what to do if the guy ignores You have already come to the conclusion that meeting with a manthe dream of your life has finally happened - you met a guy whose personality just fits perfectly into your ideas about what your chosen one should be. Everything turns out so miraculously that even in that the number of his car ends at a figure of five, you guess the fateful signs. After all, one of the numbers of your date of birth is also a five - can not it just be a coincidence? At this very moment, when you are mentally ready to soar to the very peak of bliss from the sense of proximity of full and unshaken happiness, something unexpected happens. A person who takes so many of your thoughts, disappears completely from your horizon or just stops noticing you at point-blank range. You do not understand what is happening. A woman, as an emotional being, immediately surrounds a swarm of thoughts, the main among which is this: what happens? Indeed, what if the guy ignores the girl? Before you do something and take, you must make an effort to pull yourself together and calm down. After a panic, few people help to think in a sensible way, and in a temper, and in general you can break such firewood, which then it will be awkward to remember. Of course, like any interested person, you can not remain completely indifferent to what is happening. But calmness will help you to understand the reasons why a guy began to ignore you and began to behave in such a mysterious way; it will be easier for you to draw the appropriate conclusions and then begin to act. Most of the alleged and possible reasons why a man ignores a girl will be discussed in our article. We will miss only the most unusual and rare of them: premature death (everyone knows that it can also happen, sadly), abduction by aliens from an unfriendly galaxy or the work of this man in top-secret organs, which made him disappear from your life by duty of service. Of course, it is not necessary to completely deny the potential possibility of such a development of events, but we should pay attention to things that happen much more often in our life. if the guy ignores the girl

Why a man ignores: causes and scenarios

What real reasons can make a man forget - for a time or for ever - about your existence?

  • His heart is already taken up

Despite the majorityfemale representatives the view that "every man has only one thing on his mind" and all of them as one change their partners, this is not entirely true. There are rare specimens that want and know how to remain faithful to their lady of heart. Perhaps you took it quite ordinary for the communication between familiar people signs of attention for the manifestation of more tender feelings? As a decent man, he decided to change his behavior and acted in such a way that you have no illusions that there is nothing between you but normal acquaintance. Dont be upset. Find out for a start his marital status, and act on the basis of the information received. If this assumption turns out to be true, well ... The world is full of free men, and you should pay attention to them this very minute. Rejoice for yourself that you are lucky to avoid contact with a non-free man, and thank him (mentally enough) for not using your interest for bad purposes.

  • A lone wolf or a free wanderer

You are a wonderful creature and can make yourpresence of the life of any Prince, but only the fact that his happiness - this is freedom, including from the relationship. He understands perfectly, looking into your eyes that optional communication is not for you, but to offer more is not possible for him. He did not bother you, preferring to simply ignore you, not burdening yourself with any explanations about this. Another reason to say "thank you" to your lucky star, which saved you from the pain of unrequited love. Is not it beautiful? To hurry with conclusions it is not necessary, simply observe its further behavior, listen, what reputation at it in its environment, then already and it will be possible to sum up. If the reason for his behavior is due to the fact that the status of a free guy suits him much more than the happiness of mutual love, then worry about such a loss of meaning does not. You just do not follow the path with this man: you have different goals and values.

  • Little Gray Rabbit Trouser ...

He is afraid and too unsure of himself. Men, in spite of the status of strong and determined personalities, can also experience fear. In the relationship, this concerns the fear of getting from the gate a turn from the interested girl. Agree, very few people will remain in peace if the situation develops in this way. This behavior can be justified if the guy has already received a rejection of the fair sex, if he experienced an unsuccessful experience of love relationships; yes, in fact, anything could cause his uncertainty. After all, we can not look into his past to know exactly why he began to behave this way with you. It is necessary to understand what exactly made him surrender his positions without a fight. If this is a past unfortunate experience or the refusal of another girl - this is one thing, it is completely curable, the main thing is to show understanding and let the guy know that you are another girl and your relationship will be quite different, even compared to the past to nothing. A person whose uncertainty is the norm of life, this is quite another matter. Think about whether it's worth trying to regain his interest, even if at the very beginning of your acquaintance, when the surging feelings cause people to lose their heads and do courageous deeds, did he surrender and disappear from your life?

  • The less a girl we love, the ... less we love her, everything is simple

To accept such reason for any girl will not bevery nice, but it also happens. Unfortunately, the formula of love has not yet been deciphered by any scientist, and it is quite possible that it will never be possible for anyone to do it. Attraction to you, on the same, magical level, he did not happen. It's not about you, not about your fascination and attractiveness or their absence, character or sense of humor. It is nature, pure nature and instincts. Well, it did not happen, the magic spark did not come through! You can only be good friends, that's all. You can sprinkle ash on your head, accusing fate of cruelty and injustice, plunge into sad reflections and woeful thoughts. Believe that time can be spent more sensibly, if you remain a positive and contented life. In your life there will necessarily be a man who will lose his head from you - from the smell of your hair, voice, laughter, movements. Should I risk the chance to meet this same guy, grieving for what has not happened? Probably, it will be better to radiate again a great mood and goodwill!

  • The catch itself catches up with the hunter

In the case where the initiative in the relationship goesfrom the hands of a guy into the hands of a girl, be prepared for the fact that he will lose interest in you. When a guy pays attention to you and you feel that you have hooked it, do not start rushing things. Let him know that his interest is seen by you, flirt, but do not deprive him of the pleasure of conquering you further, because it is so appreciated by men. Even if you made such a mistake, thanks to which the man is now ignoring you, it's too early to worry, because everything is not lost. Get involved in this game! You should not pretend to pretend that he is indifferent to you, or to go with the expression "And not painfully you wanted to!" Or "The fool himself." Try to return the distance that was between you to the rapprochement, keep a neutral-friendly manner of communication and behave the way you behave absolutely with all friends or acquaintances. Nothing to hold him against the wall in an attempt to find out what happens if his interest in you suddenly began to fade; but politely say hello, smile and defree past you need to. If the reason for his dismissed behavior is related to this category, then both of you such a breathing space will give time to think about what to do next - to develop relationships or not.

  • So do not behave!

I do not want to think about this, but it canit turns out that the reason for his reluctance to communicate with you has become something in your manners, behavior or character. To guess, what exactly it could alienate, can be rather problematic, especially at the first stages of acquaintance. For example, a non-smoker may be intolerant of a girl with such a habit, although it may be completely loyal to her. First, answer yourself to the question whether you are ready to give up something to please another person. To change and improve for the better for oneself, for the joy and good of a loved one is one thing. This behavior is justified and is considered the norm. Become someone else who you really are not, break yourself and your character, cardinally change something in appearance only because of the whim of another person - will this be true of yourself?

  • Tactics and strategy for the conquest of women

Men consider us mysterious, women, but inour eyes themselves are a very difficult to understand object. Perhaps it occurred to him that you would become more and more fond of him if he moved away from you after the rapprochement. He began to act on the basis of this strange idea, but will soon again make every effort to return your attention. Perhaps it seems to him that such maneuvers will add to his attractiveness in your eyes? This person clearly wants to be mysterious to you! Here it is necessary to collect the will into a fist and call for help all its endurance. If his tactics and strategy with respect to the weaker sex resembles a pendulum, then soon the reverse action will begin, which after an imaginary cooling will return to you the object of your desires. Be patient, do not make any reckless actions, just wait, and that's it. The main thing, do not take an example from him, because you yourself understand how painfully it turns out to be ignored, especially without any visible reason. what to do if a man ignores

Life goes on

Whatever the reason is, ultimately,the most suitable for your situation, dear ladies, miss one simple thing: life is beautiful and amazing. It is beautiful with its unpredictability, diversity and always available alternative, which it provides us. We can be sad about the fact that a man we like has started to ignore us, we can remain calm and take it philosophically, we can try to find out from him what's wrong. The choice is always ours. Learn to use them correctly, and then situations in which you will be sad, will be less, and the moments when you are happy and calm - more and more. As you know, happy women have a very special aura that attracts the opposite sex. Therefore, even in a situation where one of the guys decided that your society is superfluous for him, you can always attract the attention of another admirer - your positive attitude to life and those around you. We wish you this time to be a man who will be able to appreciate all the charms of your female charm. Believe in yourself, in your attractiveness (which is not always only external), and be happy!