how to choose a gift "Do not look a gift horse in the teeth" - just soaffirms folk wisdom. But we know that they are watching. And how they look! And although no one gives horses any more (with rare exceptions for those in power), most of us are very kind to gifts. And not only to those that we receive, but also to those that we choose. In the latter case, it is especially reverent, if this gift is not on duty, but intended for a loved one, dear and respected. How to choose a gift so that it would not be painfully embarrassing for not being pleased with the gift and painfully hurt for spending money on it? It turns out that if you understand all the rules of choosing a gift, it is neither embarrassing nor painful. On the contrary, the pride of the donor will simply burst, and your gift horse will completely satisfy the new master with an excellent condition of his teeth. And to get it right, you need to understand some psychological subtleties and nuances. Let's start?

What function are the gifts?

If the choice of a gift is suitable by all rules,then first you need to determine its function. This is easy, because all the gifts can have only two functions, though different. First, a gift is a sign of public attention, and giving presents in this case is a real ritual with its traditions. So it is generally accepted that gifts are given for the birthday, gifts are given for the New Year and Christmas, gifts are given for the Eighth March or the Twenty-third of February. To leave a birthday person without a gift, coming to him on a holiday, means to break the tradition and be known as a man who is ill-bred. Do not make a holiday a business partner or just someone with whom you are closely connected outside the sphere of personal interests, then also violate the social norm. In a word, not to give gifts, when they should be given in accordance with established traditions, it is impossible. Or rather, we can, but we live in a society and can not be free from its laws. That is, in this case, when choosing a gift, we are motivated by a sense of duty and a desire to conform to public morality. Secondly, a gift is a sign of personal attention. Here we are guided by our own desire and sincere feeling of love, affection or respect. And we are motivated by the desire to bring joy to an expensive person. Such a gift we make and on the occasion of the holiday, and just like that - in order to express our feelings and emphasize the indifferent attitude. So, gifts on holidays can perform a public or personal function, gifts without reason, rather, only personal. Corporate signs of attention in general - only public. But most often, we choose a gift that combines these two functions. And that's why the choice of a gift often becomes a problem. And what is the meaning of the gift? It turns out that the need for a gift makes us think about people, regardless of our desire. The need to make a gift does not allow you to forget about others, when you yourself do not really remember yourself in the bustle of life. The need for a gift makes you refresh your memory and feelings. And this is the main meaning of the gift - do not move away from people, remember them and remind them about yourself. The main thing is that attention should not be formal (even in the formal case). gift how to choose

How to choose a gift in terms of importance?

Choosing a gift, you need to decide on hishierarchy, which directly depends on the importance of the moment and on the importance (for you) of the person to whom the gift is intended. The status of the gift is determined by the importance of the moment and the status of the person to whom the gift is intended. And the status of a gift is expressed by its appearance and its value (unfortunately, another one, unfortunately, has not yet been invented). Importance of the moment or Gift status Each occasion for a gift has its own degree of importance. And if you just give a CD with an interesting film to your friend, and then on the same friend's birthday again come with a disc, at the best, you will simply be misunderstood. And at worst - be condemned. Because the gift "just so" is lower than the birthday present. In addition, all the reasons for the gift have their own "table of ranks." Particularly solemn occasions include special gifts. As a rule, these are expensive gifts (what to do, we are all used to estimating in money terms). By the way, expensive gifts on an insignificant occasion are also inappropriate. Such a gift can put in an awkward position the person who received it. As for the type of gift, here, too, one must follow the established traditions and the status of the moment. There are generally accepted norms for gift giving on different occasions. Some gifts are appropriate for the wedding, others are for the anniversary, and some are good for the New Year. We still have a gift "in the envelope". However, a good tone is only the donation of banknotes for a wedding. In all other cases (except for specially stipulated) it is already mauvais. The closeness of relations, or the status of the recipient. Here we are talking about the closeness and hierarchy of the relationship between the one who gives and the one who receives the gift. And, naturally, the choice of a gift is determined both by its value and by its "intimacy". And all people for each of us are divided into those about whom we think more, and those whose attention to us is not so closely. Strange as it may seem, but the closer and dearer the person is to us, the more difficult it is to choose a gift for him. A little-known person does not expect special attention from us. Therefore, any gift will be his joy. Close people are counting on special attention, and it's difficult to guess how exactly this attention is understood. And the real difficulty is presenting a gift for those who live with us in the same house. Common cares, the overall budget and common needs sometimes negate all the joy of a gift. And most often the gifts themselves are reduced to utilitarian things: clothes or household appliances. But, it should be noted that such gifts can actually bring a lot of joy. And if you have the opportunity to really surprise a loved one, then use it, and do not spare money and energy for this. Not very close people to give gifts is also not easy. The hierarchy of relations should be respected, but without personal participation in the choice of a gift you can not do. In this case, the gift should be inexpensive, but appropriate. You can not give candy to someone who does not eat them, alcohol to someone who does not drink it, and a book to someone who does not read. If you do not know anything about the tastes of a particular person, then you need to choose a neutral gift (handmade soap, for example, will not be superfluous for anyone). It is important only to remember that it was already presented to you by this person, so as not to repeat. Friends in this respect are beyond competition. We know them well, they are easier than our relatives forgive our inattention, they are sympathetic to our material problems (of course, if we are talking about real friends). It is for this category of gift recipients that it is easiest to choose something useful and enjoyable. choose a gift

How to choose a gift and not to lose?

The abundance of goods has a reverse and impartialside when it comes to choosing a gift. In fact, everything that we can buy for a gift to a particular person, he can buy himself and himself. So let's try to figure out how to bring joy to a person by choosing a certain type of gift for him. He sees the eye ... With a plethora of goods, everyone has the opportunity to buy what they like for themselves, of course. However, not everyone can realize this possibility. Therefore, to give a person what he wants, but he will not buy himself for some reason - the most win-win option. For example, lovers of cognac or whiskey will always be happy to receive as a gift expensive varieties of these drinks. A housewife, content with an old vacuum cleaner, will be pleased with his new model. And elderly parents who like to watch serials on a good, but outdated TV, will be grateful to you for the plasma panel presented on the anniversary of their wedding. Once a birch, two birch trees ... A collectible gift is an excellent gift for someone who collects something. And here there are no restrictions for the choice, except for one: you need to have an idea not only the subject of collecting, but also the composition of the collection. And if the object of donation collects, for example, porcelain figurines or figurines of cats (elephants, rabbits), vintage cognacs or samovars, boldly give a new collector's item - do not go wrong. There is one more variant of collectible gifts: to form a collection personally. That is, for example, to give his mother for every New Year a new branded scarf, or to a friend on the twenty-third of February a new beer mug. As a result, such an "offering of gifts" will turn into a touching ritual, and the gift will be expected and enjoyable. Orriginalno ... It was this phrase that reacted to the extraordinary message of Shurik heroine Natalia Krachkovskaya in the famous comedy Gaidai. Your gift can also cause such a reaction (astonished admiration), if it is really original. Material value such a gift, as a rule, does not represent, but emotionally the original gift can deliver no less joy than any useful or expensive thing. In the number of original gifts can be attributed and gift certificates, not only for a trip to the store, but to participate in some pleasant event (dance lessons, massage sessions, season tickets to the beauty salon). However, original gifts can only be designed for people with a sense of humor or who can appreciate the creativity of an idea. Otherwise, such a gift can be assessed as tactless, or even offended. So stopping at the choice of the original gift is only if you know the addressee well and can confidently predict his reaction to such a surprise. Touching, to tears ... An intangible gift, or a gift-share, a gift-attention. A gift intended solely for one person. Written in his honor poems or song, "memoirs" of relatives, colleagues or classmates, a real portrait of the photo, a musical slide show. Such a gift is probably the best. Because it will cause a flurry of joy and positive emotions. Because it is made from the heart, with sincere feelings and a desire to please. By the way, handmade gifts can also be attributed to this category of gifts. After all, if you do something for a person with your own hands, this is doubly valuable. However, stopping at such a gift, remember that he is very personal, and therefore only intended for especially close people. Therefore, before you choose a birthday present for your mom (or dad), on the anniversary of your grandmother or on the occasion of graduation from a school (college, university) sister or brother, think about this gift option. And in general, come to the choice of a gift consciously. What will bring joy to someone you want to congratulate? That's the main question that you need to look for when choosing a gift. And anything can become a source of such joy: from an amusing trifle to a new car. To show attention and deliver joy is your main task. So do it. We advise you to read: