in a restaurant with good music or even organize a real show program on the occasion. This will show the birthday man how well his family feels his desires and respect them. As material gifts, the male jubilee will certainly have something to taste, as well as symbolizing the attitude of relatives and friends to him. It can be jewelry with a dedication, and a portrait of the originator of the celebration or his whole family of a good artist's brush, and a video appeal with interesting congratulations and wishes. If the jubilee is a fan of antiquities, please make him a rare wonder, if you are serious about your health, give a device for relaxation, if you like to spend time outdoors, you can present a modern set for cooking shish kebabs. Maybe he plays chess or backgammon? Order in the workshop of exclusive gifts such a game set in a beautiful performance and with a personal engraving. For close people, the choice of a gift for a man on the anniversary should not be a big problem, since they lived together with the culprit of the celebration for more than one year and had time to study both his habits and peculiarities and eccentricities. what to give to a man for 55 years from colleagues

Gifts from friends

If you have a strongthe company of friends and girlfriends, and one of you turns fifty-five, then to the question of what to give, you can approach collectively. An intangible gift can be a kind of list of words that characterize the very hero of the day with the best, in the understanding of friends, the parties. The number of these words must correspond to the number of years spent by the jubilee. They can be issued in the form of a panel or make a collage. Also, you can present a small film or video, using for his creation photographs of the hero of the day in different periods of his life. Video should be accompanied by interesting comments to the illustrated events. If you approach this with humor, then for sure in the photo-archive of the jubilee there are many funny and even funny pictures, but remember - the film should be fun, not offensive. A gift of the material plan can be a kind of a set of all that a man-birthday man likes. For example, a small car model, a bath broom, a vanity case, a good book, a bottle of vintage alcohol and so on, until fifty-five items are found. All this can be folded into a large beautiful basket and handed to a man, accompanied by appropriate words. Such an unusual gift is also good in that each of the friends will necessarily be able to afford this or that thing from the set. You can also present works of art, a set of silver table accessories, souvenirs for memory and much more. The main thing is to give sincerely and wholeheartedly. what to give a man for 55 years from friends

A gift from colleagues, subordinates and business partners

If the culprit is your colleagueor chief, then for sure his jubilee at the age of 55 deserves a serious collective gift. Having formed with other employees, you get the opportunity to rely on solid funds, which will significantly expand the boundaries of choice. As a rule, it is best to give things a laconic and not going beyond the boundaries of office etiquette. Important components of a memorable solemn congratulation on the occasion of the performance of 55 years should be the delivery of a luxurious bouquet or even a whole basket of flowers, as well as kind words and wishes to the hero of the day. As a non-trivial gift, present the certificate with the possibility of buying something in a furniture, antique or jewelry salon. Such an approach will emphasize the status of the event and show the attitude towards the jubilee from colleagues or subordinates. If you consider less expensive options, you can give a branded pen with a gold pen or precious inlay, all sorts of exclusive accessories for business people, objects of painting, sculpture. Business partners often have the status of not very close, but still friends. Therefore, in this case, it is worth considering the interests and hobbies of the jubilee, as the congratulation can be more personal. If this is a hunt, then give the partner partner a good shotgun. If a birthday man loves to read, present a rare collection of works of his beloved author. The item that can complement the interior of the cabinet will also become a good gift option. It can be, for example, an unusually designed map of the country or the world, a stylish clock, an original set of writing instruments. In general, give things status, quite expensive, but with a personal accent. To give a gift to a man in honor of such an important event as his 55th birthday, turned out to be successful, memorable and testified to your warm feelings for a birthday person, he simply has to be symbolic and emphasize the status of the event. Choosing what to give, consider these two components, and then you will be able to deliver moments of joy and pleasant surprise to the hero of the day.