presents for February 14 with their own hands The Day of All Lovers is approaching, when both young,and for a long time already married couples exchange cards in the form of the heart, go to restaurants to celebrate their feelings, give each other small symbolic gifts. And if men do not particularly think about what to give their second half, and buy the fourteenth of February soft toys, flowers, wine and sweets, then for women the search for a suitable option begins long before this date. Often, when there is very little time left before the holiday (no more than a week), the fair sex representatives begin to panic a lot. What kind of gift to your young man, so that the surprise is not just pleasant (and at best took a place on the shelf among the rest of the junk), and remembered for a long time and they were as proud of it as they had just bought a car. In fact, for a man in love with you there is nothing better than a gift made by your hands, since in such a gift the soul, love, imagination is invested, and not the next seven hundred to eight hundred rubles. Any person who does not even have a special talent can show creativity and creative inclinations, for this it is enough to assess his abilities, find the materials at hand and start implementing the "Surprise for the Beloved" plan. a gift for February 14 with their own hands

Gifts by own hands: say no to ordinary things

Collage of photos or memories of the mostbright moments of life In order to prepare a poster with photos on which the most important moments of your life together are imprinted, you will need a large paper, markers, colored pens and pencils, an eraser, a ruler, glue, stickers and, most importantly, a beautiful photo. In the center of the paper, place a large picture where you hold hands or hug, for example, around - small ones. On the remaining place draw hearts, flowers, write verses. Having received such a gift, your young man is unlikely to remain indifferent, even if the artist of you is no. We knit, sew and embroider: advice to needlewomen If the needlework lessons at school for you were not in vain, and you really know how to sew well or knit, in this case, your skills and skills will be very useful to you. Do not immediately cut the costume or even worse - knit socks, stop your choice on a simpler, but at the same time elegant thing: on a shirt or sweater. Only selecting the thread or material, pay attention to the color, composition, stiffness and the like nuances, so that your product does not hang in the closet, and proudly worn to work. You can also embroider a small picture and place it in a frame. By the way, there is a little secret for those who want to make a portrait of a loved one on the fabric: like the photo, where all the details and facial features are clearly visible, process it in a special program (on the Internet there are free versions) and print it on the printer. Everything, the sample is ready. Write down a selection of his favorite songs on the CD. There are two ways to surprise him: the first is to buy an already prepared disc, which he has long dreamed of, and order a beautiful cover with your portrait, poems and wishes on the inside inside the photo salon. The second is to record the most popular songs on the computer, inserting between them a message or a declaration of love to your young man. Find paid and free (trial) programs can be easily on the Internet, also you can use the standard - Movie Maker, which is available in almost every version of Windows. Romantic dinner for two and no delivery of pizza The way to the heart of anyone, even the most advanced and modern man lies primarily through the stomach - this is confirmed to all the fair sex from the very childhood. But the girls, unfortunately, do not always remember this, and try to attract the young man they liked with a beautiful dress, causing make-up, a stylish and incredibly expensive hairdo. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show your cooking skills and qualities, showing you what a wonderful hostess you are. Do not know how to cook, but the kitchen causes you panic horror? It does not matter, on our site there are simple, interesting and quite delicious recipes for great dishes (salads, cold and hot snacks), which you will not take long to cook. At the same time, your man will definitely appreciate your culinary delights. Just do not buy semi-finished products in the store, because such cunning even the most unruly guy will unravel. The top of the culinary masterpiece is a cookie or cake in the form of a heart. Sweets can be served for dessert, unless of course you get to it. But the most important thing is meat dishes, which must be present on the table. However, here again there is an exception to the rules: if a man is an avid vegetarian, it is better to make a pair of vegetable salads. Also, do not prepare a lot if your other half is on a diet. Wine adorned with your hands A bottle of collectible or vintage wine is an excellent gift to a representative of the stronger sex who have no problems with alcohol. But to make this present look elegant, you can decorate it with a little, for example, with beautiful ribbons, stickers, photos. Also very interesting and incredibly original is the glass, painted with colors. Recognition in verse or write a short story. Do you have a friend with rhyme and know how to write no worse than Tsvetaeva or Akhmatova? Then devote your beloved a few small poems, in which you will feel your attitude towards him. Poetry is not your hobby? Create a short story in which there will be an oath in eternal love in sorrow and in joy. The main thing is not to overdo it with loud words, so that he really believes you, and before handing this gift, be sure to check the errors. Gift certificates for fulfilling desires This option is more suitable for couples or those who have already started to communicate more closely, and are not at the stage of a bouquet-flower period. So, make some small cards in the form of a heart, decorate them with ribbons, drawings, stickers. Then on the back, write a couple of wishes that the person who will be presented with these certificates must fulfill, and pour the workpieces into a beautiful box. At the "X" hour, each of you should draw two or three hearts, which you can use on that day. So, for example, if you got an erotic massage, your second half will have to do it. The same applies if he was lucky enough to become a holder of a certificate for a private dance - nothing to do, you'll have to light this evening. Sweets in bottles: romantic and unusual Your MCH is still a sweet tooth and you have to constantly hide your favorite sweets from him? Great, then he can make a rather unusual present - cookies, chocolate and candies, packed in a bottle. Take a small transparent vessel and put sweets there (they must be in wrappers or packages), tie it with ribbons, glue the heart, beads, paint the glass with paints. gift for yourself on February 14

Careful, wrong choice or what to give is not worth it

As you can see, make a gift for yourself onFebruary 14 is not so difficult. Such presents are manifestations of your great love, but you only need to do them yourself if you are 100% sure that your second half will understand and appreciate it. So, if your young man is not sentimental, he is unlikely to enjoy poetry, he will come to a greater delight from the oven-baked chicken. And vice versa, poetry will have to taste to creative and spiritual personalities, and not a musical disc. Also do not forget that handyman of all trades in our time is not so much, not counting our moms and grandmothers. Do not sew your favorite shirt, if you do not even know what a pattern is, do not try to dance a private dance, if you do not have the flexibility or you are a very shy person. Otherwise, the movements will be shackled and ridiculous, and you will look ridiculous. Another unspoken rule, which many girls forget - to give soap, even cooked with their own hands, still on this day is indecent. Firstly, you do not know how your second half will react to this, because if you just started dating, then this may be a hint of unpleasant odors. Secondly, the body of each person is individual, and if you so-called natural soap came up, it does not mean that the MCH does not have any allergies or irritations. This is especially important to remember, if before you were not engaged in the manufacture of this product at home. We advise you to read: