holiday games for a fun company Try to make an associative number to the word"a game". What comes first to your mind? Childhood, salochki, hide and seek and bouncers. And now try to change the conditions a little and do the same, only now think of an association to the phrase "games for adults". So, stop! No role-playing erotic fantasies and similar thoughts. Imagine games in which you could play in a warm company of friends at a party or on a holiday. You say that you came from the age when you could play games? You are fundamentally wrong. There are no age restrictions for games. And sometimes adult solid people play more gambling children. Imagine an average festive party. The table was already empty, congratulations and wishes were heard, the guests chatted, danced and ... started yawning. So, take your feet in your arms and run from such unholiday holidays, from which all the pluses are extra pounds on the hips. But the minuses are more than enough. After such holidays, you notice that friends are less likely to agree to your invitations, finding urgent cases and excuses. Is it offensive? And everything could be different if you took a chance, showed your imagination and came up with games for a holiday for a fun company. Enough to sour, let's play!

Stick, stick, cucumber or broken fax

If you are not sure that your idea will be playedaccepted "with a bang," start with a simple, easy-to-play game. So to speak, warm-up. Give your guests a clean sheet of A4 paper and a pencil. Ask them to line up one another at a distance of 20 centimeters. And now the latest in the line show the picture. It can be a drawing of a cat, a dog, a butterfly. The main thing is to make the drawing simple. But not a little cucumber - it's too easy. The guest should attach a sheet to the back of the participant standing in front of him and draw what he saw. And in front, standing, in turn, on sensations, not peeping, should try to depict what is painted on his back. And so on, along the chain. You can guarantee that the masterpieces will cause a merry laugh. Straight like a broken fax in your office.

Closer to the body

You are convinced that your guests are willing to acceptparticipation in games, and the emotional degree in the company and without the help of strong drinks became higher. You can proceed to the next game. You will need two sets of cards with the names of body parts and several pairs of participants (the guy is a girl). You pair them at will and turn on the music. The facilitator approaches each pair during the dance and offers to choose cards. For example, in a couple the guy pulled out a card "cheek", and the girl "knee". When all the cards are handed out, the presenter must remember the combinations that each pair has gotten. In the middle of the dance, the leader cries out: "Attention! Knee and Cheek. " The couple who received these cards, should touch each other these parts of the body, continuing the dance. Imagine what combinations can be, and you will understand how fun everyone can be.

In the tundra, each Eskimo rubs a spout on the spout

Remember this nursery rhyme? This is how we call the following game, which can quite open your guests a lot of new ways, as well as than kissing. And the standard Eskimo "kiss" noses seem innocent. In order to play this game, you need to choose a volunteer guy. He is blindfolded and turns his back to the audience. Girls are lining up behind him. The facilitator approaches each girl and asks if the young man wants to kiss this girl. And so on, until the volunteer answers "yes." Then the fun begins. The leader points to the part of the girl's body and asks that we will kiss. Until the answer is "this". Then the subject is asked to guess the part of the body that he has to kiss. He says, for example, "ear". Then the host announces that the guy should kiss the back of the stranger with his ear and asks to demonstrate. What there Eskimos, our imagination is much more fun and unusual!

We'll go to the moon

Games for adults on holiday should not beonly cheerful, but also mobile. Especially if your party is in the summer at the dacha. Expansion assumes a greater scope. Play the "Lunokhod". For this game, all volunteers must stand on all fours. Every Lunokhod gets a number. Lunokhods move, loudly repeating their numbers: "I am a Lunokhod-1", "I am a Lunokhod-2" and so on. And, the phrases do not stop there. You can carry any "nonsense": "I am a lunar rover-2, take a sample of the ground." At the same time, he can take a sandwich from the table, then give a speech about the edibility of the lunar soil. The main thing in this business is not to laugh. The laughed out of the game. Leave the limits of the suburban area is not recommended. Who knows how to react to neighbors that are unusual for such games. games for adults on holiday

Domino effect

This game is also better to play outdoors. The leader collects those who wish and tells them that they are bears. Then adventures begin. Here it is very important that the facilitator has a well-developed imagination, as he will have to devise classes for a whole flock of bears. For example, the bears woke up in the morning and went for a walk. All participants depict how the bear wakes up and how it walks. The bear walked and was tired, and sat down to rest. All participants must squat down. The leader does not stop the narrative, weaving everything in his canvas, which, in his opinion, should make a bear. The main thing is to periodically give the bearish order to squat. And in the tenth or twentieth halt, it's unexpected to push the last "bear" so that the whole group would lie down and shout: "Bear is a boo!". Kucha-mala of laughing bears - an amusing sight.

Marasmus was growing stronger

For this game it is advisable that in your companythere was a pair of guests. Although, if it is not so, one person can take on the duties of the presenter. You will need to prepare 20 questions and 20 answers for them, printed on strips of paper. Partners in a pair pull out one strip, someone a question, and someone an answer. The one who has a question, reads it to his partner, and the second read out the answer. But since the questions and answers were drawn at random, the question is quite common: "Tell me, do you often wear it?" You can get an answer: "Only for a decent fee." Questions can be any. The main thing is that every question in the pack has a suitable answer. And it is desirable that there should be no vulgarity, because random combinations of questions and answers by themselves will be quite ridiculous. And spoil the holiday with deliberate vulgarity is not the best idea.

Submarine in the steppes of Ukraine was killed in an unequal air battle

For this game you will need several pens andsheets of paper. This simple set is distributed to the participants. Each of them must write on the sheet above the name of the hero, better than the literary character. Bend the sheet so that you hide the name, and send it to a neighbor. You get the same leaflet from the neighbor on the other side. Further answers to questions, any: "Where did the hero go? What feat did he accomplish? Whom did the hero meet on his way? "And so on. And the sheets at the same time and are transmitted in a circle. But each continues to write exactly the answers that fit the chosen literary character. In the final, in the process of reading all the "stories", you will get a lot of fun.

Mimes - by

If you just do not have enough fun games, then here'syou need a game that requires the participants to be smart. All guests are divided into two teams. Participants in the first team think of a word (a noun) and a proverb or proverb. All conceived is communicated to the representative of the second team, who is given a minute for consideration. Then he announces, the word or phrase will explain to his team. He must explain the word in silence, using only facial expressions and gestures. A proverb, a proverb, a stable phraseological turn can be explained with gestures except in words, avoiding the utterance of any word out of the phrase. The team of competitors carefully monitors compliance with this rule. His team gives out options during the show or story. Guessing is limited by time. Then the teams change roles. For each guessed word the team is credited with 1 point, for the phrase - 3. In the role of interpreter in each team should visit everything. The spirit of competition and a lot of funny situations in the game will make your holiday unforgettable. Hold out your hand to the holiday, say "no" to boring feasts. Come up with funny games for adult holidays, and your friends will be happy to respond to every one of your invitations.