rest on a cube To leave, right now - from winter to summer! Leaving behind everyday life, the hustle and bustle of the morning metro and the heavy air-heavy city air. This clear desire periodically visits any person. As you know, even the shortest holiday abroad begins with the hanging of the passport and visa threshold, and all this tiresome fuss "kills" half of the pleasure from the upcoming vacation. But there is a country for which you only need to have a properly issued passport and a return flight ticket. And thirty days of cloudless hot summer in the middle of winter will be at your full disposal whenever you wish. Arrange a holiday in Cuba, which can be simpler? All you need is to choose the best route for your trip, book a hotel room, and - go ahead! To the rest of your dreams!

Pearl of the Caribbean

Throw out of your head all the knowledge that you have learnedon the Internet, learned from geography lessons or received from friends and acquaintances who have already visited Cuba. Whatever was in the stories of people this country, everyone has their own holiday in Cuba. Someone goes to admire the houses in the colonial style, someone - to try real Cuban cigars and rum, someone - to do diving, well, someone - to breathe the real air of freedom and wander through the white beaches. But why would you go to Cuba, believe me - you will get all this and even a little bit more. cuba holidays

Incomprehensible and mysterious Havana

Magnetism of Havana, based on its naturalnessand hovering in the air of love, conquer you from the first minutes of staying in the capital of Cuba. Fortresses and chic palaces, erected in their time by the Spaniards, harmoniously combined with the quarters of Vedado, where there is no hint of the gloss of the old city. But here you can satisfy your thirst for exotic things in full, by chance being a witness of a voodoo ritual or dancing directly on the street to the primitive rhythms of Cuban-African music. Art lovers will undoubtedly be attracted by the National Museum of Fine Arts, where the paintings of not only the artists of the colonial era are presented, but also the paintings of modern masters, imbued with truly Cuban love of freedom. If you absolutely want to buy something "artistic", then Havana "Arbat" - Kale Oisla - will be exactly the place where you can easily fulfill your desire. Rest in Cuba, and in particular in Havana, is rich not only with daytime excursions, but also sweeping away its openness, naturalness and truly African passion for nightlife. As soon as the sun disappears beyond the horizon and the night falls on the city, a completely different life begins in Havana. The house of music is a kind of temple of entertainment, where professional dancers perform every night, and DJs turn club music on their "turntables" till the morning. Tropical is a sample of this Havana, where beautiful girls and young men dance pizzas of salsa, rumba, reggaeton and cha-cha-cha. A cabaret in the five-star hotel "Nasional" - the kingdom of Caribbean music and African drums. For those who prefer elite entertainment, there will be more refined entertainment and dances. Cuba offers relaxation for all tastes! Ten days of accommodation of two people in the hotels of Havana, depending on the "star", will cost you in the amount of seven hundred to one and a half thousand euros. Loveful Havana will receive with the open arms of everyone who will be able to appreciate her unique naturalness and beauty.

Paradise for divers - Varadero

If the holiday in Cuba is associated with you with beaches,drinking pin-kolada under the gentle rays of the sun and diving, then Varadero - a place where you must visit. It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Cuba without visiting its snow-white beaches. And the best beaches are located on Varadero. There are six truly significant places in Varadero, without a visit to which no tourist can consider his rest on the beaches of the Ikakos Peninsula held. Hosone Park. Here is the most complete collection of plants growing in Cuba. Palms, exotic species of cacti and flowers. And most importantly, why tourists are eager to visit this park - these are colorful parrots Ara, imposingly flailing from branch to branch directly overhead. Diving center of Barracuda. A true paradise for divers. And if for you a holiday in Cuba - diving, then you have got exactly where you need it. Caves and gorges, well-fed barracudas, passing by, gleaming with eyes, two-meter moray eels, chosen by the unusual seabed landscape, crabs and lobsters. And the real cemetery of sunken ships! Unusual "design" of the bottom beckons to look into each natural cave in search of not yet discovered treasures. If you do not have enough adrenaline next to barracudas, the International Skydiving Center will make up for its lack. That's really where you really "shake". The AN-2 plane, executed in strict accordance with the design of the times of the Second World War, will raise you to a height of three and a half thousand meters, and instructors with solemn expression on their faces will drop you down. Straight to the sea. The parachute will open in forty seconds, but these moments of free flight are more than enough to adrenaline level in the blood read off scale. Jazz lovers will not pass by the impolite "Benny" bar, named so after the jazz Cuban star of the 50s - Benny More. His velvety tenor comes from the speakers of the audio system, penetrating into the heart. Well, what kind of rest with Cuban coloring without visiting the plantations of sugar cane? At the factory-museum of Central Azucareyro you will have the opportunity to learn about the technology and history of the production of cane sugar. For information, it is from the waste products of black molasses that the famous Cuban rum is made. After the cognitive excursion you will be treated with sugar cane juice, and possibly rum. Visiting the cabaret "Pirate's Cave" - ​​the iconic place of night life of Varadero - will become a real journey into the realm of Latin American dances. Incendiary rhythms, without which it is impossible to imagine Cuba, will carry you away under the vaults of this cave, where cabaret is located. And after the end of the traditional show you will have the opportunity to try out the newly watched na on the dance floor. The cost of ten days stay in hotels in Varadero is quite high. For example, in a five-star hotel it is equal to two thousand euros for two people, and in a three-star hotel it is about one thousand euros. And, of course, the cost of each excursion or rental of equipment for diving should be taken into account separately. But believe me - in comparison with other resorts in the Caribbean, the prices for Varadero are rather modest. This is only a small fraction of what you are on the Island of Freedom. Truly wonderful holiday in Cuba: reviews of tourists are full of exclamation marks. And the heart will continue to beat for many months in the rhythm of the passionate, freedom-loving, unique beauty of Cuba.