original gift to your beloved On the eve of the February holidays, all womenthere is a brainstorming about how to congratulate your beloved boyfriend or husband in an original and unconventional way. And these days our men expect from us not only verbal greetings, but also gifts. And if you have repeatedly given your only good perfume or shaving accessories, then for sure you will not want to again make the same banal present. After all, such a gift is unlikely to convey your particular attitude towards a dear and close person. In order not to lose with surprise and make a vivid and indelible impression, one must clearly visualize the tastes of his man, up to what colors he loves, and which he can not tolerate, then not to pack a gift in this color. Every detail and every detail is important, and only you can take all this into account. It is important to know exactly what type of person a loved man is - a practitioner or a romantic? Does he prefer those things that he can repeatedly use in everyday life and activity, or is it more important for him a fleeting but vivid impression? That's it is from these facts and you need to build on, choosing a memorable and original gift to your beloved.

Practical gifts

By their nature, most menpractice. And especially those that have already taken place, as a person. So, your husband's boss? Hence, the gift must correspond to him. Since the boss has to plan and coordinate the activities of all subordinates, a good leather diary, a desk-top writing device or an expensive pen will be a very useful gift. Is your faithful often on business trips? It will be very appropriate to give him a road kit (vanity case) or a set of road games. You can also make a more informal gift in the form of a globe-bar or souvenir weapon, but in this case it is important to clearly know that a gift for its style will fit well into the interior of his office. original gifts for the beloved

Romantic gifts

If he is a romantic by nature, he likes to call youdifferent affectionate nicknames, if he is gentle and dreamy, then a memorable and beautiful gift, made with his own hands, will be as useful as possible. This, for example, can be your favorite song performed by you or a video clip made from joint photos and superimposed on that melody that matters to both of you. There are a lot of gift-impressions, and you can choose one that will please you and, of course, your beloved man. It can be a date in an unusual setting, a romantic walk on horseback or in a carriage, a tea ceremony or even an opportunity to become a pilot of a small plane for a few minutes. If your man likes to constantly improve and learn something new, then give him a lesson in acting, learning photography or cooking sushi - this will be the best, and most importantly an unusual surprise for him! In general, there are a lot of ideas for a gift-emotion, it is only necessary to choose it correctly.

Gift to the athlete

A lover of sports and adrenaline can give a lessonextreme driving or a winter master class to teach skiing, snowboarding or archery. Or maybe he's an ardent fan of football? There certainly is, where to clear up, choosing a gift! If you are familiar not so long ago, be sure to find out for which team your boy is ill, so that later not be in an uncomfortable position. Today there are so many original football souvenirs that you can easily choose the right one. Charms, scarves, imitation football shape, balls, a statuette of an athlete - all this will necessarily be to the liking of a football fan.

Gift for an "adult child"

Is your boyfriend a computer genius? Or maybe he just likes to play games? Then boldly give him everything that is connected with the computer: a cool mouse, quality headphones with a microphone, a pen, with a built-in flash drive. A fan of some particular online game can be presented as a gift with a paid account for a month, then he will have new opportunities, chances to reach a higher level. A man, keen on computer games, looks like a child, for whom his "toys" mean very, very much! the original gift for the beloved

Lover to have fun

A companion and cheerful guy will definitely appreciate,if you arrange a thematic party for him, discussing the details in advance with your mutual friends. Or arrange a holiday in a closed water park. Especially since in winter time so there is not enough summer entertainment. Here you need to approach the preparation carefully. Be sure to make a list of guests, prepare scripts for competitions, think through the menu of the festive table - an unforgettable evening will be provided!

Afraid not to please?

Yes, sometimes it's so difficult to choose the right and the right onegift. Your fantasy completely dried up? Or are you sure that a beloved man is hard to please because he prefers to make purchases himself? Then stop torturing yourself and stop your choice on a gift certificate. Present a gift card to a man in a billiard club or on paintball, a ticket for wine tasting or dinner for two at a Japanese restaurant. Give him the opportunity to attend competitions in shooting, to participate in this hunt. Here you can choose a lot of options, the main thing is to know the preferences and passions of your beloved man.

What to give is not necessary

Choosing a gift for her husband or her favorite boy, womenquite often mistaken. And although men with a smile accept our presents, they are often absolutely unnecessary and occupy the furthest place in the closet. So that you can avoid such mistakes, remember a few simple rules:

  • Never give a man an ambiguous gift. If he, in your opinion, has a few extra pounds, in no case should not buy a subscription to the gym. He can take it as a hint, the mood will be spoiled, as well as the whole holiday;
  • Ordinary things: socks, underwear, shaving gel upset men, no less than us - women;
  • Do not forget that guys are not sosentimental, like us. Therefore, beautiful, but useless things they should not be given. Your man will not be happy about the gift in the form of a huge teddy bear, although it seems to you that this is the most romantic sign of attention;
  • You do not need to make symbolic gifts, like "just to be." If you give the hunter fishing gear, and a book lover - a new computer game, you will really hurt a man.

After reading all of the above,that for each man a gift should be selected individually. And no one will give a guarantee that he will like this or that gift. Everyone has different tastes and hobbies, so everything will depend on you - a woman who is always nearby, who knows and understands her man. Learn your soul mate from and to - then you definitely will not lose with the choice of the original gift to your beloved! We advise you to read: