what to give my mother-in-law for a jubilee Relations between the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law - that's for surefertile soil for the work of psychologists. Study the theory of theory, write a dissertation and publish books with useful advice - they will undoubtedly be popular among consumers. After all, every daughter-in-law in the soul wants to establish relations with her second mother, no matter how she would not refuse it in public. And many mother-in-law are not as formidable as they seem from the outside. Think about the relationship in your family. Maybe not everything is as bad as you think. And if your mother-in-law, somehow makes attempts with you to make friends, and you do not care how she treats you, and the question of what to give your mother-in-law for the anniversary you start to think a month before the celebration - you have a chance to establish a relationship with " unapproachable "mother of her husband.

Who is the hostess in the house?

Unfortunately, over the years the beloved mother of your husbandI forgot what it means to be young, that my own mistakes quickly learn to cope with the difficulties of life. And so she tries to teach her "neputevuyu" daughter-in-law to everything that she knows herself. With luck, these two women find a common language, peacefully communicate and even with pleasure come to visit each other. But quite often the situation develops and vice versa, especially if the young live under the same roof with the husband's parents. Then the mother-in-law does not just go on a visit, but fully walks through all the rooms in her apartment. Maybe even start cleaning in the room of a young couple or advise how to properly cook, wash, bring up children. And most of it is done not from harm and not through malice, but from a pure heart and with a desire to share own experience. Of course, there are exceptions, but let's hope that they are a minority. The main thing that you do not forget - your mother-in-law is also a woman, and female weaknesses are not alien to her. And what do women like? Of course gifts! And if the gift is "right", then any, even the most strict mother-in-law will soften and stop looking at you as a stupid child. Here's to you a truce, now the main thing is to properly support this armistice, so that, in the end, a real peace has come to your family! what to give my mother-in-law

Some subtleties in preparing for the holidays

It is on holidays that you can either strengthen friendshipmother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or to correct the wobbly world if their relations are strained. But one oversight, one gift out of place, on the contrary, can build a wall between women, which even the Chinese envy. Therefore, before you think about what to give your mother-in-law, remember everything you know about her. In this case, every detail, every conversation, will be important. Yes, and be sure to talk with your husband - who, if not he knows what his mother prefers. Let's start, perhaps, with the most grandiose and therefore the most difficult holiday - the anniversary. So, what to present in this important day for any woman? It has already happened that women do not like to celebrate their birthdays, and the older we become, the less this love. So try to surround your mother-in-law with attention, but unobtrusively, so that it does not look like pity. Of course, one must definitely offer their help in preparing a festive dinner. Jubilees are usually celebrated widely, so extra hands will not be superfluous. Well, while you are alone circling the kitchen, you can casually notice how fresh it looks, how gracefully it copes with household chores and cuisine. Praise recipes and serving. In a word, pay attention to the little things, because no man notices them, but we know how much they mean and how nice that someone saw and appreciated our efforts.

Be attentive to all the small things

Gift of the mother-in-law on such a significant holidayfor sure a couple of months will be the main theme of your thinking. And in the end, you will still think that you made a mistake in the choice, "Or maybe something completely different?" - this idea will not leave you until you see the reaction of the culprit of the celebration. The question is what to give your mother-in-law, first of all, will depend not even on your relationship with her, but on the relationship between her and her son, that is, your husband. If the relationship is strained, then most likely, you and your mother-in-law are also not friends, so, on the one hand, it's easier for you - it's not necessary to invest your soul as a gift. As a result, the nerves will remain tighter. But if the mother's relationship with her son is warm, you have more room for imagination, because you can learn everything you need from your husband. After all, his mother can complain about a broken iron, dream about a new TV. Can tell you that on such and such a forum I read about the wonderful health-improving boarding house and always wants to go there. Or maybe you two once walked around the shops and remember that one day she was simply conquered by earrings, which would so perfectly fit her new dress, but then there was no possibility to spend on them, and then somehow already and not relevant has become. Again, all the same little things, but how much they can help, if they notice. The final stroke of the gift for the mother-in-law should not even be flowers, although they are mandatory for any holiday, and a postcard. Yes, today we rarely use them, but even if you are sure that it is a relic of the past, specifically on this holiday make an exception and choose for the mother-in-law a particularly beautiful postcard. The words printed inside are always beautiful, but they are not enough. With your hand, complete a few warm and sincere wishes, they will always be pleasant to re-read. donate a mother-in-law

Do not forget about interests and hobbies

What to give my mother-in-law on, for example, from herhobby. Maybe she's an ardent fan of theaters or operas? And maybe she on the balcony can not see the sky because of house plants? Maybe the house has its own, if not very large, library? Hobbies greatly simplifies the choice of a gift, although it does not exclude the possibility of getting trapped. For example, if your mother-in-law likes classical theater productions, you should not try to introduce it to contemporary art, it can be interpreted as imposing your personal tastes. Homemade plant also choose competently. Now you can find very beautiful exotic flowers, but, unfortunately, do not try, they do not take root in our city apartments, and in general in our climate. A ruined plant mother-in-law will only upset you. Everyone makes a library based on personal preferences, so here too there is a danger not to guess. The main thing is not to leave the choice of a gift for the last day, then you will have the opportunity to first clarify the preferences of your mother-in-law, and then also travel around half the city, but find exactly what you need. Yes, the gifts described above are quite simple and are not expensive. However, in the case of relatives, money does not matter. Even a small thing presented from a pure heart, will bring more joy than a diamond necklace, hastily chosen in the store.

Gifts, useful for body and soul

If there are no obvious interests in your mother-in-lawno, it means that her hobby is herself. It is absolutely normal for a woman at any age to love herself, cherish and cherish, take care of herself. Such a woman can be presented, for example, a season ticket to the spa. or a certificate in a good beauty salon. Or again a certificate in a cosmetic or jewelry store. The advantage of certificates is that the mother-in-law herself can choose the product or procedure necessary for her. But anti-cellulite cream or shampoo against hair loss can easily offend, no matter how much they cost, because they too clearly indicate the lack of appearance. Agree, this will not be a pleasure for any woman. If your mother-in-law spends more time in the kitchen than in front of a mirror, subjugate her with a colorful cookbook, or look for a book for writing recipes, preferably thicker, do not forget, mother-in-law is an experienced woman, presumably she knows a lot. Also, there are no extra frying pans, pots and other kitchen utensils.

Do not forget that there are other holidays except the anniversary ..

What to give my mother-in-law to other holidays, letless grandiose, but no less responsible in terms of a sample of the gift? Mother's Day, your husband's and her son's birthday. By the way, if you really want to establish relationships with your mother-in-law, be sure to find out when she has birthday. She already knows, believe me .. And if you do not forget about the congratulation - it will be a pleasant surprise for her. On such holidays, sometimes a bouquet of her favorite flowers, warm words and, of course, attention is enough. If there is no opportunity to invite guests or come in person, try to talk more on the phone, find out about her news, problems, experiences, health, but also share her joys and sorrows, then she will feel that her opinion is important to you, that she is not stranger. And this will be the best gift for any mother-in-law! At the end of all of the above, I want to add that to the heart of any person you can find not let the road, but the path exactly. And no matter how expensive and correct your gift was, it will lose its value if it is not accompanied by warm words and a kind attitude. We advise you to read: