how to part with a guy At the beginning of their relationship, two lovers and a thoughtDo not assume that someday this euphoria of feelings can end. So what, what other love then passes? This is for others. ... And they will have it all wrong! They have love for the rest of their lives. Oh, it would be nice if in most cases it really lasted forever. But it does not save the same! Time passes and one of the lovers (or even both) more often in his head flashes: "We need to part - it will be right." It should be noted that the fact of parting at the same time to implement it is not necessary. So people are arranged that sometimes they need to stay apart and relax from each other. However, sometimes the couple really should stop the relationship. Otherwise, once brightly burning love risks becoming, at best, indifference and alienation, at worst - into hatred. How can we understand that the gap will be the best way out? And how to part with the guy so as not to feel an unpleasant residue? how to properly part with a guy

Signs that the relationship has reached a dead end

Yes, unfortunately, it also happens that one day weunderstand - the relationship has reached a dead end. And the question of what to do next, to become more painful every day. Special reasons for parting as it were, and not observed. But the former tenderness, the desire to be together every minute, the desire to know about each other all disappeared somewhere. It can be explained by banal truth - the romance sooner or later always ends. And to replace it come monotonous everyday life. So what now each time to say "break up", as soon as these very everyday days come? Easily you can then stay at the broken trough! Of course, to part with hardly realizing that the romanticism in relations is lost, it is not necessary in any case. Our feelings have a peculiarity of changing their sharpness and moving into a new, calmer quality. This is normal for their further strengthening and development. You can not forever burn with love, there is a huge risk once burned to the ground. Therefore, if relations suddenly become less heated, it is hasty to conclude that they have exhausted themselves - it is unreasonable. This is not an essential reason for parting. What are the signs that the relationship between a man and a woman has exhausted itself?

  • Partners are bored together. I do not want to discuss any films, books, events. Do not attract visits to two of some events. Time is more interesting to spend in a circle of friends, but, without seclusion from society;
  • The main reason for discussion are abstract, superficial conversations, and not a lively discussion about joint plans for the future. Conversations relate, in the main, to the everyday aspects of life;
  • Man and woman exist, as if in differentworlds. Each has its own interests, which come into contact only occasionally and briefly. Partners prefer to have a rest apart and feel much better than having a couple. And neither of them express any displeasure at the same time;
  • The two do not miss each other at all. It does not matter to them how the affairs of the one who was very dear before were going. Whatever happens to him, does not cause any special emotions. And if one partner tries to tell something about himself, the other is irritated and tries to interrupt the conversation as soon as possible;
  • A man and a woman do not give any pleasure to please each other with gifts. They either do not give anything at all, or give only because it's customary, while getting rid of something standard;
  • Partners feel more comfortable when notare close by and can do their own things. They do not have the desire to help each other, solve common problems and even know where, who and how to spend time;
  • The guy and the girl do not feel an acute needin communication and call up now only to discuss some business and everyday moments. News they prefer to tell friends and girlfriends, and if you need some advice, they also turn to them;
  • The couple does not stretch to regular physicalcontact. A man and a woman do not kiss when they meet and part and almost never hug. Sex in relationships can still be present, but it becomes quite rare and monotonous;
  • Partners are increasingly pronouncing "I", not "we". The most basic of their life plans are different, each rushes forward in its own way.

Here, perhaps, and all the main signs thatit is necessary to leave. However, they are by no means an indisputable indicator of the complete collapse of relations. There are many couples who have passed this period of alienation and successfully continued their joint life. Nevertheless, these signs very often lead to the fact that people part completely, and then regret it. So how to avoid mistakes? How to make the word "break up" go aside?

Is it possible to maintain a relationship?

I must say, when there is no man and womanthey do not want to be together always - this is not a reason to run away in different directions. There are many unions based on the calculation. They have been quite successful for years, and no one in such unions is particularly nervous because of a lack of passion and mutual attraction. In addition, a wall of alienation can arise between loving people. The reason for this - unspoken resentment, treason, inability to discuss problems, spiritual immaturity. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is advisable to frankly discuss the state of things, putting the edge question: "Do we need to part or not?". Even if the answer does not please, he will finally determine what is really going on. Yes, it happens that one person still hopes to restore relations, the other categorically does not want it. The best way out in this case will be to disperse. The further existence of the side obok, most likely, will only exacerbate the situation. Of course, parting is not always easy. Often, when the last point is put, it suddenly turns out that a man and a woman still have something in common. Just before it was not taken into account. And this "something" can be very significant. Sometimes we do not realize how strong is the moral and social connection between us. And we understand this only after we parted. Well, it is necessary to go through a difficult period. Or do not let him. Everyone decides for himself. In general, if in the union both can still laugh together over the same things - not all is lost. Focus on your feelings, correctly prioritize. You and only you must understand whether you need this person. If so, start with yourself. Change your attitude to the state of things. You always have time to break the relationship, better try to adjust them. how to properly part with a guy correctly

How to part properly

If you do understand that further relationswith a guy will lead to nothing, you need to think how to properly part with it. Especially if you understand that his feelings for you have not died out, but yours is already given to another person. It is in this case that parting is inevitable. You can not do without him, and when you understand - the person who is with you is not the person you need. He does not count with your opinion, finds an excuse for jealousy where he does not exist. And maybe even changes, but he is not in a hurry to leave on his own, only to him understood reasons. So how to properly part with a man who was recently dear, how to explain to him correctly that your life together is over? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

  • If your partner is impulsive and vulnerableaffects, the best option is a written explanation. Outline the essence of the problem in the letter, explain why you took this decision. Yes, and do not forget to thank the man for the best moments of your life together (for certain you have something to remember), ask not to make scandals and just let you go;
  • With a calm guy you can discuss the situationtete-a-tete. Of course, it will be very difficult to start a conversation. However, it is better to tell everything as it is, to be honest and not to start a conversation from afar. It is best to correctly and concisely express your claims, not giving reason to justify. After all, you have definitely decided to leave, and another long conversation will lead to nothing;
  • Leaving go. Remember this saying? If you constantly return, for example, for forgotten things, it will become another nervous shock for both you and the partner;
  • Leave immediately and forever. Only this way will be correct. But never leave without explanation. A man should know what he earned your disgrace and deserved it at all.

Of course, all of the above tips will not giveguarantee that the parting will take place without scandals. A man can start revenge for you or press on pity. Constantly call, forgive to come and help with domestic problems. Never give in to provocation, if necessary - change the phone number. Not going to come back, do not give up hope. Time will pass and he will calm down, and your life will go into a new channel. We advise you to read: