10 things to take on vacation We decided to remind you of some things,which will help to avoid minor troubles and make your trip as comfortable as possible. Especially our advice will be useful to those who organize their holidays on their own.

Laptop or iPad

A small laptop or iPad will take up just a little space in your bag, but the benefits from them will be greater than it might seem at first glance. Internet now is everywhere, it does not matter, will be your or on the lost islands in the Pacific, youalways be able to get in touch and be up to date with the latest developments. In addition, you can independently navigate in the area, book a room in the hotel, buy a bus ticket to another city, find out which restaurant is the best cuisine and what sights you must see. And also pass the road for watching interesting films.

Tourist sim card

Tourist SIM card will allow you at timesreduce the cost of telephone calls. All incoming calls to the cards are free of charge, and the outgoing ones are much cheaper than what you would be talking on your usual connection. Tourist SIM cards operate in 180 countries of the world and if you wish, you can set up a diversion to the tourist number from your usual.

Charger for camera

If you do not represent your holiday withoutcameras and new pictures, be sure to take a battery or charger for your camera with you. On forgetful tourists love to make profit owners of souvenir shops, everyone knows that batteries in any tourist city are five times more expensive!


Everyone knows that English is internationallanguage. But any waiter, hotel employee or seller in a souvenir shop will always appreciate your modest knowledge of his native language. And this means that you are waiting for a good attitude and discounts!

Sun protection means

In the first days of vacation your sunscreenshould be with a high level of protection SPF 30-50, for the second half of the cream with SPF 10-15. Do not forget to bring the cream after sunburn, as well as sunscreen for the skin around the eyes and lipstick with SPF-factor. Even if you have a naturally dark skin, and you do not burn in the sun, you will need all this. It has long been proven that ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. 10 things to take on vacation

Medical insurance

In most countries, medical care costsis very expensive, and in the uncivilized countries qualified medical care can be obtained only if you have insurance. Therefore, even if you go to a visa-free country or your policy is not required without fail, be sure to stock up with a medical policy for travelers abroad. You will need it first.


It's the same with medicines. For example, in Europe, without a prescription, you can buy only aspirin, so it's better to take your own medicine, as well as medications for headaches, intestinal disorders, from colds. Also do not forget medications for allergies and motion sickness. It is not known how your body will react to the new climate and food.

Means against insects

If you go to a place where there are manyinsects, then take with you funds against mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Before the trip, study the specifics of the chosen region, for example, for the jungle of the Amazon or for Karelia, very strong means will be needed.

Driver's license

Even if your entertainment program istravel is already planned, take with you a driver's license. Who knows, suddenly you want to rent a car for a day and explore the area yourself or go to a nearby city.

Bag for souvenirs

Contrary to all the laws of physics at the end of the journeyour luggage has a habit of increasing at times. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to shopping, take with you a bag for new things and souvenirs. Jlady.ru wishes you a great holiday!