what can you eat in the evening Everyone, of course, knows that at night,there is much to eat. However, in addition to the risk of gaining excess weight, late plentiful suppers are fraught with insomnia. If you doom your stomach to shock work to digest food before going to bed, then it can prevent you from falling asleep until and for it there is no rest time. There is need for 2-3 hours before going to bed, and preferably digestible food: boiled vegetables, low-fat dairy products, cereals. From the evening diet is better to exclude meat, spicy and rich in animal fats food, richly flavored with spices. Adhere to the rule of not drinking overnight caffeinated drinks. Coffee in small amounts does sometimes help to relax and fall asleep. But to calculate by eye this little "sleeping pill" is difficult, and slightly exceeding it, you risk then cheer until the morning. Alcohol often helps to fall asleep, but the dose of alcohol, slightly exceeding reasonable, makes sleep restless and ineffective. Besides, having sobered up, a person can wake up in the middle of the night, and with a high probability not to fall asleep again. And again: if you suffer from chronic insomnia, you can eat less salty foods or even eliminate salt from your diet.

What dieter to have a snack on the future?

Every slimming girl knows "iron" welllaw: there is no night. Naturally, slimming fans try to follow this rule. Often, the girls try to be too zealous and refuse dinner, believing that it will be better if they limit themselves only to a mid-morning snack or even dinner. And it's wrong: you need to eat in the evening - dieticians themselves say this. If you ever sat on a strict diet, you may have noticed that the hunger pangs especially prevail at night. It takes a great excerpt to, once again waking up, do not get to the refrigerator and not get enough for a couple of days ahead. In general, insomnia can be a direct consequence of dietomania. Conclusion: you still need to eat in the evening, but dinner should be easy. For the evening menu, foods rich in vitamin B are good (it can quickly relieve nervous tension, relieve stress) and calcium (which is a natural sedative). However, remember that the usual products in our diet containing calcium products are usually classified as "heavy", hard to digest. So there's a little bit of exotics here: broccoli, cauliflower, soybean sprouts. In milk, a glass of which many nutritionists recommend to drink just before bedtime, also contains a lot of calcium. Just do not forget that your milk should be fat-free (0.5% -1.5%) and warm (but not hot). In addition, it contains tryptophan, an amino acid necessary for the synthesis of serotonin, a substance that "relaxes" the nervous system and helps to fall asleep. Well, in the "ready-to-eat" form of serotonin found in bananas. In the milk, you can add a spoonful of honey. It promotes vasodilation, which calms and warms. And if you have decided to "stop" the possible insomnia in full, drink something to improve digestion, for example, a glass of kefir. what to eat in the evening

What to eat in the evening: make a menu

But let's add more specifics and see,what kind of dishes can you eat at night for a girl watching her figure. So, here are 9 items, of which every woman can easily make a varied menu:

  • Dried fruits or nuts - they perfectly saturate andcan even replace themselves with dinner. To satisfy the hunger, the girl will have enough to eat 100-150 g of dried apricots, prunes, pears or peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts. Only eat dried fruits with nuts you need slowly, chewing well.
  • In the evening you can eat fresh fruit, moreover,many nutritionists even recommend to include them in the daily menu without fail. A female body will perfectly saturate 150-200 g of oranges, apples, bananas. In addition, these fruits also calm nerves, giving a calm sleep.
  • We have already said above that it is better to eat at nightdairy; open the topic in more detail: choose milk, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk. If you want to lose weight without harm to health, drink half a glass of one of these delicious, nutritious, healthy foods before bed.
  • If you have a late dinner, for example, in the company of friends, you can eat a light protein omelet. Of course, this dish should not be eaten every day, but occasionally you can pamper yourself.
  • But what exactly you need to eat before eating, if youafraid to get well, so it's vegetables, and in almost any form. Feel free to eat stewed or boiled dishes, consisting of cabbage, carrots, beets, potatoes (only the latter should be a little, a maximum of a couple of pieces). You can eat salads, and in summer even give them a constant preference (cucumber, tomato, radish in this case are simply irreplaceable). But the main thing is, do not fill the food with mayonnaise and butter - it's easy to get well with them.
  • Contrary to popular belief, before going to bedyou can eat meat - you just need it to be light and there was not much of it. So, without fear, include in your menu cooked or stewed chicken and turkey - 50 g with a vegetable side dish is enough for saturation.
  • And it is even better to eat fish before going to bed andseafood, combining them with fresh vegetables. In this case, the body will receive even more vitamins, so do not be afraid to eat mussels, shrimp, squid, of course, within reasonable limits - 100 g of most girls will be enough to feel full.
  • You can safely eat at night porridge, for example, oatmeal or the same buckwheat. They will perfectly satisfy hunger and keep a figure in a girlish slender style - this is a real find for the women's menu.
  • Lovers of super-fast cooking can eatbefore a dream even sandwiches, but only correct. Make them from whole wheat bread and a slice of chicken or turkey. If you eat such sandwiches without fanaticism, you can not worry about the slenderness of the figure.
  • And remember the most important rule, explaining howit is better to eat in the evening: the main thing is not to overeat. In total, even the most useful products, there should be a little. Evening portion should not exceed 200-300 g - to save the figure, you need to eat at dinner moderately. We advise you to read: