what to give for a golden wedding The half-century anniversary of the family is an occasion for compulsorycelebration of this event. To live 50 years side by side with one person, go through all the hardships and adversities that are encountered in the way of each couple, while preserving love, respect, warm and tender feelings - all this is worth it to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding in a big way. It is not necessary to invite many guests, spend a huge amount of money on a restaurant. It is enough to gather all the friendly family at the same table to congratulate those who managed to spend a long life with each other, give birth to children and remain a couple that deserves to be proud of. Naturally, no such celebration can not do without presents. Before to tell about what gifts for a gold wedding it is accepted to give, and from what it is better to refuse, let's be defined with sense which is incorporated in the name of the anniversary.

Gold wedding and how to celebrate it

By the name of the jubilee it is not difficult to understand that histhe symbol is gold. This expensive metal of yellow color was appreciated at all times. It is very heavy, malleable and "permanent". This material experts attribute to chemical inert substances, that is, that they do not undergo oxidation. That is why the name of the anniversary sounds like "golden", symbolizing the strength, value and permanence of marriage and relations between spouses. Perhaps someone will find it strange, at least, that after the sapphire and ruby ​​weddings, the 50th anniversary was named in honor of the metal. After all, despite its nobility, it is cheaper than the above-mentioned precious stones. However, it should be borne in mind that in ancient times (of course, today is no exception), gold was very much appreciated and used, while few others saw it, it was a little later that they entered the everyday life of rich well-off families. So, with the history of the name "golden wedding" we have decided, now let's talk about how it can be celebrated. The spouses very rarely act as initiators of the solemn event, therefore, if your parents do not even think about holding a holiday, we suggest organizing it yourself. This is exactly what will be your main gift for their anniversary, which, if desired, can be supplemented with other presentations, but we will talk about this a little later. It is not necessary to put a feast on the whole world - invite the closest. The place of the event can be a small cozy cafe or restaurant. However, in advance, check with the prices of the institution, the menu, the number of seats in the halls and so on. To create a special atmosphere, decorate the room with family photos, images of spouses made in different years of their life. Then make a list of guests - invite relatives and closest friends of the jubilees. Surely your parents will be very pleased if on this day next to them will be children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After all, this is a living testimony of their lives lived in vain! As you know, the most pleasant and valuable gift for any person is the love and care of people dear to him. In advance, notify guests about the place of the celebration and the time of its beginning - this can be done verbally or order special invitation cards. Parents to the last do not report on their idea - let it be a surprise. Think of a pretext to "lure" them out of the house, for example, tell them that you are calling them to your house for dinner and the uniform should be dressed. After all the guests have gathered, bring the heroes. Preliminary talk with the guests that, when the perpetrators of the celebration enter the room, everyone will have to greet them with cheers. Such a gift parents will surely not forget! In general, the golden anniversary is celebrated as splendidly as the wedding itself. This is evidenced by the traditions and customs that have come down to us from the past. Bypassing the 50th anniversary is not worth it, because this is a kind of milestone, after which the next stage of joint life begins. gifts for a golden wedding

Best gift for a golden wedding

If we talk about traditions, then back in ancient RussiaThere was a custom to present a handkerchief embroidered with gold threads on the 50th anniversary of married life. At the height of the holiday, the eldest daughter or son covered their shoulders and mother's head. Guests showered the spouses with sonorous coins, yellow leaves, as well as wheat and other grains, thereby wanting material prosperity, fidelity, warmth and happiness. Performing the rite, all the congregation said the words: "How did the golden rain of love, understanding and well-being pass over you 50 years ago, so let it shed for half a century!" Close relatives and children gave the initiators of the wedding a new wedding ring, of course, they were gold. The couple wore jewelry, and the former was given to great-grandchildren or grandchildren "for luck". So in olden times it was believed that together with the rings, the husband and wife convey to the young their patience and wisdom, on which all their years kept their union. Today, many do not know and do not observe these traditions, so modern young people choose presents, guided by fashion trends and habits. If your parents celebrate their 50th anniversary of joint life, then, as we already mentioned above, the best gift for them will be a perfectly organized holiday with family and close friends. Be sure to prepare a beautiful congratulation, because you will probably have to make a speech. It can be framed in a poetic form. Give the heroes a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a household appliance (for example, a TV, a food processor or something else), a trip to a health resort. In general, "include" your imagination, because who knows how, what do your parents love and do not know. Orient your choice to their tastes, interests and, of course, consider the amount you are willing to leave in the store. Perhaps you were invited to share a joyful event with them - 50 years of marriage - friends, and now the main question you are tormenting is what to give to a golden wedding for them? Let's look in more detail at all possible options. Of course, first of all determine the amount that you are ready to allocate for purchase. The fact is that it is traditionally customary to give gold for the 50th anniversary, why - we think, it is not necessary to explain. Such products are rather expensive, especially since recently this metal has increased significantly in price. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to buy a good quality item, you should not trade out for low-quality goods or fakes. In this case, manage a huge bouquet of flowers. You can, for example, order it in a special salon. If you have special talents, for example, you know how to draw, cut wood, write poetry or compose music, present a gift made with your own hand: a picture, an odd job or a song dedicated to them. Products made of gold - jewelry or accessories - are usually presented by children, grandchildren and other close relatives, and friends and other guests may well confine themselves to original and interesting gifts - products with gilding. Today almost any object can be decorated with engraving. Buy wall or wristwatches, a statuette, an unusual vase, a set of dishes, and contact a specialist who will write a congratulatory inscription. A suitable and exclusive gift will also be a picture in an exquisite gilded frame. You can even depict on it the very perpetrators of the celebration. In this case, the main thing is to choose a professional artist who will perform his work qualitatively and draw the spouses as realistically as possible. Not all people tend to tie gifts to the symbolism of a date of the wedding calendar. But it's not so bad, because everyone is free to do as he sees fit. In addition, thanks to this, the jubilees receive a lot of various gifts. If you want to stand out from the crowd of donors and present an original and memorable gift, you do not have to buy an expensive thing, the main thing is to beautifully decorate your exit. Do not know how to do this? We'll tell you. The main task is to "beat" the festive date, that is, 50 years of conjugal unity of the couple:

  • Almost every woman loves flowers, so it is appropriate to present his wife 50 beautiful red roses on long stems;
  • Contact the agency involved in the organizationholidays. Usually they provide additional services for decorating rooms and gifts and will surely be able to make an original composition of balls with a mention of a memorable date;
  • Say a beautiful congratulatory speech, and thendonate chocolate medals in the number of years lived by the couple. You can also replace them with one big one with the inscription "50 years together". And after that, present your main present (picture, wall clock, jewelry, original album-book, in which the whole family tree or other is entered);
  • Cheerful and happy celebrators will be able to T-shirts with a picture of a couple or with a sentimental, serious or funny inscription. All this will make the celebration truly unforgettable.

The most unexpected and memorable gift for50-year anniversary - a voucher for two to a sanatorium, a holiday home or a specialized health resort. If there is such an opportunity, pay the spouses a trip to the places where their relationship was born. Perhaps they have always dreamed of visiting this or that city, so do everything to make their fantasies come true! In general, you can give anything your soul desires, the main thing is that the gift should be made from the heart. In addition, the most precious and valuable gift to the heroes of the day has been presented by fate - acquaintance with each other and a huge love of 50 years! We advise you to read: