where to spend New Year's holidays How fleeting our life is - you can judgeon the fact that the next New Year is already around the corner. It seems that yesterday they prepared a salad of olivier, reserved gifts to relatives and friends, launched festive firecrackers, and so ... Again there is a pre-holiday fuss, during which the question inevitably arises: how to spend a New Year's vacation? The options are in fact a huge amount - it all depends on your imagination and financial possibilities. Someone begins to prepare thoroughly for three months, writing a script for the New Year holiday and the days following it. And someone, on the contrary, prefers improvisation and acts spontaneously, in the mood. Both options have the right to life. We offer you several excellent ways to spend New Year holidays with benefit for you and your company. New Year's holidays where to spend

The most important thing is to decide your desires

After the hard working days that were richyear past, each person needs a good rest. Therefore, the organization of the New Year holidays should be approached with intelligence and with all the responsibility. To begin with, just relax and pay attention to relatives, even if for a while forgetting about work, unsuccessful deals, quarterly reports. Spend time with children, walk with friends over the snow-covered forest, cook kebabs in the nature, go to the movies and go skating and sledging. Do not make the mistake of many people who, tired of working time trouble, spend all their holidays lying in front of the TV. Enjoy life, breathe fresh air, finally do what you did not get your hands on: embroider, knit, spend your parents, read the book. During the New Year holidays, there are a lot of interesting events: matinees, performances, performances, all kinds of exhibitions. Go with the children on the Christmas tree, which certainly stands on the central street of your city, take them to the puppet theater or to the New Year's performance. Let your kids imbue with the atmosphere of the holiday, they will see Father Frost and his friends, dance and have fun. However, you should not turn a vacation into a whole series of cultural events, dragging your loved ones through all the ideas that only exist in the city. You should have fun! Therefore, choose one or three matinees or a performance, this will be enough for your baby. However, preferring this or that event, be sure to take into account the temperament of your child, as well as his age. After such a two-day rest gather a family council and ask how your loved ones would like to spend time. Listen to everyone, offer your options, come to some joint decision. In Russia there are many beautiful places that are worth visiting. Therefore, the most important thing is to invent a desire and then to embody it. Today is very popular New Year tours to Veliky Ustyug, where you can go with children and show them the birthplace of Father Frost. Colorful and incredible in its scope, the performances are held on Christmas trees in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you prefer active leisure and like sports, invite your relatives to visit the ski resort. Not only abroad, but also in Russia there is a wide choice of such places: Abzakhovo, Bannaya, and also Zavyalikha in the Urals, you can go to Sochi or the Caucasus. However, keep in mind that you need to book places in advance. Therefore, such a holiday should be organized in a few weeks, and even months before the New Year: call, negotiate, order a room. At the height of the season, it will be difficult to get there, in addition, the amount of accommodation will certainly fly to the skies. If you do not want to go far, you can visit the main sights of Russia - Moscow or St. Petersburg. Insanely beautiful buildings and avenues, an incredible number of monuments of architecture, museums, a unique atmosphere, saturated with history and romance, will amaze your imagination. Do not discount Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan and Yekaterinburg. There, too, there is something to see, so contact the agency and ask them to tell you about what tours they can offer you. You can go on a trip without anyone's help: just decide on a place, buy tickets in advance and pack your bags. As you can see, there are a lot of options for the New Year holidays. It all depends on your wishes, the time that you plan to allocate for rest, and also financial opportunities. People who prefer an active lifestyle, will approach:

  • a trip to the ski resort;
  • going to the ice rink;
  • sledging ;
  • participation in the sports events that will be held in your city
  • a sortie with friends in the woods for shish kebabs and the like.

To be culturally enriched, visit the museum,go to an exhibition of paintings, buy tickets to the theater or opera. Fortunately we have many talented artists, actors and singers, whose creations are worth seeing. If you want to organize a grand trip to Russian cities or go abroad, then start buying tickets and planning this type of leisure in advance - a few months before the New Year. And now let's consider in more detail where and how you can hold your mini-vacation.

Go to the sea

It is not necessary to spend holidays in Russia. Why not celebrate a holiday at home, in a family circle with children and friends, and then, packing their bags, go abroad. Believe me, it's so nice to enjoy the sun, sunbathe, splash in the sea, sip cocktails while your compatriots in their homeland are shivering from the cold. Yes, every year more and more Russians on New Year's holidays prefer to leave from the dank or too frosty winter to warm beaches. The main tourist destinations are Egypt and Thailand. The most wealthy people choose win-win and exotic options, for example, go to the Dominican Republic or Cuba. Just imagine: your fellow citizens are echoing from the cold, coming out of the entrance to the street, raising their collar of fur or fur coats higher, while you are lying on a deckchair on the beach or ocean, sipping a watermelon cocktail or delicious, refreshing mojito. What is not paradise in the winter? From such a holiday you come surprisingly rested and refreshed, and even the upcoming work does not frighten. Therefore, now it makes sense to plan a trip to the sea, buy a plane ticket and book a hotel on the Internet. And you do not have to apply to a travel agency, you can arrange everything yourself. To do this, determine in advance the place where you would like to go, view the hotels that offer services in this country, compare their prices, read reviews of people who have visited these places, and order the number via the Internet. Tickets for airplanes must also be booked in advance, and for this you do not need to leave the office and go to the airport. Today it can be done online. where to spend New Year holidays in Russia

Finland - the birthplace of Santa Claus

Take your family away for the holidays from Russia,Leave native penates, leaving all unpleasant thoughts and worries at home. A great option for the New Year holidays will be a trip to Finland. Beautiful nature, clean air and pleasant company will make the trip unforgettable. What could be better - to skate all day on skis or sledges, and in the evening to soak in the famous Finnish sauna, sipping kvass or beer? By the way, the more people go with you on this trip, the cheaper it will cost such a holiday. How is the preparation for the trip? Everything starts with choosing a house, where you will live with your whole company. Most often, people who have experienced the charm of such a holiday, recommend to their friends and acquaintances agencies, through which you can rent a house. But there is one nuance: the earlier you book everything and pay, as well as buy tickets for the plane, the more chances you have to "not fly" with the trip. Closer by the New Year, finding the right option is very difficult, almost impossible. Therefore, do not be lazy and prepare for the Finnish New Year holidays in advance. By the way, if you go on a trip with children, then do not miss the opportunity to please your baby. Many agencies organize tours to the homeland of Joulupukki, the so-called Santa Claus in Finland. Surely your child will be delighted with such a gift.

Moscow Region sanatorium

If you are planning a New Year's holiday inRussia, then you can also have a wonderful rest here, gaining strength for the whole next year. To go on a New Year's holiday to a sanatorium or a holiday home - that's a great idea! Just do not be surprised at the prices - at this time of year they naturally fly up. And yet, it is possible to choose a budget option. The cost of your stay, most likely, will include renting rooms, three meals a day, a festive table (if you want to celebrate the New Year in the same place) and various entertainments. In addition, many boarding houses offer SPA, saunas, massages, various beauty treatments. The presence of a stable in the sanatorium will allow you to ride horses, you can rent ski equipment or snowmobiles. In any case, if you have a cheerful company with you, you definitely will not get bored and have a great time! And sports lovers are advised to visit one of the ski resorts in Russia, which are not inferior to their foreign competitors in quality of the services provided and are famous throughout the world since Soviet times.

Country holidays

Many residents of Russia, tired of work,constant crush in minibuses, metro and trolley buses, breathing exhaust gases of vehicles, are becoming more aggressive and nervous, more often sick, suffer from sleep disorders. Therefore, for every person, at least for a while, it is necessary to change the habitual situation and go out of town. New Year's holidays are the perfect time for this! We are the children of cities and megacities, and some of us do not even suspect how gorgeous the New Year holidays in the village can be. Surely you or one of your friends has a dacha or a house with a stove, a well and amenities in the courtyard. Many such conditions may frighten them, and they will immediately give up such an option. And in vain! When you still have a chance to experience the whole flavor of rural life? At your disposal will be clean and very tasty water, crystal fresh air and the opportunity to lie in fluffy snow! Forget how old you are, and "come off" the way children can do it. In the afternoon with friends, you can ride a toboggan from a mountain or sculpt a snowman, and in the evening, gathering near a warm stove, playing board games or all together to make pelmeni. Very exciting and fun!

Go on a trip to the Golden Ring

We all know about the cities that are locatedaround Moscow and which are usually called the "Golden Ring". These include Sergiev Posad Vladimir, Suzdal, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Kostroma. The most favorable time for traveling through the cities of the Golden Ring will be the New Year holidays. Having bought tickets for a sightseeing tour, you can go on an exciting trip with the whole family, along the way learning many interesting facts from the life of cities. Each of them is a whole epoch with its own original history. You will taste delicious Russian cuisine, you can buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. You literally combine business with pleasure! After such an exciting trip, you will surely want to return there again. where to spend New Year holidays with children

Visit Saint-Petersburg

One of the most popular places whereMuscovites and residents of other cities are enjoying the ride, the city is on the Neva. Petersburg as a magnet attracts its unique architecture and some special, unique charm. No wonder this city is called North Palmyra, it is a unique mix of historical events and modern lifestyle. Therefore, if you are interested in the question of how to spend the upcoming vacation in St. Petersburg, determine to begin with what places you would like to visit in this city. We recommend that you definitely go to the Hermitage, even if you were there before. At one approach to this palace, the heart begins to beat faster. Be sure to visit Peterhof, even if you can not enjoy the fountains in winter, which work only in the summer. The huge and beautiful area of ​​this castle is impressive at any time of the year. Petersburg is known for its cozy cafes and bars, where it is so nice to go and warm up and drink hot mulled wine. In a word, you will not be mistaken if you decide to spend the New Year holidays in this city - they will surely remember you for a long time!

Spend a vacation at home

If none of the suggested optionssuitable, you can spend a vacation at home. Some people are so tired at work and so exhausted by the end of the year that their only desire is to finally get enough sleep. Yes, and do not necessarily sit all the time in the apartment - in any city during the holidays, there are various entertainment programs on the central streets of the city. You can watch a lot of movies at home or go to the cinema, visit a theater or an exhibition. Well, walking on guests is unlikely to be avoided. In a word, this option is not the most extravagant, but it also has the right to exist. And if the weather is good and not very frosty, you can go to the ice rink, it's very fun! At the same time skating will help to shake up after plentiful festive feasts. Whatever type of vacation you prefer, the main thing is that your mood is good, the weather is excellent, and nearby there were close and loved people who often do not have time to communicate with. Discuss in the family the upcoming vacation, review the proposals of tour operators, learn about the performances and performances that will be held in your city on holidays and organize your leisure. Good luck!