what to give a guy on February 14 The custom to celebrate Valentine's Day cameto us from the West, and for many years now all lovers of our country have presented each other gifts in the form of hearts - confessions of love. But each of us wants to give his man something more original than a card in the form of a heart with the inscription "I love you so!", Because it is so important to show that our loved ones are the very-most. And so every year on the eve of the holiday the girls are racking their brains over what to give a guy on February 14th so that he understands that we love sincerely and selflessly.

A little bit about the history of the holiday

There is a very beautiful legend about the appearance of the Dayall lovers. Long ago, in the 3rd century AD, Emperor Claudius lived, who forbade the men of the Roman Empire to marry. And not because he did not believe in the sanctity of conjugal unions, but because he believed that families distract his soldiers from service. Having issued a decree banning, he decided that once and for all eliminated the problem of slovenliness in his own army. That's just young guys and respectable men continued to fall in love, and the desire to make their beloved women wives they have not gone away. However, the law is the law, and officially none of them could marry. This is where the priest Valentin comes in, who was not afraid of the imperial ban and continued to secretly marry the lovers. Learning of this, Claudius was seriously angered. He ordered Valentin to be thrown into prison and sentenced him to death - the death penalty! In prison, the poor priest met with the jailer's daughter, and they fell in love. They could not see each other often, so they communicated with the help of notes. The execution was scheduled for February 14 and on that day, the enamored priest sent his last note, signed: "From Valentine." There is another version of this sad legend, according to which the priest, thrown into prison, possessed a healing gift. The jailer arranged a meeting between Valentine and his blind daughter, hoping that he could return her vision. On the day of his execution Valentine sent the girl a farewell letter with a declaration of love, in which he put a piece of yellow saffron. Touching this sign of love, the girl saw. Since then, on February 14, from the normal date of the calendar turned into a holiday for all lovers, and men and women gave each other notes in the form of a heart with words of love. In honor of St. Valentine, the cards were called "valentines", and this holiday has successfully survived to the present day. He not only lived, but also captured almost the entire planet, because now thousands of people celebrate this wonderful day in almost every country. what to present for February 14 guy

What to give to a guy on February 14

Feature of gifts for All Valentine's Day inthat they do not have to be useful, necessary or expensive. The main purpose of these gifts is to remind your soulmate about love. And this means that the thing you gave is to show only the depth of your feelings, not the size of your wallet or the degree of your economy. Let the gift come from the heart, and not from the mind! If you still have not decided what to give a guy on February 14, then it's time to consider the options we proposed. We present to your attention the best ideas for gifts for the Day of All Lovers for Men. Gifts made by own hands Guys just love when girls do something with their own hands, especially if it's done for them, loved ones. So it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift, it's enough to show a little imagination and give it to him on the All-in-One's Day an exclusive, homemade gift.

  • The same banal valentine presentedyour boyfriend, can lead him to full rapture, if you do it yourself. As you know, the gift, to which the loving person put the hands, is the most pleasant and the most valuable. So safely roll up your sleeves and get creative. Alternatively, you can embroider a heart with a cross. Even the girl who has never tried to embroider, will easily cope with this task. Ready work can be inserted into a beautiful frame, in the corner of which to put your joint photo.
  • Give him two pillow cases, each of whichit and your photos. You can impose an image in the photo salon, and making a pillowcase is a simple matter! Now every time your loved one goes to bed, he will remember you and your love.
  • Buy an ordinary plate in the store and write onher words "I love you" in several languages ​​of the world. To cope with this task, it is not necessary to be a polyglot: on the web you will find the translation of these words into any language of the world. Handing a gift, you can say that wherever you are born, in whatever language you speak, you would still find it and say your love. Because he is your second half.
  • Take 2 chicken eggs and blow out the protein andyolk. Then draw on each of them eyes, a nose-comma and a broad smile. On one of the testicles, attach a bow - this will be you, the second testicle - of course, your boyfriend. And now glue these funny muzzles to each other and fix it on the stand. Such a sweet gift will amuse your loved one, and the thought that you have invested so much effort in these figures will give him even more confidence in your feelings.

Pleasant trifles A gift for a guy on February 14 does not have to be large-scale, sometimes you can pamper him with a nice little thing that will show how you love him.

  • Give him a pretty teddy bear. If the toy does not have an inscription with the words of love or soundtrack, then in addition to the teddy bear you can give a touching postcard. Or just tell him all the important and gentle words when you give the gift.
  • A great idea for a gift for All DayLovers: buy a beautiful figured candle with two wicks that will symbolize your union. Late in the evening, when you light this wonderful candle, romantic feelings will overwhelm you. Is not this the main goal of celebrating the Day of All Lovers? And if you are already a family and soon expect the appearance of a child, you can buy a candle with three wicks: you, husband and baby.
  • No matter how old your young man ishe must surely be a child. Have you ever noticed that in the toy store your boyfriend has been hovering around the counter with radio-controlled cars and helicopters for too long? If so, the idea of ​​a gift begs of itself. Buy him a funny toy that will fly, go, dive .... In a word, embody the dream of his childhood in life! By the way, for each of these gifts you can compose a small speech, which will show how this toy connects your feelings. For example, having presented an airplane, you can say that after your meetings your wings grow, giving a tank - that your love is as strong as this car.
  • If your man loves to bother with the computer,then you can give him a little thing that will remind you of it all the time. Now on sale, there are full of fun computer gadgets that your beloved man will be happy with. Give him a computer mouse in the form of a typewriter, a usb-lamp with a romantic inscription or a flash drive in the form of a heart. And you can also present your beloved cute, fluffy usb slippers so that he does not freeze on long winter evenings while sitting at the computer.
  • If there is no time to choose a gift, then a small cupid with wings or a heart, consisting of two parts, will do. After all, the main thing in this holiday is attention, right?

Special program for the holiday. Not necessarilypuzzle over what to give a guy on February 14, and rush through all the shops, instead you can arrange for him on this day an unforgettable holiday. Believe me, many guys expect something special from their girls on this day, so why not fantasize and surprise him?

  • Organize on the Day of All Lovers flight toa balloon - this is both romantic and interesting. If the weather on this day will be calm, then the best gift for February 14 and you can not think of! Your man will remember this unforgettable adventure for a long time and thank you for the gift.
  • Give him a romantic dinner. You can go to a cafe, or you can cover a festive table at home. The fact that the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, we hear often, but not always follow this advice. Men are enthralled by women who know how to cook delicious, so you have a chance to impress him with your culinary talents. And after dinner, you can spend an evening of passion, having performed his most secret sexual fantasies.
  • Or you can just give yourself, beloved. On a festive evening, put on a beautiful, sexy underwear, wrap a bow and hand him .... yourself. This will mean that you really want to belong to him and only him, and this is the best declaration of love on Valentine's Day. Surely your holiday will not end until the morning, because men adore such gifts.
  • Invite him on a date to the place where youmet. Play a small scene, repeating all the events of that memorable meeting. If something went wrong on your first date, then you can easily change everything and develop your own script. The main thing is that you both should have fun and enjoyable. And at the end of the meeting give him a small cute gift - a keychain or a postcard, so that he could remember this wonderful day as long as possible.

The best way to spend a great saint's day isValentine is to give each other all the love and tenderness that has been accumulated in your hearts. Since the morning, try to please your beloved man: prepare him a delicious breakfast, confess your love. Feeling your tenderness and care, your man will necessarily repay the same, and will continue to say the words of love, not only on Valentine's Day, but also all subsequent time. We advise you to read: