what to give to dad for 60 years What does it mean to be a 60-year-old man? What is it like to look at the world from the height of lived years? What do the representatives of the stronger sex experience on that day when, from the age of "slightly over fifty", they suddenly walk in the seventh decade? Of course, this is very, very difficult. And, probably, painful. However, our life is arranged in this way, and therefore we have to accept its realities with dignity. Do you remember how one of the heroines of the famous film sang about the fact that "nature does not have bad weather" and, therefore, everything that is assigned to us should be accepted with gratitude? Very wise and right. But terribly unfair. The modern 60-year-old man does not match the image of a retired man in slippers and a striped dressing gown. He is full of strength and energy, often has a reason to be proud of his personal achievements and success, lives, as a rule, following the words of Mark Twain: "Age is what exists in our thoughts. If you do not think about him, he is not. " And this is the right life position, because it is so easy to overstep the sixty-year mark. And what's wrong with this respectable age? Children are already quite grown up, his wife is still close, almost all peaks are conquered in the profession. And what now? This is the most difficult thing - when you do not know where to go and what to strive for next, because there is already no vacant place on the personal wish card. If your father has reached such an age limit, then try to help him worthy of "taking the height" and moving forward. And the best thing at this time is to distract him from gloomy reflections about the approaching old age, that there will be a lot of time that has always been lacking, now, with the exit to a well-deserved rest. Find your dad a new interesting thing. You can suggest a repair, to which all hands did not reach, or deal with the arrangement of the country house, read good detectives for a couple of years or meet old friends. Offer to work out together in a sports club or go horseback riding. Any such occupation will distract the father from sad thoughts and self-interest. And the anniversary that looms on the horizon will be an excellent occasion to bring together relatives and close friends to congratulate your beloved dad on his 60th birthday. gift for 60 years old dad

A loud holiday or a modest family celebration?

However, before removing the banquet hall orcafe and invite guests, it is still worthwhile to find out from the very jubilee, where he would prefer to celebrate such an important date. Since it often symbolizes retirement, it is usually customary to organize a big celebration with the invitation of relatives, friends and colleagues. Often the jubilee himself proposes to do just that. But there are times when, due to their nature or mood, a man at the age of 60 insists on a modest home evening, when only a narrow family circle of close people gathers. And no matter how you would like to arrange a status for your father, be sure to consider his desire and do not insist. After all, it is the comfortable state of the birthday person that should become your main goal. But there is a way out of the situation in this case too - it's not at all necessary to spend a birthday in an apartment. Now there are many options for celebrating in the bosom of nature. No, it's not about a banal picnic with shish kebabs. Or rather, and about him as well, but in a slightly different interpretation. You can arrange a family trip to a good recreation center in the forest or by the river. Spend the jubilee of the pope in a narrow family circle, but only in completely new scenery. It's great if the recreation center can offer the conditions for fishing, which your father is fond of. Go fishing with him - we assure you, there are plenty of reasons for laughter and jokes. And the mood from this will just be excellent. Prepare meat on the grill and festive snacks (all this can also be ordered in advance in a good restaurant), cover a beautiful festive table, do not forget about the chic cake. Be sure to light 60 candles on it in honor of each father's year of life. In advance, think about what words will be said as congratulations. Do not look for ready templates, with which the Internet is full. Be sure to create a speech yourself. Do not be afraid of touching phrases, do not be afraid to bring tears to your father's eyes. Tell me how much it means in your life and what you owe it to him. Sincerity is the main thing that should sound in every word of your speech. By Papa's reaction alone, you will understand how happy he is to congratulate you. And when it gets dark, you can even arrange fireworks in honor of the hero of the day. Let this day end fabulously and brightly. After all, it symbolizes the beginning of the new saturated life of your father. A life in which everything will be a little different, but still happy. If you want to celebrate the anniversary in a restaurant with all the attributes that are relying in this case, then there are all opportunities for manifestation of creativity and fantasy on your part. To entrust the design of the hall, of course, is better for professionals. However, you yourself can easily prepare a kind of wall newspaper or a collage where Dad's photos will be placed from early to present. Be sure to accompany them with funny (not offensive!) Comments. May all stages of your father's achievements become public knowledge in the person of friends, colleagues and relatives and serve as proof that in the life of the jubilee there was not a single in vain spent a year. A wonderful occasion to make a birthday person the center of attention not only at the festive table, but also outside it. Invite a leading professional who will not bore anyone present and will give the floor for congratulations to all comers. You can go even further and arrange for the father a themed evening dedicated to his youth. To do this, ask as much detail as possible how they dressed in those years, which hairstyles were worn, what for meals and spirits were served at the holidays. Try to recreate the situation of those years in the design of the hall, table and clothes of both the birthday man and the guests, having previously warned them about the theme of the holiday. Choose the appropriate music. Such an unusual option to celebrate the anniversary will inspire the Pope himself. He will certainly help you. Subject can be another. For example: a Hollywood party, an English reception, an autumn ball and so on. And you can do with a standard holiday, because in this case, its center will be a jubilee. The mood of the celebration, its atmosphere and meaning is important. Look at your dad. He smiles? Eyes shine? Well, everything, then the jubilee was a success. You can relax and take a breath. Up to 70 years of age there are many more. what to give dad 60 years old

What should I give you, beloved father?

If you have absolutely no idea what to givefather for 60 years, then go by way of non-trivial. Present to your father for his jubilee the continuation of your kind. Give your grandson a dad. Or a granddaughter. After all, this is the most expensive and expected surprise for your father. The status of the grandfather is not the status of a pensioner. Moreover, if the grandfather is full of strength, health and energy, then the best application for all this wealth is, of course, grandchildren. With the news of the replenishment in the family, you will shake your dejected father. New horizons and opportunities will open before him. Seriously, if you do not have children yet, think about them. After all, now you have someone to help not only walk with the stroller, but also to insure, if necessary, urgently go to work. And now let's talk about gifts of a different kind, more traditional ones, which also deserve to decorate your father's jubilee. To begin with, imagine how the pope has been spending his leisure lately. Did his hobbies change? Is he going to continue working or does he still deserve a well-deserved rest? Perhaps you know what kind of thing he wanted over the past few years, but he could not buy, because there was not enough time, then money. You have an excellent opportunity to try yourself in the role of a modern fairy and fulfill the desires of a person dear to you. So, gifts for the father can be divided into several categories, for example:

  • For work: this is, as usual, sets of brand and status office, high-quality leather goods, a comfortable office chair, a back and neck massager, a humidifier or air purifier, a stylish table lamp and so on. Any of these things can be useful to serve your father in the office and remind you.
  • For home and cottages: Here you can include all household appliances from plasma TV to air conditioning and satellite dish, furniture and interior items, garden tools, power tools, lawn mower or motocos, inflatable pool with a complex filter system, large swings, mini brewery and mini smokehouse and so on. . It's enough just to look around and understand what exactly can make the life of the pope more convenient and better.
  • For the soul and rest: this category includes all the items, one way or another related to the hobbies and hobbies of the jubilee. Give the fisherman an inflatable boat, the hunter will be delighted with the new rifle and the classy camouflage suit, the motorist will appreciate the navigator or video fixator. Collector will be pleased to replenish his valuable collections, a fan of painting will enjoy the possession of a good picture, a photographer will present a professional camera and so on. If you decide to choose something from this list, the success of the congratulation will depend on how well you are aware of your father's interests, how carefully you feel about what makes his present life.
  • For sports and health: The choice of a gift for an athlete's dad is unlimited. This is a fashionable modern exercise machine, and a heart rate monitor, and a bicycle for active walks, and a heart rate monitor, and a boxing punch (excellent cardio loads) and so on.
  • For self-development: This includes those things or objects, the development of which my father used to simply lack time. For example, you can give a laptop, if your dad did not have the opportunity to deal with the Internet and play modern computer games. Or there is still such a thing as an interactive designer, where with the help of a huge number of details you can create a variety of architectural forms. Suitable and other items related to the need to think and create. If the dad is very familiar with the computer, then hand him the program that will teach web design or photoshop. It may very well be that you will open your father from an unexpected side.
  • Surprises and impressions are, perhaps, the mostinteresting category. The choice of such gifts in our time is limited only by the imagination and size of the purse. The easiest way to solve the problem of what to give to the Pope for 60 years is to hand him and his mother a permit for a good resort. Just do not forget that sudden changes in climate are undesirable for such mature people. Therefore, do not choose exotic countries - better those that are in close to our climatic zone. Or leave your father to see the Old World: France, England, Italy or Germany. Give a weekend in one of these countries with a unique architecture and a magical atmosphere of the events of the past.
  • Can not afford such a trip? Do not worry, because there is always a way. Consider the option of rest in a good domestic sanatorium or, if the father loves mountain slopes, at a ski resort. Is there no way to travel because of work? Then present as a gift a subscription to the swimming pool or sports club, a certificate for learning to play golf or curling, the ability to learn aerography or photography and so on. Just think about what your father will take with pleasure. And maybe your dad has long wanted to get a pet? Fulfill his desire, choosing in the nursery of a thoroughbred puppy or kitten. Dogs, as is known, require morning and evening walks, which will be beneficial to the health of the owner. They can also make a great company on the hunt or fishing, that is, become your devoted friend for your father. Cats are distinguished by the fact that they have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, relieve the negative, give peace and even normalize the increased blood pressure. Think about such an unusual gift, but only if you are sure that it will be accepted by the jubilee with joy and will not become a burden. It should be noted that whatever your congratulations in honor of his father's 60th birthday, in any case, it should be caring and attention. After all, parents are the most precious people in the life of each of us. And it often happens that adult children rarely pamper them with their presence, referring to eternal employment and cares. However, time is so merciless and inexorable, and therefore do not neglect and the slightest opportunity to once again tell mom and dad about how much you love them. And on a day like his father's birthday, it's just necessary to be near him, with or without a gift, but with sincere congratulations and a magnificent bouquet of flowers. Jeanne Moreau, a French actress and a very wise woman, once said: "Age does not protect you from love, but love protects you from age." Wonderful words that fully formulate what should be the attitude of us, the children, to the parents, so that they can stay together as long as possible. After all, it is so important sometimes, at least for a brief moment, to return to a carefree childhood, after hearing how the father or mother will say: "Hello, my daughter!". We advise you to read: