About treason ... spiritual I am sincerely convinced that such a concept as spiritual treason was invented by our beloved, inimitable, such ever-clever women. A , to somehow support them, they just came up withcategory of treason. If I write on the topic sincerely, I admit that the first sexual experience (since the last millennium ... How many years have passed?) Was with a girl who decided to change her beloved. And after "this," she admitted that she had not changed him spiritually. That I did not do anything. I was not going to. By the way, he was a married man. This of course, my friend did not like, that's why I decided to "go left." Like, here is the night, he is now with his wife, even if he knows about my sincere feelings, but why am I worse? The familiar priests with whom I spoke did not surprise me with comments on the topic. Heard in return, still a sin: no matter how changed - spiritually or body. This is only the "cunning" of people who are weak in spirit - to divide treason into "categories". And basically I agree with them, despite my recent atheistic views. I read somewhere that it is women who offend when their "halves" are changed spiritually. What then is this "halves"? Agree! A offends, respectively, the opposite - physicalbetrayal of loved ones. And the reasoning of psychologists about the fact that women can less feel pleasure after sex "on the side" because they will be greatly choked by the sense of guilt and the fact that changing the father of children changes and the latter, to put it mildly, in my opinion, are controversial. It is believed that with the presence of spiritual intimacy not with her husband, but with another man, a woman can in the future go to the latter. And whether it is necessary to him will be? And this opinion was remembered to me: spiritual betrayal in women often leads to physical intimacy. Logically, if men - "primitive beings" - change physically, then as a result they can reach spiritual treason? Consequently, they get fantastic impressions in their campaigns against the mistress, also in the future they can "go" to one of them? Never! In a minimum of cases! - you know, mistresses. And let him tell you that he is cozy with you, so warmly spiritually, he will not be with you, despite the "spiritual intimacy". It was very interesting to hear the words on the topic from respected women. One confessed that she was cheating on her husband spiritually because not everything can tell him because he will say something to him, but he will make the wrong conclusions. And he ... With him you can almost talk about everything. And, let him also be unfree, the main thing is that there is spiritual closeness. Another woman surprised her with her own reasoning. She believes that spiritual treason is, for example, when she is Orthodox, he is a Catholic, and in his family tradition that they marry (married only) Catholics. She would "change" - she changed the religion. But my personal opinion - when they begin to divide a single God into a confession, this is already ... From men he heard (who would doubt that they say so) about the benefits of treason - physical. Like, I return to my wife and I understand that she is still the best! And yet - that's changed his wife, like he fell in love with another, and where is the guarantee that I will not change another? Male logic: I liked the woman - and go! Why with her then in bed to think how he betrayed his wife? Maybe he got a little confused about his thoughts, but, you see, it's unquestionable: a person is a whole physically and spiritually. And when " "And" lyrics "in a person begin to conflict(to change differently), it is already necessary to take coupons to doctors. Changed (changed) so changed, and what else can there be justification? Alexander Pukshansky. We advise you to read: