how to flirt with a man For many ladies, the concept of flirting does not quitethe right reaction. Some people associate flirting with obscene behavior, but someone perceives it as a non-binding relationship. However, both are deeply mistaken. The fact is that flirting is just a love game, a way to attract attention and like the opposite sex. Flirtation is the art of seduction. But if you are not satisfied with such an interpretation, then consider flirting the art of fascination. All women can flirt. But, firstly, not everyone knows about this, and secondly, not everyone can flirt with men correctly. As you know, the best is the enemy of the good. So when some ladies are too zealous, then their behavior simply scares off men. But flirting should be easy, unobtrusive, intriguing. So how do you flirt with a man? What you need to do to attract attention and interest the object in person, and what can not be done categorically? Let's figure it out.

Rules of literate flirting

Remember that flirting is a game, so beready to lose. After all, even if it is right to flirt with a man, this may not bring the expected results. Nevertheless, few of the men remain completely indifferent to the woman who owns the art of flirting. Remember how the heroine of the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" stopped men at a glance? We, of course, are not geishas, ​​and we are far away from such a virtuoso art of flirting, but we need to begin with this. So, look. It is he who is responsible for establishing contact. From the way a woman looks at a man, the future of their relationship (or his absence) depends. The look must attract, no matter what exactly it will be: languid, playful, dreamy or confident. To make your view eloquent, try to say to yourself what you would like to say to him out loud: "I like you", "I want you to come to me", "It was about you that I dreamed all my life." Practice in front of the mirror and find your image in the art of visual sending. Smile. This is the second thing that you should do right, and that you need to rehearse. A smiling woman always evokes sympathy for men. A smile, like a look, should be attractive. Just do not need to smile in all thirty-two teeth. In the art of flirting, it is important to master not only the ability to smile beautifully, but also the ability to smile to the place, that is, on time. A smile can be shy, playful, excusable, mocking ... But it must be sincere. Can you smile like that? If so, then the success of your love game is almost assured. Movement. In psychology, there is the concept of body language. It is subconscious movements that give out the true intentions and mood of the interlocutor. We perceive these signs on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you want a man without words to understand that he is not indifferent to you, then remember a few movements that better than any words will help him to understand everything correctly:

  • Demonstration of wrists. You can correct the wristwatch, finger the bracelet, slightly pull up the sleeve. But all these movements must be done as if by the way.
  • Touching the hair. Well, there's no need to teach you what to do.
  • Perfection. This again applies, first of all, to all of the hairstyles. Usually women, wanting to please men, slightly throw my head back, shaking my hair. At the subconscious level, this looks quite natural, but how do you manage to do it consciously? Practice in front of the mirror.
  • Voice of the flesh. Yes, the woman also demonstrates her sexual interest unconsciously. She can lick her lips, play a half-detached shoe, gently rocking her on the tip of her foot, stroking the wine glass. Take on the arms and these signs.

Touch. It's about touching a woman to a man. Oh, how many can say such an accidental touch! Here you are as if accidentally touched his hand, that's wiped an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder, that's corrected the tie or buttoned button at the collar ... There is a contact! A man not only feels, but already understands your interest. Only all touches should be light, almost imperceptible - fleeting. The words. Ladies, do not be silent, but do not talk too much. The best words to help you interest a man are compliments. Find an opportunity to tell him how courageous or strong he is, how clever and noble he is. Even if it's outright flattery, the man will take it. Just do not confuse frank flattery with rude - do not praise in a man those qualities that he does not possess. And make compliments easily! In general, lightness is the main condition of the game. Try to look natural: a sweep of the eyelashes, a half-smile, a beckoning look, a casual touch, a compliment - and here it is almost at your feet! Yes, yes, this is the whole power of charm and the meaning of flirting. Just do it right and do not make obvious and implicit mistakes, otherwise find yourself in a loser. how to flirt with a man

Errors of flirting

The first thing you need to remember isattentive, that is, follow the reaction of a man. You must not only control your own words and actions provided for by the game, but also observe how the man reacts to all this. You just have to cause only positive emotions and maintain his good mood. If a man is not disposed to such a game, you will immediately understand this. What, then, today is not your day. Do not overdo it. A woman desperate to like, sometimes looks vulgar or stupid. However, both will completely ruin the game and kill the charm of the moment of charm. So be more moderate in expressing your emotions, do not laugh at every occasion, do not hang on the object, do not grab his hands at every opportunity and do not praise him about and without reason. Be feminine. Do not try to become "your boyfriend" - a man (if he is of normal orientation) will be interested only in the opposite sex, and not an individual in the power of unisex. Be able to emphasize your femininity and clothing, and voice, and movements. By the way, impeccable in terms of neatness and well-groomed appearance - an indispensable condition for successful flirting with men.

Object of flirtation

Girls! The object of your game can be absolutely any man. After all, the beauty of flirting is that it can become a prelude to a closer and more serious relationship, or it may remain a pleasant game in "like - do not like". You can start flirting with a completely unfamiliar man, with a colleague at work, with a fellow student, with a neighbor, even with your own husband. Only with each of the objects you need to flirt correctly. If this is a completely unfamiliar or unfamiliar man, then your main weapon should be a look, a smile, a movement. At the next stage we complement our offensive with touches and compliments. Well, and if this is your own husband, then you can flirt openly and, how to say it, purposefully. However, we want to warn you against thoughtless following of questionable advice from glamorous magazines. how to flirt with men

Flirting with her husband. What not to do?

According to the first advice, should be in a prominent placeleave your favorite note with intriguing content for the upcoming entertainment. Now imagine your husband in this situation. Perhaps you will be able to intrigue him, of course, only in what sense of the word. Imagine the following situation: your husband opens a driver's license, and inside a note with transparent hints, signed by your name. What can one think when reading such a message, your husband? It does not even occur to him that the author of this note is his own wife, he will start to be nervous, trying to remember who Tanya or Valya is, who threatens your quiet family happiness with him. In the evening, when you meet your husband from work, you will pour oil on the fire with your mysterious appearance and vague hints. A pretty adventure will turn out. Most likely, this evening you will not be up to flirting with your own husband. Or here is another tip. Almost every man simply adores, when a woman appears before him in the image of a seductive nymph dressed in sexy underwear or frankly short dress. Of course, young and beautiful women are almost any outfits. As for middle-class women, they are unlikely to risk appearing in such clothing. If, of course, their task is not to make their loved one laugh and cheer him up after a hard day's work. Next advice. Order a table for two in an expensive restaurant and have a romantic evening, but naturally you will have to pay the bill yourself. First, many families have money in common. And, secondly, among us there are not many wealthy women who can afford to visit such expensive institutions. Even if you have extra money, before you follow this advice, think carefully about whether it will bring some special piquancy to your sexual relations. And, finally, another way of journal seduction. Offer your husband to make love in some unconventional place for you, for example, in the hayloft, on the roof or in the rocking chair. The advice to get rid of stereotypes in behavior is more suitable for those who have little difficulty in real life, or for those who do not think their life without overcoming them. And seriously, in such a complicated and complicated business as love, universal advice is not and can not be. After all, no one knows your husband the way you know him. And if you are going to flirt with your own husband, it's up to you to decide how to do it. Nobody canceled the rules of flirting, and, believe me, they work, like hundreds of years ago. And even the means used by women to seduce the object of their passion have not changed much. So look around - there are so many men in whose eyes you will become the most seductive and desirable if you know how to flirt! So, remember. Sweep of eyelashes, half-smile, attracting sight, casual touch, compliment - and now he is almost at your feet! Good luck! We advise you to read: