Honeymoon. Where to go? Honeymoon is one of the happiest periodsour life, and everyone wants to spend it so that these days are forever bright and joyful memories. Today, every possible travel agency offers a huge selection of romantic places for honeymoon. And determine the sea of ​​proposals is not so simple. Before agreeing to a particular travel agency proposal, it is desirable to first know about all the pros and cons of a trip, and find the best option for travel. For example, a honeymoon in the Caribbean - these are amazing sunsets, peaceful peace, grand sandy beaches, emerald water. And all these beauties can be enjoyed, tasting to the rhythms of calypso a real local rum. A variety of unique landscapes of the islands, mountains, tropical forests - all this is the Caribbean. Barbados can become attractive to those who are interested in colonial life. And St. Bars is interesting for fans of the French search. If you want to enjoy exotic sea fishing and lie on comfortable clean beaches, you can go to Antigua. Very popular among the newlyweds of the Bahamas. They include almost seven hundred islands, most of which are uninhabited. Here, almost in total solitude and unity with the magnificent nature, you can do underwater fishing and diving. On the Cayman Islands, they are enthusiastic about scuba diving and people who are eager for active recreation. A relatively new tourist destination - the Dominican Republic, located in the east of the island of Haiti. Here, among the picturesque landscapes, are the comfortable resorts of Playa Dorado, Puerto Plata, Playa Bavaro and the kingdom of palm trees, the resort of Punta Cana. Very popular among tourists who dream of a great pastime, a place of rest is the region of the Indian Ocean. Amazing in its beauty, the Maldives annually pleases with its spacious beaches and incredibly clear sea water millions of tourists from all corners of the globe. Seychelles is not as popular as the Maldives, but they are almost in no way inferior to the favorite tourist center for its beauty or comfort. And the island of Mauritius is not only an excellent place for a honeymoon. Part of the hotels here provides the newlyweds with substantial discounts on their services. Here you can go and those who have not yet registered their marriage and dream of an exotic wedding and a good rest together after it. To formalize your relations, you will need to settle a few additional formalities. In addition, the island of Mauritius is known for its high ecology, so the risk of contracting a tropical disease here is minimal. A great place to rest newlyweds, not indifferent to the monuments of antiquity - Sri Lanka. It is not known how miraculously preserved the ancient cities in the jungle, and the grandiose complexes of Buddhist temples here are perfectly combined with magnificent sandy beaches and endless tea plantations. In Sri Lanka, you can hold a very romantic wedding ceremony in which elephants, women dressed in saris, and men dressed in sarongs will take part. The ideal region for a honeymoon, - Africa. The homeland of safari, Kenya, offers its guests beach, sports, adventure excursions that allow you to have a great time and get to know the wild nature of these places. Morocco and Egypt are ancient temples, ancient architectural monuments, mosques, museums, bustling oriental bazaars, the majestic Nile and the famous resorts of the Red Sea, famous for their unforgettable diving. South Africa attracts tourists with an excellent Mediterranean climate, picturesque nature and large cosmopolitan cities. In Cape Town you can taste excellent local wine, stroll through the exotic national park Kruger National Park or go to the province of KwaZulu Natal and relax there on the magnificent sandy beaches, admiring the magnificent parks and plantations of sugar cane. One of the popular tourist routes is Zanzibar and Tanzania. Mostly those who wish to taste all the delights of the virgin nature, do not refuse for a long time from the blessings of civilization. Safari in the park Sebus, rest in high-class hotels, excellent beaches, palm groves, huge plantations of spices and spices, interesting excursions - all these are obtained by travelers who chose this route. Scuba diving, diving, dolphins, accompanying boats with tourists, will entertain newly married couples who prefer active recreation. The island of Oman with a hot and humid climate is attractive for fans of eastern luxury. It is better to go here from mid-October to mid-March. The advantages of these places are difficult to enumerate. Silent deserts, majestic mountains, beautiful parks and reserves with amazing waterfalls, wonderful beaches, mosques, fortresses, eastern bazaars leave very deep impressions that will not be erased throughout life. At any time of the year, newlyweds can go to the countries of Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India travel agencies offer to relax on the magnificent beaches, taste dishes of oriental cuisine in colorful restaurants and go on an interesting excursion, the routes of which are very many. Fans of a chaste nature have the opportunity to spend a honeymoon on the island of Borneo. And those who want a comfortable holiday resort, often choose a voyage to the second largest island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia. Tradition says that it was to these lands "hundred flowers and a hundred odors" that the Lord's foot first stepped in after he created our world. Here there are traces of ancient civilizations: huge stone dwellings, Roman amphitheatres and fortresses and ancient temples. The beaches in Sardinia are grandiose, - their length reaches almost two thousand kilometers. The Greek island of Santorini is a place for lovers of modern, stylish pastime. Honeymoon here is very romantic. Rest in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, the newlyweds will also be remembered for a long time. Cozy and luxurious hotel complexes offer a lot of services and a lot of entertainment. not allowing to miss a minute. And almost all hotels have discounts on these services and entertainment for newlyweds. Choose! And your honeymoon will be truly unique and unforgettable. We advise you to read: