what to give to a colleague What to give to a colleague? The answer to this question can confound anyone. Not only is the list of gifts strictly limited to corporate culture, so even the lack of information about the hobbies and tastes of your colleague can put you in an uncomfortable situation. All the same gifts are designed to bring joy. And what joy can there be if the presentation, approved by the corporate culture, clearly "smacks" of formalism? Another computer mouse, watch, pen, albeit expensive, or a tasteless picture that can decorate the wall only in the cottage? What can I do to ensure that the gift chosen for colleagues does not look like a mere formality and does not turn into another unnecessary sign of attention on your part? Many advise to choose a gift as if you are doing it for yourself personally. But is this correct? Despite the fact that you work in the same team, everyone has different tastes. Just like hobbies, and things can bring joy. First of all, it is worth getting accustomed to colleagues.

From the life of an office ... spy

Peeping is not good. We were taught this in school, but now it's not about peeking, but about ordinary observation. Look at your colleagues. Each of them is missing something for "complete happiness." Someone rubs his back because of constant sitting in uncomfortable office chairs. Someone shares in the conversation a long-standing desire to go to a concert of a famous band. Someone "vital" needs a visit to a beauty salon or a subscription to a magazine. Any trifle can help you pick up a gift that will not only please the recipient, but also show her that you did not remain indifferent to her needs and desires. By the way, such observance works both at selection of an individual gift, and at a choice of gifts for the general holidays.

Best friends of girls - gift certificates

The most difficult is for those who work in thea purely female team. About the tastes of colleagues in the women's team can learn a lot. But with all this and do not decide for yourself the question, what can you give to colleagues? Rather, an abundance of information can worsen the situation almost to the point of absurdity. Let's say you know that your colleague prefers cosmetics to a particular firm. But donated cosmetics or perfumes can offend, since such a gift can be regarded as a hint that the girl looks bad. It seems that there is no way out, and you once again have to manage a box of chocolates and a jar of coffee? No matter how it is! An excellent way out in this situation will be a gift certificate to a large perfume and cosmetics store. And let the amount will not be so great, but you will be sure that for this amount your colleague will choose exactly the cosmetic that will suit her, which means that your gift will certainly please her. A gift certificate can be designed not only for a visit to the cosmetics department, but also in a SPA salon or a beauty salon. True, such a gift should be presented with extreme caution. You do not need to choose the procedure for which you are going to send your colleague. Contact the selected salon and try to ensure that the amount on the gift certificate can cover several cost-equivalent procedures. And then your gift will not look like an indication of an imaginary defect, the main thing is to give the woman freedom of choice. what to give to a colleague at work

Whatever a man may have tasted, if only ...

If gifts with a colleague are more or lessless clear, then a gift for male colleagues can lead you to some confusion. The hardest part is for those in whose team the men occupy leading positions. What can be given to the boss, who seems to have everything, and the ability to observe him from the outside is minimized? Go to the secretary. She surely sees your bosses more often than you and will be able to tell you about the hobbies of your leader; but here you can not do without an individual approach. Try to play on the characteristic of all men love of shows. Add to this his personal passions and hobbies - here's an original gift for you. If your boss is fond of cold steel, and the Japanese katana you just can not afford, buy an exclusive edition with illustrations of cold weapons. Gift editions of books can be on a variety of topics. For example, books about travel, various encyclopedias, albums with reproductions of artists or the best works of photographers with a world name. The main thing is that the book should correspond to the hobbies of the person to whom you give it. It is known that the hunter's instinct has been inherited from our ancestors by our men. And, choosing a gift, you can play on the irrepressible thirst of men to shoot and hunt. Buy them a subscription to paintball. In this gift, men will get active rest, and thrill in one bottle. And you will enjoy together with them from the consciousness that they have worked to the glory, having shown ingenuity and creative thinking. But if you are afraid that such a gift might not please your colleagues, you always have the opportunity to purchase a collection of collection wines or French cognacs. As well as the picture of the eminent artist, whose exhibitions are regularly held in your city. Or a box of real Havana cigars, if your boss is addicted to this addiction. what can you give to colleagues

Delicious stories

A gift for a colleague can be not only somethingsubject, but also some kind of event. For example, going to a restaurant. True, just ordered in a restaurant table here is hardly suitable. If you want to remember dinner not only as a list of dishes in the menu, but also as a vivid impression, order a culinary show for a colleague in a restaurant. This service is especially popular in good Japanese and Italian restaurants. Right before the eyes of the culprit of the celebration, the chef will arrange a real culinary tale. Each dish will, as they say, prepare for her eyes. With the elements of the show and with the sauce on an individual order. And what can please a woman more than the kind of professionally conjuring in the kitchen of a man? Moreover, he can spy on several real secrets. Another exclusive gift can be cake. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Cake. But not simple, but with a photograph of the culprit or with singing fireworks on the highest tier. There is no limit to perfection. If your colleague prefers special sorts of chocolate cakes, you can order for her a sweet bouquet of chocolate flowers or chocolate sculpture. Most importantly, this gift will make it clear that they chose him with a soul and with thoughts about the person for whom the gift is intended. As you can see, solving the problem of what to give to a colleague at work is quite simple. We have given you a completely incomplete list of possible gifts that can interrupt the cycle of pens and watches, which have become a stereotype of a gift to a colleague. The case remains small. Choose a gift, designed specifically for your colleague, capable of bringing joy and a delighted grateful smile. We advise you to read: